Farmers demand more subsidies

Their most supportive political party (Senterpartiet, Sp) is mired in national shame and scandal but that hasn't stopped Norway's powerful farmers' lobby from demanding NOK 1.8 billion in additional taxpayer … [READ MORE...]

Sp hit by new sexual harassment claim

Just when they didn't think things could get worse, leaders of the embattled Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) have confirmed they've received another complaint of sexual harassment. It emerged just as the party … [READ MORE]

Sp’s men won’t own up to harassment

None of the 10 powerful Center Party men suspected of sexual harassment has admitted to sending an obscene message to the party's former female leader Liv Signe Navarsete. Now she's gone on sick leave while … [READ MORE]

More investors flag interest in Norwegian

The International Airlines Group (IAG) isn't the only one interested in Norwegian Air. The company, which reported another loss on Thursday, revealed it also has been approached by others after IAG reported it … [READ MORE]

Concerns rise over border control

Alleged understaffing at Norway's border patrol stations is raising concerns over border control. Members of Parliament, police and officers at the customs agency itself (Tolletaten) are sounding … [READ MORE]

Pushwagner leaves an artistic legacy

Terje Brofos, better known by his pseudonym Hariton Pushwagner, clearly left his mark on Oslo and internationally. The artist was even being compared to Norway's Edvard Munch after he died during the night on … [READ MORE]

Palace official quits under a cloud

Norway's Royal Palace sent out a brief press release on Monday, reporting that a top official who has overseen many palace renovations and building projects over the years had resigned his post with immediate … [READ MORE]


King Harald put on sick leave

King Harald V, Norway's 81-year-old monarch, is on sick leave through the end of … [READ MORE...]

Northug can’t afford more trouble

Norway's bad boy of skiing, Petter Northug, has been duly warned: His return … [READ MORE...]


Sigrid sang for 3 million Americans

A 21-year-old singer from Norway's scenic coastal town of Aalesund, who simply calls … [READ MORE...]

Yarn sales keep spinning

It wasn't just the long winter that kept Norwegians knitting; Sales of yarn keep climbing … [READ MORE...]

Dog-sledding hits new highs

Norway had a long winter with lots of snow that attracted tourists from far and wide, and … [READ MORE...]


Job satisfaction: How it shapes identity

After several difficult years following the collapse in oil prices, Norway's job market is picking up again. Nicola McCaffrey, a clinical psychologist based in Norway's hard-hit "oil capital" of Stavanger, has … [READ MORE]