Another airline cancels flights

An acute shortage of pilots has forced Norway's short-haul domestic airline Widerøe to cancel flights around the country this summer. The transport ministry is threatening to cut some of the subsidies it pays … [READ MORE...]

China critics slam the government

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her conservative government coalition remained under heavy criticism this week, for failing to support Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo's desire to seek … [READ MORE]

Ministers carefully respond to critics

After more than a week of self-imposed silence, both Prime Minister Erna Solberg and one of her government ministers have at least tried to explain why they won't comment on the situation for Chinese dissident … [READ MORE]

Massive emergency effort saved scouts

Things went wrong at a major gathering of speidere (scouts) in Northern Norway this week. Nearly 60 of them had to be rescued by helicopter during the night after they ran into problems on a strenuous mountain … [READ MORE]

Pioneering queen hailed on her 80th

She was once accused of being a threat to the Norwegian monarchy but on Tuesday Queen Sonja was being hailed for saving it. As she turned 80 on the 4th of July, the commoner who married then-Crown Prince Harald … [READ MORE]

Paradox of the monarchy lives on

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many a paradox in Norway has been pointed out of late, not least  the country's conflicting roles as both oil producer and environmental advocate. Its constitutional monarchy in a country that … [READ MORE]

Parliament leaders in trouble again

Members of the Norwegian Parliament (MPs) were not happy on Monday to read that their president and his secretary general have spent time and money hiring a special baker who can make French pastries for them … [READ MORE]


World champ defends his title

Norway doesn't only have skiing and chess world champions, it's also home to the … [READ MORE...]

Hopes still high in Tour de France

The three Norwegian cyclists taking part in this year's Tour de France haven't … [READ MORE...]

Ski racer signs back on again

Henrik Kristoffersen, the young Norwegian slalom skiing star who ran afoul … [READ MORE...]

Irritated Carlsen redeems himself

UPDATED: Chess champ Magnus Carlsen, who performed poorly at home in the Norway … [READ MORE...]


Paper delivered dubious greeting to US

Norwegian media outlets have, like so many others around the world, been closely following … [READ MORE...]

Mass arrests in criminal network

UPDATED: Police in Oslo announced Tuesday that they had arrested around 90 people over the … [READ MORE...]

Statoil finds more oil in Norwegian Sea

State oil company Statoil reported Monday that it had struck more oil during exploratory … [READ MORE...]

Amusement park denies serving Norway’s ‘worst food’

The Tusenfryd amusement park south of Oslo serves "Norway's worst food," declared … [READ MORE...]

BASE jumper fatality sparks calls for a crackdown

The death last week of an American man who hurled himself off a steep mountain in a … [READ MORE...]

Kangaroo on Karmøy injured, put to death

A kangaroo that escaped from a zoo on the Norwegian island of Karmøy last week ended up … [READ MORE...]


Norway defends its oil with creativity

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some people may be surprised to learn that Norway's Arctic is "different" from other Arctic areas, thus making oil drilling and production less risky. Or that Norwegian oil production is much … [READ MORE]