Farmers accepted state subsidy offer

Norway's two largest farmers' organizations have opted to accept NOK 1.1 billion in financial assistance from the state this year, much less than the NOK 1.83 billion they'd initially demanded. They also agreed … [READ MORE...]

Resurgent economy fueled celebrations

HAUGESUND: Residents of this windy West Coast city turned out by the thousands to celebrate Norway's national day on Thursday. Towering in the background was a huge new locally-assembled drilling rig that may … [READ MORE]

Sights and sounds at a patriotic party

SEE THE VIDEO: Song, music and brass bands led to lots of festive sights and sounds on the 17th of May in one of Norway's leading coastal communities, despite its relatively small population of less than 40,000 … [READ MORE]

Rowing is part of patriotic tradition

HAUGESUND: 17th of May celebrations can include some unique local traditions around Norway. In the West Coast city of Haugesund, not far from the historic Viking settlement at Avaldnes on Karmøy, rowing is a … [READ MORE]

17th of May loomed without NRK’s news

Norwegians were facing their most festive and important day of the year on Thursday without any photos, videos, interviews or documentation by state broadcaster NRK. It's a huge loss of festive and traditional … [READ MORE]

Cash is king at most confirmations

Norwegian teenagers going through the rite of passage known as konfirmasjon (confirmation) have been caught boasting about all the money they're given in gifts. Their claims on social media, often accompanied … [READ MORE]

Flat 25% tax urged for foreign workers

Among the changes in the conservative coalition government's revised state budget proposal on Tuesday is a simplification of income tax rules for foreign workers. A host of other proposals may be felt by … [READ MORE]


Solberg makes history for Høyre

Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially became the longest-serving prime minister … [READ MORE...]

Rybak takes his loss with a smile

At least Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) won't have to spend as much as NOK 150 … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian released from arrest for terror financing

UPDATED: A Norwegian man who worked for a French company in Syria was arrested … [READ MORE...]

Artist Pushwagner laid to rest

A wide range of Norwegian artists laid their fellow artist Terje Brofos, better … [READ MORE...]


Norwegian Air stock takes new dive

Shares in Norwegian Air, which has been the target of a potentially hostile takeover, took … [READ MORE...]

‘Wanderer’ found dead near cabin

A Norwegian man known for wandering from cabin to cabin in popular holiday areas, breaking … [READ MORE...]

Huge majority votes against Finnmark-Troms merger

A referendum held during the past week in Norway's northern-most county of Finnmark has … [READ MORE...]

Hundreds marched against Israel

Several hundred people turned out Tuesday evening for a demonstration in Oslo against … [READ MORE...]

Mother sentenced in daughter’s starvation

The mother of an emaciated 13-year-old girl who died while in her mother's care at a cabin … [READ MORE...]

NRK workers go on strike

Around 1,700 employees of Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) were called out on strike from 1pm … [READ MORE...]


‘Norway First’ in ‘new’ EU strategy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's foreign ministry chose "Europe Day" this past week to launch the Norwegian government's new strategy for cooperation with the European Union (EU). It contains many of the same goals and … [READ MORE]