Stock market slide hits the Oil Fund

Norway’s central bank (Norges Bank) once again gathered 300 of the country’s most powerful people Thursday night, to listen to its chief’s annual perspectives on the economy. Øystein Olsen warned that recent … [READ MORE...]

Norway’s greatest Olympic day ever

Medals all but rained down on Norwegian athletes at the Winter Olympics on Thursday. February 15, 2018 will go down as a big day in the country's sports history. More were streaming in on Friday, … [READ MORE]

Storm battered west and roof collapsed

Warnings had been posted and they proved well-founded: Another severe storm moved in from the North Sea this week and caused damage up and down the coast. Heavy snow farther east, meanwhile, is believed to have … [READ MORE]

Double victory for downhill racers

Sports commentators were screaming on Norwegian radio early Thursday morning after two of Norway's alpine skiing stars swept to victory in the men's downhill at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Aksel Lund … [READ MORE]

First women’s alpine medal in 82 years

Ragnhild Mowinckel skied her way into history in the Ladies Giant Slalom at the Winter Olympics. Norwegians woke up Thursday morning to their first Olympic medal in women's alpine skiing since Laila Schou … [READ MORE]

Farmers face far more inspections

Filth and animal neglect found at a series of farms in Rogaland, southwestern Norway, were branded as "completely unacceptable" by Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale after a meeting with farmers' … [READ MORE]

Kværner lands huge Statoil contract

Western Norway and several other communities around the country were celebrating this week after Norwegian industrial firm Kværner signed contracts on a project expected to generate 4,800 jobs. Kværner will … [READ MORE]


New US ambassador settles in

Norway has a  new US ambassador, after Republicans readily confirmed US … [READ MORE...]

Ski jumper could finally jump for joy

Maren Lundby, from the small town of Kolbu in Norway's rural district of Toten, … [READ MORE...]

Solberg a ‘happy’ and a ‘lucky’ premier

NEWS ANALYSIS: It was Mothers' Day in Norway on Sunday, and the woman who's … [READ MORE...]

Rybak returns as Eurovision hopeful

The young Norwegian man who won more points at the Eurovision Song Contest than … [READ MORE...]


Loss sends Norwegian Air shares into a dive

Shares in Norwegian Air were crashing on the Oslo Stock Exchange Thursday after the … [READ MORE...]

Good reviews, protests met ‘a-ha’ in Oslo

Norway’s legendary rock band a-ha was back home i Oslo last weekend and greeted by both … [READ MORE...]

Drunk staffer expelled from Olympics

A Norwegian man who was part of the Olympic teams' support staff was arrested by police in … [READ MORE...]

Oil field to be ‘a money machine’

Norway's giant Johan Sverdrup oil field, located just 155 kilometers west of Stavanger, is … [READ MORE...]

Serial restaurant swindler arrested again

A Norwegian man in his 40s who has swindled restaurants in the Oslo area for years was … [READ MORE...]


Northern Norway’s ‘biggest move ever’

The northern Norwegian city of Bodø has approved ambitious plans to literally move its airport just 900 meters, thereby opening up valuable new waterfront land for redevelopment. If also approved by Parliament, … [READ MORE]