Skeive sørlandsdager, pride flags

Anti-gay campaign spreads new fear

Someone is cutting down gay pride flags in Sørlandet (Southern Norway) and hanging up banners urging that the "homo-lobby" be crushed. The banners, at least, are "signed" by a right-wing extremists' … [READ MORE...]

Reindeer can often be seen on the road in the northern county of Finnmark, like here north of Alta. PHOTO:

Reindeer giddy over mushrooms

It's early autumn in Norway already, and the forests are full of mushrooms this year, some of them hallucinogenic. They've been discovered by reindeer out grazing, and sometimes getting higher than a … [READ MORE]

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende (right) and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon applaud a ceasefire signed in Havana earlier this summer between the Colombian government and FARC. Now they've agreed on a peace pact. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Kristi Enstad

Norway hails new pact in Colombia

Norwegian officials could breathe a sigh of relief on Thursday, after news broke during the night that the government of Colombia had agreed on a peace pact with the militant guerrilla group FARC. The deal … [READ MORE]

Norwegian government ministers invited business leaders to a "dialogue meeting" this week, on the consequences of Brexit. Interest was high, and business representatives packed an auditorium. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet

Brexit briefing drew a large crowd

Norway's government ministers in charge of business, trade, fisheries and EU issues drew a large crowd on Wednesday when they invited Norwegian companies to a briefing on the consequences of Britain's decision … [READ MORE]

The Rygge airport at Moss is served almost entirely by Ryanair, which has come under severe criticism by labour organizations and politicians this week. Now state authorities are vowing a full review of Ryanair's operations in Norway. PHOTO: Moss Lufthavn Rygge

Investors try to keep Rygge airport open

A group of high-profile investors, businessmen and a former defense minister are actively trying to ward off the looming shutdown of commercial airline operations at the Rygge airport south of Moss. They … [READ MORE]

Some even darker clouds have been settling over Norway's once-booming oil capital of Stavanger. Next week the city will host another large Offshore Northern Seas conference, and that will help generate business, but thousands of laid-off oil workers are still suffering. PHOTO: Berglund

Pain of job losses acute in Stavanger

Two years after the oil and offshore industry seriously started slashing jobs, the sharp pain of job losses is now really striking many of those out of work and their families. Unemployment benefits are … [READ MORE]

Military exercises will continue in Northern Norway, like here in Finnmark, but reorganization plans call for the controversial shutdown of several bases and operations. PHOTO: Forsvaret/Frederik Ringnes

Northerners fight for military bases

Critics of government plans to restructure and relocate military operations in Northern Norway were trooping into an open hearing at the Parliament this week, bound and determined to preserve bases and the … [READ MORE]


Stein Erik Hagen

Drama rolls over collector’s art

Wealthy investor and businessman Stein Erik Hagen wants to share his vast … [READ MORE...]

Per Lønning

Norway hails a ‘bishop emeritus’

Per Lønning, who died this week at an age of 88, was being hailed in Norwegian … [READ MORE...]


‘Tutta’ wants a baby and Tokyo comeback

Norwegian golfer Suzann Pettersen, nicknamed "Tutta" back home, had been among … [READ MORE...]


Hectic week for Norway’s Kygo

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, better known as Kygo, was heading into an unforgettable … [READ MORE...]


Unemployment rate rises again

Norway's unemployment rate had stopped rising earlier this year and seemed to have … [READ MORE...]

Man confesses to murdering Norwegian in Berlin

A 39-year-old man confessed in a court in Berlin on Thursday that he had murdered a … [READ MORE...]

Garden party allows the elite to meet

Rain was threatening the grandest of all Norwegian garden parties on Thursday, but those … [READ MORE...]

Mosques face pressure to have more women on boards

Norway has strict laws demanding that women make up at least 40 percent of all boards of … [READ MORE...]

Politician meets protests over Pokemon pursuit

"Disrespectful" is how one politician from Northern Norway reacted to how a Member of … [READ MORE...]

Sundby’s appeal branded as ‘useless’

Experienced atheletes' attorneys told state broadcaster NRK that it's all but impossible … [READ MORE...]


The left-center side of Norwegian politics is keen to win government power away from the current conservative coalition, and debate was lively in Arendal Thursday night. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) carried the debate live, from a packed auditorium in Arendal. From right: Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre, Center Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, Socialist Left leader Audun Lysbakken and (partially hidden) Une Bastholm of the Greens. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

New political alliances forming

NEWS ANALYSIS: State broadcaster NRK's lively debate in Arendal Thursday night among the leaders of Norway's major political parties confirmed that next year's national election campaign is already … [READ MORE]