Greens leaders get a new green light

Norway's Greens Party is suddenly riding a new wave of popularity and may even be able to influence whether Norway will wind up with a Labour- or Conservatives-led government. Rasmus Hansson, one of the leaders … [READ MORE...]

Foreign minister criticizes Trump

In a highly unusual move, Norway's foreign minister has publicly criticized the president of the United States, a country always referred to as Norway's most important ally. Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge … [READ MORE]

Norwegian prices still shock visitors

It's official: Prices in Norway are 40 percent higher on average than in other EU countries, meaning they're even higher compared to prices in the Americas and Asia, where they're generally lower than in the … [READ MORE]

Norske Skog soars on Sveaas’ stake

Norwegian investor Christen Sveaas has emerged as a would-be saviour for long-ailing forestry firm Norske Skog. His purchase of a major block of stock in the firm that's profitable but drowning in debt came as … [READ MORE]

Labour dives as the non-socialists rise

UPDATED: New public opinion polls show that the Norwegian Labour Party has taken a dive in popularity, just a month before the country's parliamentary election. It's down to its lowest level since it lost the … [READ MORE]

First major debate noisy and ‘chaotic’

NEWS ANALYSIS: "Fragmented," "unclear" and "chaotic" were among words used to describe the first organized and nationally televised debate among the leaders of Norway's nine major political parties Monday … [READ MORE]

Two national parks opened offshore

Under brilliantly sunny skies and weather that attracted thousands of spectators, Norway's Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen officially opened two new national parks on Sunday, both of them along … [READ MORE]


New sports stars get heroes’ welcome

Norway's gold- and bronze-medal winners at the track and field World … [READ MORE...]

Business pioneer dead at 66

Wilhelm Blystad and his younger brother Arne shook up Norwegian business like no … [READ MORE...]

Oil Minister down for the count

Terje Søviknes, Norway's bullish Oil & Energy Minister, won't be able to … [READ MORE...]

Convict Toska now serving time at home

David Toska, described as the criminal mastermind of a spectacular and deadly … [READ MORE...]


SIAN group ordered to leave Arendal

A group called SIAN (Stopp Islamiseringen av Norge), wants to halt the influence they … [READ MORE...]

‘Arendalsuka’ draws crowds again

Politiians, bankers, bureaucrats, community- and business leaders have all gathered once … [READ MORE...]

Tom Cruise forced to postpone ‘Preikestolen’ stunt

US actor Tom Cruise has had to postpone taking part in a stunt planned atop Norway's famed … [READ MORE...]

Millions worth of salmon stolen

Police at Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen are investigating the theft of an entire … [READ MORE...]

Tougher times for street musicians

Traveling street musicians who've played on the streets of Oslo for years have been having … [READ MORE...]

Sweden emerges as top holiday destination

Forget Mallorca, the Canary Islands and Greece. Sweden has emerged as the place where … [READ MORE...]


Maritime heritage alive in Farsund

PHOTO FEATURE: Long before offshore oil and gas made Norway one of the world's wealthiest countries, its maritime heritage and huge fleet of ships all but ruled the waves. Much of that heritage can be … [READ MORE]