Thousands rallied to protect wolves

Norway's internationally controversial wolf hunt spurred more demonstrations over the weekend, this time to save the country's wolves from what many fear will be threatened extinction once again. The new … [READ MORE...]

Solberg ready to ‘escape’ to Davos

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg was flying off to Davos on Monday, for three days of meetings with international business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum. It was likely to be a relief … [READ MORE]

Tesla meets some trouble in Norway

Tesla electric cars remain wildly popular in Norway, not least because of major tax incentives on zero-emission cars in the country, but not all owners are happy. One man who bought a Tesla Model X claims a … [READ MORE]

Islamist guilty of terror recruiting

An appeals court in Oslo has found Ubaydullah Hussain, a self-proclaimed Islamist, guilty of supporting the terrorist organization ISIL and recruiting "vulnerable souls" for it. The court upheld Hussain's … [READ MORE]

‘MeToo’ complaints overshadow Erna

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg's launch of an historic new government coalition this week ended up being overshadowed by complaints filed in the wake of the international "MeToo" campaign against … [READ MORE]

Espionage behind health care hack

Norway's police intelligence unit PST suspects that a "serious" hacking attack on the computer systems of the country's largest regional health care agency was carried out on behalf of a foreign state. The … [READ MORE]

EU post sacrificed in favor of foreign aid

Of all the changes resulting from her goverment reshuffle, Prime Minister Erna Solberg was getting perhaps the most kudos for her decision to replace a ministerial post responsible for EU issues with one aimed … [READ MORE]


King Harald hails ski jumpers

They flew through the air with what seemed like the greatest of ease, and landed … [READ MORE...]

Sick Northug ‘won’t ski in Olympics’

Norway's former top skier Petter Northug has hardly competed this season, … [READ MORE...]

No Olympic ‘wildcard’ for Bjørndalen

UPDATED: At an age of 43, Norway's biathlon star Ole Einar Bjørndalen wanted, … [READ MORE...]

Labour mourns a former leader

Just as Labour Party politicians were wrestling with their latest and deepest … [READ MORE...]


Hundreds marched against sexual harassment

Hundreds of women, and some men, marched through downtown Oslo on Sunday in a … [READ MORE...]

Rejected American refugee finally deported

Norwegian authorities ended up having to charter a private aircraft over the weekend and … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian injured in Kabul attack

Arne Strand, a researcher specializing in Afghanistan for the Chr Michelsens Institutt … [READ MORE...]

Meat and egg producer to cut staff, costs

Nortura, Norway's dominant farmer-owned cooperative for meat, poultry and eggs, has … [READ MORE...]

Fatal accident closes tunnel indefinitely

The long tunnel under the Oslo Fjord that connects Drøbak and Hurum was closed … [READ MORE...]

Snowplow buried girl playing in its path

The unusually heavy snowfall that covered most of southeastern Norway this week almost … [READ MORE...]


Dual citizenship put up for hearing

The Norwegian government has moved forward with its proposal to do away with the country's long-standing principle of only allowing single citizenship. It sent its proposal to finally allow dual citizenship in … [READ MORE]