Chocolate bar raises rain forest fears

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Norway’s classic chocolate wafer bar known as a “Kvikk Lunsj” (“quick lunch,” and similar to a Kit-Kat bar) is closely tied to the great outdoors, since it’s often found in hikers’ backpacks. Now, however, environmental group Greenpeace fears the candy bar is contributing to the destruction of rain forests.

That, reports newspaper Aftenposten, is because its producer Mondelez International buys its palm oil through Indonesian palm oil giant Wilmar. Environmental organization Greenpeace has documented several instances where the oil comes from illegal plantations through suppliers that have been linked to burning rain forests. Wilmar has declared it won’t burn rain forests to make room for plantations, reported Aftenposten, but its suppliers aren’t held to the same demand.

“The report shows a direct connection between the rain forests disappearing and known products that many Norwegians have a connection to,” Truls Gulowsen of Greenpeace Norway told Aftenposten. Greenpeace is demanding that the “dirty palm oil” be replaced with “green alternatives, so we can keep buying products (like Kvikk Lunsj) with a good conscience,” Gulowsen said.

Celin Huseby of Mondelez International told Aftenposten that the company shares Greenpeace’s concerns for the environmental aspects of palm oil production. “We’re aware of the challenges,” Huseby told Aftenposten, adding that its membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is the best way to develop and manage standards for sustainable production of palm oil. staff


  1. Norwegian stores and their local brands are all chock full of hydrogenated palm oil. That stuff will kill you well before the rain forest goes down.

    Forget the whales and the forest – Greenpeace needs to start a campain to save the health of the Norwegian consumer.

    • inquisitor says:

      Then there is the MSG and the ten or so different names it goes by in food products, the nitrites in the processed meats that lead to the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which were once banned in Norway before trade agreement with EU, when cooked or digested by acid in the stomach and the artificial sweetener Nutrasweet.
      And we will add the average five to six cups of coffee a day and twenty percent of the population who smoke or use snus.
      Also consider the over-consumption of wheat products as more medical science is beginning to reveal larger segments of the population have some level of sensitivity to gluten and lingans which can lead to low level inflammatory processes in the body that over years and decades can contribute to all forms of chronic disease processes.
      But even in the US, eighty percent of what is sold in a grocery store should not even be called food…and they have GMO to boot.

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