Thousands wanted a turban

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An estimated 20,000 people stood in lines for hours during the weekend for the chance to get a turban, even a special “Oslo turban,” on what’s become an annual tradition in the Norwegian capital: Turbandagen (Turban Day).

The event is sponsored by a non-profit organization called Turbandagen that was organized by Sikhs in Oslo who wanted to share their tradition with Norwegians and demystify their turbans.

“We could have sat in our temple at Alnabru (on Oslo’s east side), but it’s better to be active and rather meet folks here,” Sumeet Singh Patpatia, who led the event, told newspaper Aftenposten. It didn’t take long before thousands of people proudly went around with their heads and hair wrapped in turbans of many colors, including one designed as a special “Oslo Turban.”

They learned how to fold and tie a turban, while an Indian orchestra played music and Indian food was served at Spikersuppa, in the heart of Oslo.

The event began a few years ago at Rådhusplassen (City Hall Plaza) and became an immediate hit. See our coverage from the first Turban Day here. staff

  • frenk

    Hilarious – Norway must be the most boring country in the world…!

    • richard albert

      No, that had nothing to do with it – my inside sources say that they were giving away a Beanie-Baby and a Pet Rock with each one. The frenzy was partly fueled by the rumor that two of the Pet Rocks were actually neolithic Norse coprolites, and also in their defense, one of the Beanie-Babies was actually a 3-D printed representation of Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide. (Unfortunately mistaken for a mass-produced Danish Troll Doll by ‘Dagsavisen’.)