Anxiety abounds as Trump takes office

Never before have a Norwegian prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister faced more uncertainty and anxiety following the inauguration of a US president. As Donald J Trump begins his first week in … [READ MORE...]

How Norway can ease Trump trauma

As Norwegian politicians feel compelled to "wait and see" how their longtime US ally behaves under its tough-talking new president, Donald J Trump, others warn against remaining too passive. A foreign policy … [READ MORE]

‘Game over’ for Norway’s seal hunt

Norway's northern city of Tromsø used to be a major port for Norway's controversial seal hunters, but they've now faded into the history books. For the first time in several hundred years, not a single … [READ MORE]

More trouble for Telenor, in Bulgaria

Norway's international telecoms firm Telenor has run into even more trouble at its overseas operations. This time the problems are in Bulgaria, where a police investigation is now underway into what the company … [READ MORE]

The Alliance strikes back under Jens

NATO, the world's largest defense alliance, is not "obsolete," according to the former Norwegian prime minister leading it, Jens Stoltenberg. He's had to be on the defensive himself this week, after … [READ MORE]

Expert warns of Arctic drilling risks

A highly acclaimed Oxford professor who's considered an expert on energy research has thrown cold water on Norway's hopes for a new oil era in the Arctic. Dieter Helm doesn't think oil prices will rise much … [READ MORE]

DAB knocked out by fiber cable cuts

Just a week after Norwegian authorities proudly began forcing radio listeners over to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), they had to admit to major trouble Wednesday night that literally cut out DAB coverage all … [READ MORE]


Princess Ingrid Alexandra now a teenager

Norway's Princess Ingrid Alexandra, second in line to the throne after her … [READ MORE...]

Dutch welcomed Norway’s ‘wonderboy’

Martin Ødegaard, Norway's 18-year-old football "wonderboy," enjoyed a warm … [READ MORE...]

Skier Svindal out for the season

Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway's downhill skiing champion, decided to undergo … [READ MORE...]

Little sympathy for Mette-Marit

A vague media complaint and public appeal for privacy issued by Crown Princess … [READ MORE...]


Woman charged in fire that destroyed historic building

UPDATED: One of the oldest buildings on the main street of Lillehammer, which … [READ MORE...]

Handball men advance to quarter-finals

First they trounced Japan by a score of 38-23 and then they rolled over Macedonia during … [READ MORE...]

Norway has trouble finding new football coach

Norwegian sports bureaucrats appear to be having some trouble recruiting a new head coach … [READ MORE...]

Norway to drop jury system on appeal

A majority in Parliament asked the government in 2015 to replace its appeals court jury … [READ MORE...]

Widerøe orders new jets

Norway's domestic, short-haul airline Widerøe has graduated from propeller planes to its … [READ MORE...]

Oslo’s garbage problems pile up

The City of Oslo, which contracted with a new private garbage collection agency last fall, … [READ MORE...]


Alarms ring over rejected refugees

UPDATED: Never before has so much concern been expressed over the fate of mostly teenage boys who have fled Afghanistan, made their way to Norway and then seen their asylum applications rejected. Prime Minister … [READ MORE]