‘Fog lifts’ as Labour turns to the center

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre fended off criticism during the weekend that he's been vague and unwilling to take firm stands on important issues. He failed, however,  to quell criticism, also within his … [READ MORE...]

Lommedalen tragedy unfolds in court

More than 70 people will be testifying in a courtroom in Gjøvik over the next four weeks, as the mother of a 13-year-old girl from the Oslo suburb of Lommedalen defends herself against charges that she let her … [READ MORE]

‘Russ’ season gets off to a violent start

Norway's annual "russ" season, during which graduating high school students engage in hard partying, is now in full swing after the Easter holidays. Police from Bærum in the south to Finnmark in the north had … [READ MORE]

State finally saves its National Theater

Norway's historic National Theater in Oslo is in such bad shape that tarps and scaffolding have been set up around it, to keep its crumbling facade from hitting passersby in the head. After years of neglect, … [READ MORE]

DNB: Economic optimism has returned

The investment banking arm of Norway's biggest bank has reported a much brighter economic outlook for the country than that described by politicians trying to oust the conservative government. DNB Markets … [READ MORE]

Police register big rise in hate crimes

Oslo police registered 176 reports of what they classified as "hate crimes" in the Norwegian capital last year. That's triple the number registered in 2013 and police are encouraging victims to continue … [READ MORE]

Støre blasts Solberg in opening address

Jonas Gahr Støre mounted what some commentators called "frontal attacks" against Erna Solberg's conservative government coalition when he opened his Labour Party's annual general meeting on Thursday. Støre … [READ MORE]


Two artists laid to rest

Norway's cultural world lost two well-known artists during the Easter holidays … [READ MORE...]

Stavanger band warms up for Metallica

As thousands of metal music fans stream back into Oslo this week for the annual … [READ MORE...]

Fredriksen scrambles to save Seadrill

Norwegian shipowner and industrial tycoon John Fredriksen, long listed as one of … [READ MORE...]

Aker Solutions rewards executives

Aker Solutions is the latest Norwegian company to release financial reports that … [READ MORE...]


Terror suspect held in custody

A 17-year-old boy caught with an explosive device in downtown Oslo just before Easter was … [READ MORE...]

Thousands wanted a turban

An estimated 20,000 people stood in lines for hours during the weekend for the chance to … [READ MORE...]

Heavy snow delays airline traffic

The surprise spring snowstorm that snarled vehicular traffic around eastern and southern … [READ MORE...]

Snow and sleet spark traffic accidents

Police all over eastern and southern Norway were urging motorists against driving on … [READ MORE...]

Banks set up ‘digital defense center’

Nordic banks have agreed to mount a common front against cyber attacks, in the form of … [READ MORE...]

Wolf sightings soar not far from Oslo

Residents of Akershus and Østfold counties have been reporting numerous wolf sightings … [READ MORE...]


Organized begging unleashes anger

UPDATED: Officials from both ends of the political spectrum said they were angered and sad after state broadcaster NRK revealed Tuesday night how many Romanian beggars in Norway appear to be part of criminal … [READ MORE]