Jobs moving out of Oslo, and Norway

Hundreds of public-sector jobs look set to be intentionally moved from the Norwegian capital of Oslo to other locations around the country, and, in the private sector, possibly out of the country. The pending … [READ MORE...]

Ski officials still face harsh criticism

Even as the Nordic World Ski Championships opened in Lahti, Finland this week, and Norwegian skiers won both gold and bronze medals, the officials running their Oslo-based national skiing federation were facing … [READ MORE]

Telenor finally sells troubled India unit

After years of heavy losses and regulatory conflicts, Norway's large telecoms firm Telenor has finally pulled the plug on its operations in India. Its deal to sell long-troubled Telenor India to Bharti Airtel, … [READ MORE]

Government hangs on in latest poll

Norway's minority government coalition has gained some voter support, according to the most recent public opinion poll released on Thursday. It's under heavy pressure, though, from the resurgent Center Party, … [READ MORE]

WWF moves to halt a new wolf hunt

The Norwegian government, under heavy pressure from ranchers, hunters and others who feel threatened by wolves, is now seeking a quick change in the law that currently restricts a new wolf hunt. WWF, the … [READ MORE]

Tempers flare over Norway’s new map

Norway's conservative, reform-minded government has won support in Parliament to merge a wide range of local governments and counties as part of regional reform that will re-draw the country's map. Government … [READ MORE]

Another avalanche rams Longyearbyen

UPDATED: NVE, the state agency responsible for issuing avalanche warnings, admitted it made a mistake Tuesday after more tons of snow, ice, dirt and rocks thundered down on a residental area of Longyearbyen on … [READ MORE]


Norway’s singing sweetheart turns 70

Wenche Myhre has been singing and performing since she was 13 years old. Right … [READ MORE...]

Kristoffersen furious over 4th place

Norway's young slalom skiing star Henrik Kristoffersen was so angry over his … [READ MORE...]

Stoltenberg scolded over book royalties

While NATO Secretary General  Jens Stoltenberg was hosting and taking part in a … [READ MORE...]

Highs and lows for biathlon stars

UPDATED: It's been a dramatic World Championships for Norway's star biathlon … [READ MORE...]


Police reform ridiculed

Norwegian government officials have been catching a lot of criticism lately over various … [READ MORE...]

Virus forces hotel to close

An outbreak of the norovirus, which can cause severe stomach upset, has forced the popular … [READ MORE...]

Unemployment rate declines

Norway's state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has reported that unemployment … [READ MORE...]

Avalanche forced delay in orchid delivery

Norway's agriculture minister, Jon Georg Dale, had to cancel a trip to Svalbard with a … [READ MORE...]

Norway wins another Michelin star

A small sushi bar in Stavanger that started out as a take-away joint won Norway's latest … [READ MORE...]

UiO rector bound for Karolinska

Dr Ole Petter Ottersen, the outgoing rector at the University of Oslo (UiO), has been … [READ MORE...]


Trump tactics take root in Norway

Norway's small Center Party, led by the often-grinning farmer Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, is soaring in public opinion polls on what many claim are new populist tactics likened to those of US President Donald … [READ MORE]