Solberg defends expense of repatriating convict

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Prime Minister Erna Solberg, faced with criticism over the state’s efforts to bring convicted murderer Joshua French home from Congo, defended the time and effort it took on humanitarian grounds. “This was all about a person who in fact could have died in prison there,” Solberg told newspaper VG.

Norway’s foreign ministry even assigned some of its top diplomats to the repatriation effort, especially after French’s partner Tjostolv Moland was found dead in his prison cell  in 2013. The two former Norwegian soldiers were trying to drum up business in Uganda and Congo but were instead accused of murdering their taxi driver. They were arrested and jailed in 2009 and were eventually sentenced to death.

“We had two Norwegians who were convicted and sentenced to death in a country that actually carries out the death penalty, and which cuts the heads off people,” Solberg told VG. “For a country like Norway, which opposes the death penalty as a matter of principle, it was important to help where we could.”

Solberg noted that her goverment would also likely have been criticized if French, whose health deteriorated under harsh prison conditions, died in Congo. He was flown home to Norway last week and is now receiving “the health care he needs,” Solberg said.

Conflicts between Norway and Congo continue over whether French should continue serving a life sentence in a Norwegian prison, but Foreign Minister Børge Brende has claimed that French is now a free man. staff


  1. richard albert says:

    Let me guess. Criticized by the same raunchy vaudeville troupe who did the penny-whistle and clog-dance that got Yassir Arafat (AKA Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa) a share of the Nobel prize in 1994. (Kind of like ‘Mein Kampf’ getting the Frankfurt Goethepreis.) All the ‘B’ movies aren’t on Nutflix. (Way too many parenthetical expressions.) Of course, had Solberg done nothing, nobody would have commented…

    Vi blåste på fløite for eder, og I vilde ikke danse; vi sang sørgesanger, og I vilde ikke gråte.
    Matteus 11:17 (DNB1930)

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