E16 Nærøydalen, rockslide

Work begins to re-open key highway

Geologists have given Norway's state highway department a green light to start clearing the E16 highway between Voss and Gudvangen. The road was abruptly closed after enormous boulders rolled down its … [READ MORE...]

The combination of cruises that also call at popular destinations like here at Tromsø also attracts passengers, who can see plenty of spectacular scenery along the way. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

Hurtigruten owners poised to profit

The British investment fund that bought up 90 percent of the shares in Norway's famed coastal shipping line Hurtigruten may see the value of its stake double if it succeeds in finding new buyers. That means … [READ MORE]

Statoil CEO Eldar Sætre, shown here visiting an offshore platform himself, remains under pressure to cut more costs. Now the company is studying its offshore staffing, making platform workers nervous. PHOTO: Statoil

Statoil eyes new cuts in North Sea

Norwegian oil company Statoil will have slashed its costs by around NOK 2.5 billion a year when it wraps up its so-called STEP efficiency program at the end of the year, but it's not enough. Now the company … [READ MORE]

A train on the Bergen line damaged driving lines and broke down in a tunnel on Wednesday night, forcing the evacuation of 130 passengers. The diesel engine brought in to tow the train caused further damage overnight, crippling the Bergen rail network throughout Thursday. PHOTO: Rolf M Sørensen/NSB

Tourists sell out Oslo-Bergen train

Never before have so many tourists been taking the train over the mountains between Bergen and Oslo. The popular line, known as Bergensbanen, has been been completely sold out in July, and the country's other … [READ MORE]

Statoil’s loss sends its shares tumbling

Norway's largest company, state-controlled oil firm Statoil, released results Wednesday morning that were "much, much worse than expected," sending chills throughout the market and the country's entire oil … [READ MORE]

Statoil continues to pump up profits from its oil and gas operations. Pictured here, the Sleipner platform off Norway. PHOTO: Statoil/Dag Myrestrand

Authorities probe Statoil’s dominance

Oil service and shipping companies have been among those worrying the most that Norway's state oil company Statoil has too much market power on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Its dominance is now being … [READ MORE]

Business and Trade Minister Monica Mæland faces tough questions over her decision to replace Statkraft's chairman with one of her own friends and party colleagues, former Culture Minister Thorhild Widvey.  PHOTO: NFD

Alleged conflict plagues minister

Monica Mæland, Norway's government minister in charge of business and trade who's been tackling corruption cases at several Norwegian companies lately, now finds herself caught in a conflict herself. She's … [READ MORE]


Gerhard Heiberg

IOC: ‘Naive, stupid’ and ‘cowardly’

"We have been naive and stupid," declared Gerhard Heiberg, Norway's veteran … [READ MORE...]

PHOTO: Holmenkollen Ski Festival/Magnus Nylokken

Supporters rally around stricken skier

Norwegian skiers, Norway's national skiing federation and even commercial … [READ MORE...]

Kjetil Rekdal

Rekdal makes way for Deila

Kjetil Rekdal, one of Norway's most high-profile and tough-talking football … [READ MORE...]


Carew turns action hero

Former Norwegian football star John Carew is now concentrating his efforts on … [READ MORE...]


Wolf spotted on Norway’s south coast

Folks on summer holiday along Norway's popular southern coast at Arendal sprang to … [READ MORE...]

Complaints rise over Russian air pollution

Russia's controversial smelter at Nikel, just over the border southeast of Kirkenes, has … [READ MORE...]

Motorist crashed into reindeer herd

A man in his 40s drove into a herd of reindeer on the E6 highway between Alta and Skaidi … [READ MORE...]

Rockslide closes main mountain highway

One of Norway's most heavily trafficked highways over the mountains between Oslo and … [READ MORE...]

Skiing team’s doctor resigns

Knut Gabrielsen, the doctor for Norway's men's national ski team who'd wrongly advised … [READ MORE...]

Norway’s oldest man dead at 109

Prime Minister Erna Solberg attended his last birthday party two month ago. On Saturday, … [READ MORE...]


The "inside story" of what happened on the island of Utøya five years ago this week is now being told through a unique exhibit of the text messages exchanged between terrified youngsters on the island and their parents. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

Messages recall the terror on Utøya

-I'm so scared, there are many dead people lying around me. At least 10. -Help is on the way. Hold out! You're the toughest person I know! -Mamma, I'm so afraid to die. -Astrid - you are not going to … [READ MORE]