Mixed reviews for a-ha’s new single

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A-ha, the Norwegian rock band from the 1980s that makes regular comebacks, was getting mixed reviews for its new single that’s just been released. One Oslo-based reviewer claimed the band “wasn’t dead, just a bit sluggish.”

Band members had claimed they still “had some killer songs” to share with their fans. “But ‘Under the Makeup’ is simply no killer song,” wrote Espen Rusdal in newspaper Dagsavisen. He questioned whether it even would have been included on any of the band’s early albums, calling it “kind of like a 1970’s ballad out of Las Vegas.”

Norwegian reviewers have generally ranked the song as “3” or “4” on a scale of 6. “If you’re first going to make a comeback, the single should have signaled that something big is going on,” Rusdal wrote. “We’re still allowed to hope.” The band, which staged a huge retirement tour with concerts all over the world in 2010 only to get together again over the past few years, will release its new album “Cast in Steel” later this year.

newsinenglish.no staff

  • frenk

    ‘Cast in Steel’…..great, iconic name for an album………..I wonder who thought this up?

  • Stanley Fenech

    I believe that the same kind of reviews were written when TOM was “first” released, well they were not written at all at the time and yet to date it is still considered an iconic song even if they came up with better songs during their career. “Under the makeup” might not be the song that one gets hooked to on the first listening, but it is definitely a grower. The more it is played the more it gets stuck to your head, with more undertones getting uncovered as one gets used of the surface harmonies. So I would say if the album is as good as the first single, then we are looking at a masterpiece in the making, with potential to be one of their greatest works.

  • cristina willigs

    i kind of liked it, is nice and i love the orchestra sound