Prisoner sentenced for killing fellow inmate

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A 56-year-old Norwegian-Polish man faces life in prison after he was found fuilty of planning and carrying out the murder of a fellow inmate while already serving a 17-year sentence for murder.

A court in Ringerike has now sentenced the man to Norway’s most severe sentence of 21 years with forvaring, which means it can be extended indefinitely if a judge believes he remains a menace to society.

The defendant had readily admitted murdering an inmate on February 25 last year because the inmate was a pedophile convicted of assault. The 56-year-old said he wanted to attack the man for the crimes he’d committed.

Prosecutor Mari Gjersøe claimed the 56-year-old had planned the murder for between two and three weeks, marking the date for it on his calendar and spending time at night sharpening a butter knife that he used as a weapon.

He was already in the high-security Ringerike Prison after being convicted of shooting and killing a maintenance worker in Oppsal in Oslo in 2014. The court ruled he was especially dangerous and that the risk of him committing more violent crimes in the future was high. staff


  1. richard albert says:

    Just curious: In most countries, pedophiles, child-murderers and the like are sectioned. How did a barnemester get dumped into a violent general prison population? Kill’em with kindness?

  2. John Palmer says:

    Well, yes, it is a shame. No one knows what makes people do what they do. Lock him up and protect society; don’t kill him. As an RN I took care of all kinds of people. Sometimes violent criminals. I like to think that I gave all of them quality care. Given their genetics and life experiences, they did the best they could. Sometimes their best was sadly very bad.

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