Brende ‘uneasy’ over Trump

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Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende has  joined other European and Norwegian politicians in expressing concern over several of the positions of the US Republican Party’s presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Brende was careful to note that the Norwegian government has no tradition of getting involved or taking sides in other countries’ election campaigns. Nor would he go as far as German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier did last week when he called Trump’s rhetoric “dangerous.”

“But I will add that there have been positions expressed by Trump that I deeply disagree with, and which make me uneasy,” Brende told reporters over the weekend. “Among them are statements tied to NATO and NATO’s role, and rhetoric about free trade and the WTO.”

Brende added that “seen from Norway, the debate climate in the US, the discourse and choice of words, are of a character that don’t especially raise people’s spirits.” staff

  • inquisitor

    The statements made by Trump regarding NATO make perfect sense. That some of the members of NATO have not been contributing their share to be members and that the US has been covering their obligations. He simply wants the members of NATO that have not been covering their financial obligations to be members of NATO to start doing so.
    Is that really to much to ask that countries do what they agreed to?
    “Free Trade” as it has been defined and implemented has killed the US manufacturing base and its economy. This too must stop. NAFTA was a mistake and TPP is ten times over a bigger mistake.
    Interesting how these politicians are not commenting on Hillary and the DNC sabotaging Bernie Sanders and disenfranchising US democratic voters. Not mentioning Hillary’s crime regarding national security and her private email server that she allowed to be hacked by foreign governments. Hillary lied to the American people about her confidential emails, yet had to tell the truth in her FBI interview. She has always been and is a liar and grifter.
    Waiting for the next round of revelations from Wikileaks to further reflect upon the character of Hillary.
    A stronger US can only benefit Norway. I suggest these Norwegian politician mouthpieces get their heads screwed on straight.