Hospital faces charges after fatal mistake

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One of Norway’s biggest hospitals, Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, was hit by heavy criticism this week from state health authorities following the death of a little boy who was being treated for a brain tumor. Hospital administrators apologized on national television for what became a fatal mistake by the doctor involved, and he has been put on sick leave himself.

The doctor had inadvertently mixed up two hypodermic needles connected to the six-year-old boy’s chemotherapy. The shot that was supposed to be injected intravenously was instead injected into the boy’s brain. He lapsed into a coma and died 10 days later.

His family is distraught and health authorities are now evaluating filing police charges against the doctor and other hospital staff that can result in prison terms of three months. The parents of the six-year-old are also expected to file compensation claims with the state. staff

  • John Palmer

    I’m sure it was an honest mistake. Prison terms are not called for. Those involved will live with their guilt for the rest of their lives. I remember every error I made over 35 years as an RN. Just thankful I caught and corrected them without injuring someone.

    • richard albert

      Sorry for a tardy response. Out of the loop.
      You are truly an honest and humane person. Are you by any chance a reader of Kierkegaard?

      My mistakes could have been a great story in the Daily Mail, not to mention the LA Times. Whew!

      Here we go again using this as a chat room.