Health officials battle outbreak of mumps

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Around 80 cases of the mumps (called kusma in Norwegian) have been recorded in Norway recently, mostly among college students. The outbreak began in Trondheim, but residents of Oslo, Bergen and elsewhere along the west coast have also fallen ill.

Mumps is caused by a virus that leaves those infected with painful swelling of the glands in their neck. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headache, fatigue and, ultimately, the swelling. It’s mostly viewed as a children’s disease but can also infect adults, including some who were infected as children or had vaccinations that have worn off over time.

Doctors in Trondheim alerted state officials at the Institute for Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) late last week. By then, cases were spreading beyond Trondheim. All students suffering symptoms that can be confused with flu were urged to undergo testing. Dr Karin Rønning of the health institute said the outbreak is believed to have been brought in by foreign students. staff

  • Jen

    they don’t do vaccination against mumps????

    • inquisitor

      The MMR vaccine is widely given to children and is available for adults.

      There is an option in Norway to not take vaccines, and that freedom to choose not to do so should always exist and vaccines should never be mandated.

      The American Center for Disease Control was just caught lying about autism related cases due to vaccination in young black males. Thanks to a whistle blower, this medical fraud on the part of the government and their fraud was revealed. Google more for details. This is not the first time with vaccines. A lot of shifty and shady goings-on in the vaccine business.

      Young girls who get childhood mumps recover just fine and actually have a higher resistance to HPV virus later in life than those who are vaccinated against mumps.

      • Jen

        but boys who get mumps get sterile for life!!!

        • inquisitor

          Extremely rare and actually tends to happen in adults who get mumps.
          I had mumps as a kid. No worse than the flu for four or five days.

      • ams

        The story above about the American Center for Disease Control being caught lying is untrue. A full autopsy on that internet misrepresentation is available on Snopes. While some aspects of the research were not revealed, there is no impact on the reporting of autism-black males concordance rates. (Note concordance is not equal to cause-effect.) Please do google for more details so that you get the full and accurate story, which is not the one characterized above.