More Norwegians diagnosed with colon cancer

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New statistics from Norway’s national cancer register (Kreftregisteret) show that 32,592 Norwegians were diagnosed with cancer last year. The number of women diagnosed with colon cancer was the highest ever, with colon cancer cases showing the biggest increase among all forms of the disease.

“Colon cancer is a considerable health problem and we must take this problem seriously,” Giske Ursin, director of the cancer register, told news bureau NTB. Calls have also gone out to offer publicly funded screening programs for colon cancer, similar to those that have been offered for breast cancer for many years.

A total of 1,400 men and 1,535 women were found to have colon cancer, which is now the second-most common form of cancer among women in Norway. Breast cancer remained the highest, with 3,415 cases diagnosed in 2015.

Prostate cancer is the form most often diagnosed in men, with 5,061 new cases registered last year. It was the first time the number surpassed 5,000,  followed by 1,564 cases of lung cancer. Colon cancer was the third most frequently diagnosed.

The total number of cancer cases diagnosed in Norway last year was up by just over 1,000 from the 31,651 cases diagnosed in 2014. staff

  • frenk

    Is this a surprise considering the Norwegian diet of cheap, heavily processed foods?

    • inquisitor

      The WHO did a massive and extensive study on diet related to heart disease and cancer. The most extensive of its kind to date. It is comprehensive in that it took all past studies and considered them based on certain criteria to qualify them as good studies and then collated them with their own studies. You can get this study online for their top 10 recommendations to reduce heart disease and cancer. Being obese, not lean and with a big body mass index was the first and biggest factor. Then there is smoking and alcohol consumption. And the consumption of chemically preserved (på legg, hot dogs), salted, smoked and grilled-over-a-fire meat. Norway was the country to discover nitrites in the food could lead to cancer as it was discovered in some cow feed and the animals exploded with tumors. Norway banned this, but then had to allow it back into the food supply when it made its EU trade agreements…another downside to losing control of your own nation’s decisions for itself due to globalism.