Nuclear fears spur call for iodine pills

Norwegian authorities issued an unusual warning on Tuesday. They claim the risk of nuclear accidents has risen, and they're asking communities and pharmacies all over the country to stock up on iodine pills to … [READ MORE...]

Listhaug sets off more controversy

Sylvi Listhaug, Norway's government minister in charge of immigration and integration, set off more debate this week after releasing the results of a study she'd ordered. It confirms that Norwegians with … [READ MORE]

Norway poised for a new government

NEWS ANALYSIS: After weeks of discussions, Norway's Liberal Party is moving forward with efforts to join the country's conservative minority coalition government. The move still won't leave an expanded … [READ MORE]

Catholic diocese convicted of fraud

The Oslo City Court has found the Catholic diocese in Norway's capital guilty of fraud, after ruling in a criminal case that it illegally inflated its membership numbers and thus received excessive amounts of … [READ MORE]

Support for nuke ban lit up the streets

A Norwegian professor is among those who nominated this year's winner of the  Nobel Peace Prize. He's far from the only one to strongly support the work of the  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons … [READ MORE]

Solberg calls Nobel ceremony ‘difficult’

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg braved the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo on Sunday, even trying to smile through speeches that accused Norway and other nations of contributing to the threat of … [READ MORE]

Peace Prize puts squeeze on Norway

Nobel Peace Prize Day in Oslo dawned with clear and sunny skies on Sunday, but not everyone was celebrating. The Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award this year's Peace Prize to the International … [READ MORE]


Party leader out for three months

Audun Lysbakken, leader of Norway's Socialist Left party (SV) and a key member … [READ MORE...]

Sportscaster quits under a cloud

Davy Wathne, one of Norway's most well-known TV personalities, claims he decided … [READ MORE...]

Oil minister feels some heat

Norway's Oil & Energy Minister Terje Søviknes may well be looking forward to … [READ MORE...]

Marathon man fastest in Europe

Norwegians were winning lots of World Cup ski races on two continents during the … [READ MORE...]


Jerusalem decision sparked protests

US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel set … [READ MORE...]

More reindeer meet tragic fate

Sami reindeer herders and not least their animals suffered yet another tragedy during the … [READ MORE...]

Suspect released after terror scare

A 26-year-old Norwegian charged with unleashing a terror alarm at a regional airport … [READ MORE...]

‘Is there an organist in the house?’

Norway's popular and famed violinist Arve Tellefsen was all ready, along with the Nidaros … [READ MORE...]

Pay gap persists between men and women

Women in Norway continue to earn just 86 percent of what men in Norway take home in terms … [READ MORE...]

Aker Solutions wins new Statoil contracts

Aker Solutions emerged as the first big winner this week of contracts tied to development … [READ MORE...]


Melgaard trims an unconventional tree

PHOTO FEATURE: Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard offered his own unique way of launching the holiday season in his homeland's capital during the weekend. At the invitation of Oslo's Astrup Fearnley Museum, … [READ MORE]