NAV wins some positive feedback

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Finally someone has something nice to say about the often-disaparged social welfare agency NAV in Norway. After another recent rash of bad publicity, a new survey shows that one in three NAV users are extremely satisfied, especially retirees.

The survey, conducted by research firm Opinion, questioned 6,600 users of NAV services. The welfare agency that administers everything from pension income to child support payments achieved an average score of 4.4 on a scale from one to six.

Those most satisfied with NAV’s services were Norwegian retirees, who gave NAV a score of 4.9. Unemployed Norwegians were the least satisfied, but fully 80 percent of all users said they felt they were met with respect when they needed to deal with NAV officials. staff

  • frenk


    • inquisitor

      Funny how I never seem to get a call when such polls are taken.
      NAV was the worst experience I ever had with a government entity in my entire life.
      Maybe they should poll 5000 emigrants and immigrants.

  • Andy AUS

    If there ever was a time for me to comment it is now.

    I was one of the many who were laid off in Norway due to the low oil prices and a reduction in offshore work.

    I am on a skilled immigrant visa and have paid 38 – 50% tax to Norway for the last 10 years.

    I live, have a daughter born in Norway, a house and work for a Norwegian company.

    I applied to NAV for unemployment benefits due to being laid off. My application was rejected due to not being Norwegian. The appeal rejected too.

    Every immigrant on a skilled workers visa should know they are in trouble if they want support from NAV. This is a news article in its self. The NAV system is a bad as it gets.