Mette-Marit gets her master’s

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Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby had little higher education when she met and later married Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon. The former waitress and single mother from Kristiansand has been catching up ever since and now, as crown princess, has completed a master’s degree but won’t reveal its subject matter.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, speaking at an international AIDS conference in Washington DC last week. PHOTO:

“She was relieved and happy” that her work towards an “Executive Master of Management” degree from Norwegian Business School BI was approved, palace spokeswoman Marianne Hagen told newspaper Dagbladet this week.

Hagen wouldn’t offer any details about the theme of the crown princess’ thesis, however, stating that “she doesn’t want to say anything about it.”

Dagbladet reported that Mette-Marit has taken three courses at BI since 2008, on leadership and consulting. An earlier planned thesis on humanitarian organizations, King Haakon and “servant leadership” wasn’t deemed good enough, according to Dagbladet.

The crown princess has earlier completed coursework at the University of Agder, the University of Oslo and at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, but the latter didn’t result in any degree.

“What’s been important for her is to learn and gain insight into issues that interest her,” Hagen told Dagbladet. “These are also issues that are relevant when she travels on behalf of Norway.”

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who has three children, is perhaps best known for her work involving HIV/AIDS, and she took part in another international conference in Washington DC last week before heading for the Olympics in London.

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  • What is so secret about her achievement, she. her family and her country should be proud of her. Very strange!.

    • She’s nothing to be proud of, I can’t imagine any other royal family in any other country allowing their future king to marry a single mother with the kind of background she has, it’s embarrassing.

      • Robert,
        I agree with you 100%. The future king is also strange. What can anyone do about it if the people of Norway accept this situation.

      • brunost

        That’s quite a disheartening comment. She’s a human being, and not worth any less just because she was a single mother or had a bit of a reckless past. Should people not be allowed to change their lives for the better? And why on Earth should the rest of the country give a flying hoot about her background? Norway is a more civilized place than that.

  • Comment_approved

    The privileged life of royalty continues. Who wouldn’t love to go to university with no financial pressures safe in the knowledge that the purpose of your studies is really for enjoyment and enrichment only – and that you will never have to contend with finding a job afterwards.
    I’m sure she had no problems arranging interviews with some pretty high profile peeps for her thesis.

    Either way, fair play to her and congrats.

  • PL

    Three courses since YR 2008 and just one thesis –then you get a Master’s Degree???? makes you wonder what kind of standards are used for a University. I have a Master Degree from a major accredited US University. It definitely involves LOTS more coursework, internship as well as thesis. WOW!!! What a priviledged life just being a ROYAL and special treatments. No undergrad degree & get admitted to a Master degree program. No wonder the Crown Princess does not want to reveal her topic of thesis!!! Too ashamed about its creditability.