The Rygge airport at Moss is served almost entirely by Ryanair, which has come under severe criticism by labour organizations and politicians this week. Now state authorities are vowing a full review of Ryanair's operations in Norway. PHOTO: Moss Lufthavn Rygge

Ryanair’s airport ‘will shut down’

The board of directors in charge of the Rygge airport in Moss, south of Oslo, announced Tuesday it had decided to shut down the airport to commercial civilian traffic from November 1. That's when the only … [READ MORE...]

The small community of Hareid in the county of Møre og Romsdal was among those where voters firmly rejected a merger with their neighbouring municipalities. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Small towns want to stay that way

Some local mayors are calling it a "people's revolt" against the state: Norwegians voting in local referenda this week have been firmly rejecting state plans to merge their local governments to form much … [READ MORE]

Flooding threatened this portion of the main E6 highway just north of Hamar in Hedmark County, but on Tuesday morning, the water was receding. PHOTO: Statens vegvesen

Floodwaters recede, roads reopening

Pouring rain and melting snow suddenly set off flooding in many areas of southern Norway this week, especially in Hedmark and Oppland counties. Several roads remained closed Tuesday morning but state officials … [READ MORE]

A maze of pipes at Mongstad is part of the efforts to find the "best and cheapest" means of capturing carbon emissions. PHOTO: Gassnova/

Higher emissions don’t daunt leaders

NEWS ANALYSIS: Just days after the Norwegian government announced controversial plans to drill for more oil and gas in new areas of the Arctic, came news that Norway's own carbon emissions have increased for … [READ MORE]

It was a cow like this one, from the Norsk rødt fe race, that attacked an elderly couple while giving birth. PHOTO:

Cow’s deadly attack troubles rancher

A Norwegian cow that was giving birth to a calf just before the weekend will be put to death by the rancher owning her, after the large animal attacked an elderly woman who tried to assist in the birth. The … [READ MORE]

Power lines carry electricity all over Norway, like here on the western edge of Krokskogen in Buskerud County. PHOTO: Views and News

IEA urges higher electricity rates

If there's one thing that's relatively reasonably priced in Norway, it's electricity, but international experts think electricity rates could and should double within the next 15 years. They also think … [READ MORE]

Striking hotel workers, seen here parading through Oslo earlier this month, were jubilant on Saturday after they prevailed in their demands for the right to local negotiations and higher wages for the lowest-paid hotel workers. Hotels were reopening Saturday afternoon. PHOTO: Berglund

Hotel strike over, workers jubilant

Norway's lengthy and highly disruptive hotel strike ended during the night in what the unions were calling a victory. Hotels that have been closed by the strike were due to reopen at 3pm on … [READ MORE]


Sir Andrew J Wiles

Oxford scholar wins Abel Prize

He's considered one of the world's greatest contemporary mathematicians, and on … [READ MORE...]

Roy Johansen

Hockey players hail departing coach

Norway's national ice hockey team not only won a World Championship match on … [READ MORE...]

220px-Jørn_Andersen_2011 (1)

Critics blast coach’s North Korea move

Human rights advocates at Amnesty and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee were not … [READ MORE...]


Zuccarello back in the world championships

UPDATED: It's been six years since Norwegian hockey star Mats Zuccarello of the … [READ MORE...]


Ex-teacher jailed in major sexual assault case

A former teacher from Hadeland in western Oppland County has been handed a lengthy … [READ MORE...]

Oil Fund wielded its clout over bank executives’ pay

Norway's sovereign wealth fund known as the Oil Fund has followed through on its decision … [READ MORE...]

Norwegian wins last lap of Tour of Norway

Professional Norwegian cyclist Edvald Boasson Hagen made what commentators called a … [READ MORE...]

State files appeal in the Breivik case

State officials have filed their appeal of a city court ruling this spring that partially … [READ MORE...]

Hostage-takers set yet another deadline

An Islamist terrorist group in the Philippines has released yet another video in which it … [READ MORE...]

German tourist found dead in the mountains

A man found dead in the mountains of Fannafjell in Forsand, Rogaland County, has been … [READ MORE...]


Even though they're in the midst of tougher times, resident of Sør-Varanger gathered in Kirkenes for their annual 17th of May parade on Tuesday, shouting "hurrah" and congratulating one another. PHOTO:

Kirkenes still eager to shout ‘hurra’

KIRKENES: Few cities in Norway have faced as many challenges over the past year as this far northern enclave close to the Russian border. Just months after suddenly needing to shelter thousands of refugees … [READ MORE]