State workers poised to go out on strike

Thousands of state workers around the country were poised to go out on strike from Thursday if their demands for higher pay aren't met. If mediation fails and the strike expands, as many as 77,000 public sector … [READ MORE...]

Forest fire danger sparks red alerts

Warnings were going out this week that forest fire danger was at its highest possible level all over Southeastern Norway. More than a week of dry and unusually warm weather, with more to come, is making local … [READ MORE]

‘Fairy tale’ start for new ‘Equinor’

With oil prices now up to around USD 80 a barrel for Norway's North Sea crude, this brand-new drilling rig for the country's state-controlled oil company is poised for what's likely to be a festive tow-out to … [READ MORE]

Airline wins support in battle with ESA

GUEST COMMENTARY: Norway's regional airline Widerøe is currently in the midst of defending itself against a potentially punitive and expensive regulatory action from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)'s … [READ MORE]

Holiday weekenders basked in sunshine

UTSIRA: Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians made the best of the country's last long public holiday weekend until Christmas, and were able to enjoy lots of sunshine and unusually warm temperatures before … [READ MORE]

Farmers accepted state subsidy offer

Norway's two largest farmers' organizations have opted to accept NOK 1.1 billion in financial assistance from the state this year, much less than the NOK 1.83 billion they'd initially demanded. They also agreed … [READ MORE]

Resurgent economy fueled celebrations

HAUGESUND: Residents of this windy West Coast city turned out by the thousands to celebrate Norway's national day on Thursday. Towering in the background was a huge new locally-assembled drilling rig that may … [READ MORE]


Culture minister latest street art victim

Another Norwegian politician was being portrayed in a highly unflattering manner … [READ MORE...]

Solberg makes history for Høyre

Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially became the longest-serving prime minister … [READ MORE...]

Rybak takes his loss with a smile

At least Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) won't have to spend as much as NOK 150 … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian released from arrest for terror financing

UPDATED: A Norwegian man who worked for a French company in Syria was arrested … [READ MORE...]


‘Norwegian Wood’ festival cancelled

Norway's traditional but troubled music festival "Norwegian Wood" has been cancelled this … [READ MORE...]

Trump thanked Solberg for golf club

Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) could report this week that US President Donald Trump was … [READ MORE...]

Record number became Norwegian citizens

A total of 21,600 people obtained Norwegian citizenship last year, setting a new record by … [READ MORE...]

Norway’s population hits 5.3 million

Norway's population rose to just over 5.3 million during the first quarter of this year, … [READ MORE...]

NRK journalists still on strike

A strike that's all but shut down new from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) entered its second … [READ MORE...]

Holiday traffic resulted in delays

Norway's long pinse holiday weekend ended Monday afternoon with lots of major traffic … [READ MORE...]


‘Norway First’ in ‘new’ EU strategy

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway's foreign ministry chose "Europe Day" this past week to launch the Norwegian government's new strategy for cooperation with the European Union (EU). It contains many of the same goals and … [READ MORE]