Climate deal struck with California

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The Norwegian government is joining California’s battle against the climate policies of US President Donald Trump. While Trump wants to pull the US out of the UN’s landmark agreement in Paris to cut carbon emissions, California is intent on meeting or exceeding goals or emission cuts, and Norway can help the huge state electrify transport.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has met earlier with California Governor Jerry Brown. Now her government has signed a formal agreement with California to move forward on climate emissions programs and thereby defy the policies of US President Donald Trump. PHOTO: Statsministerens kontor

“We need partners to limit emissions, and Norway is a very good partner with whom we’d like to have a formal cooperation,” Matt Rodriguez, head of the California Environmental Protection Agency, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Rodriguez, appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown, met in California’s capital of Sacramento on Wednesday with Norway’s climate and environment minister Vidar Helgesen. The two signed a cooperation agreement aimed at moving forward with programs for emission cuts despite Trump’s intention to reject them.

“We can’t completely ignore what’s happening in Washington, but we have our own programs that we continue to implement,” Rodriguez said. “And we’re working with other countries and private business.”

California already has similar agreements with other countries including Canada, and hopes Norway can now help it “strengthen programs for electric cars.” Even though Norway continues to controversially generate emissions of its own through its major oil and gas industry, the country has provided incentives for electric cars for years that have made it a world leader in electric car use.

Helgesen said he was impressed by “how hard business and governement here (in California) are working to bring down emissions.” Since California’s economy would rank as the world’s sixth largest if it were its own country, Helgesen noted that its impact on climate policy and global emissions can’t be over-estimated.

“I see great opportunities for Norwegian authorities and companies with this agreement,” Helgesen told NRK. It calls for California and Norway to exchange information and experience regarding methods and goals for emissions cuts, especially within the areas of renewable energy and reduced emissions from the transport sector. Berglund

  • inquisitor

    The overall “cleanness” of electric cars compared to gas combustion vehicles is still very much debatable. Tesla is not successful due to supply and demand, but flourishes through grants and entitlements.

    California is broke, so they are not to be admired or emulated. Many businesses have left that state and moved to Texas where doing business is not impossible under strict regulation and taxes feeding an endless black hole of irresponsible leftist, liberal, progressive overspending.

    California’s “green” agenda is the UN Agenda 12 and Agenda 2030 with ICLEI being the organization that implements these agendas on the local level. ICLEI also has representatives in Norway.

    The way in which local elected leaders and politicians are utilized to implement these agenda changes in their locale is done using deceptive language in their proposals and plans, psychological manipulation techniques called the Delphi method used on the populace during public meetings about this agenda, a disregard for public input should the public not want these changes and local elected leaders forming unsanctioned regional voting groups that decide how these changes will be implemented over larger areas that are not within the limited jurisdiction of their voting constituent’s town or city. Which makes it a “shadow” form of governance. With lots of bribes, er…grants, issued to incentivize ignoring what the people want and implementing these changes under the guise of helping the environment and globalist altruism.