Svalbard coal firm needs new bailout

Store Norske, the coal company that once dominated economic activity on Norway's Arctic island group of Svalbard, claims that it's once again teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. It's seeking another major … [READ MORE...]

Grazing cattle slaughtered by a train

Fourteen cattle that had wandered from their open grazing area in Trøndelag onto nearby railroad tracks were run over buy a cargo train on its way from Oslo to Trondheim early Monday. The horrific accident … [READ MORE]

Man held after shootings at Blå

A 24-year-old man with a record of earlier convictions was under arrest on Monday, charged with shooting at doormen outside the Oslo market and entertainment spot Blå late Saturday night. The man has reportedly … [READ MORE]

Norway ‘shamed’ over ‘nuclear nod’

Opponents of nuclear weapons were claiming that Norway should be ashamed of itself, for once again failing last week to support a UN resolution to ban them. Another 123 countries had already agreed to … [READ MORE]

Refugee arrivals now ‘historically low’

The numbers of asylum seekers who have made it on their own to Norway have fallen to their lowest level in more than two decades. Most of the decline is linked to closed borders in southern Europe that have … [READ MORE]

Norwegian flies into more turbulence

Oslo-based Norwegian Air is off to a rocky start of the summer travel season, with the head of Norway's consumer council accusing it this week of "gambling with its passengers' flights." Now the airline's share … [READ MORE]

Solberg eager to speak up at G20

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among the leaders of countries invited to the G20 Summit in Hamburg this weekend. That gives her a chance to put forth issues that the Norwegian government wants to promote at … [READ MORE]


Teen idols face rebuke after concert

Norway's wildly popular singing duo, Marcus & Martinus, successfully … [READ MORE...]

World champ defends his title

Norway doesn't only have skiing and chess world champions, it's also home to the … [READ MORE...]

Hopes still high in Tour de France

The three Norwegian cyclists taking part in this year's Tour de France haven't … [READ MORE...]

Ski racer signs back on again

Henrik Kristoffersen, the young Norwegian slalom skiing star who ran afoul … [READ MORE...]


Hydro enters aluminum’s big leagues

Norsk Hydro, the big Norwegian metals firm that's 34-percent owned by the state, got … [READ MORE...]

Norway wins more gold in orienteering

The Norwegian relay team at the World Championships in orienteering won its 12th gold … [READ MORE...]

‘Trollpikken’ rises again

After an overwhelmingly successful fund-raising campaign to finance costs, a … [READ MORE...]

Foreign minister returned stolen Buddha

Foreign Minister Børge Brende traveled to Myanmar (Burma) this week, where he delivered a … [READ MORE...]

Tougher rules curbed school absenteeism

Norway's Education Ministry was claiming this week that its crackdown on absenteeism at … [READ MORE...]

Jetski accident set off major rescue effort

Eight people riding on four jetskis, called vann (water) scooters in Norway, landed in a … [READ MORE...]


Paradox of the monarchy lives on

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many a paradox in Norway has been pointed out of late, not least  the country's conflicting roles as both oil producer and environmental advocate. Its constitutional monarchy in a country that … [READ MORE]