Nobel nomination stirs up a storm

The conservative Progress Party's decision to ultimately nominate their former leader Carl I Hagen for a seat on the Norwegian Nobel Committee has set off a storm of opposition. That's because the 73-year-old … [READ MORE...]

Krone’s latest dive ‘unique, strange’

Norway's currency, the krone, has been caught in another puzzling downward spiral this week that's left analysts groping for explanations. Despite more positive economic indicators, the Norwegian krone fell to … [READ MORE]

Winter arrives with cheers, challenges

The first serious snow of the winter in Southern Norwegian towns and cities caused some problems this week because of slippery roads and highways. Ski centers and retailers were delighted, however, because the … [READ MORE]

New haircut chain challenges salons

In a country where a haircut can routinely cost as much as going to the dentist, Norwegians are flocking to a new chain that offers only quick haircuts for a fixed, relatively low price. The arrival of … [READ MORE]

Parliament grants refugees a reprieve

Young refugees who fled terror and a dismal future in Afghanistan, but failed to win asylum in Norway, will no longer be all but automatically sent back when they turn 18. They've won the right to a new … [READ MORE]

Troubled ‘Goliat’ knocked out again

Norway's Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie has vowed that the chronically troubled Goliat platform in the Barents Sea won't be allowed to restart operations until all its problems are corrected. It's been shut … [READ MORE]

Lawsuit to halt oil exploration begins

Several former government ministers are among the plaintiffs when  a major lawsuit against the state gets underway in Oslo on Tuesday. The historic court case seeks to halt more oil exploration, and has been … [READ MORE]


Cleared executive claims compensation

Jo Lunder, the former CEO of VimpelCom who was cleared of charges tied to the … [READ MORE...]

Media uproar over ‘old boys’ culture

A remarkable media uproar exploded in Oslo just before the weekend, rooted in … [READ MORE...]

Quisling ‘knew about death camps’

Last week marked 72 years since Vidkun Quisling, whose name became synonymous … [READ MORE...]

Athletes react to wining and dining

Large dinner and bar bills submitted by some of Norway's top sports bureaucrats … [READ MORE...]


Woman wins big in ‘Vikinglotto’

A woman from Oslo has won an historically high amount of accumulated winnings in the … [READ MORE...]

Norway exports record amounts of gas

Never before has Norway exported so much gas as it did during the last 12 months ending in … [READ MORE...]

Ex-con sentenced to death writes a book

Joshua French, the British-Norwegian soldier convicted first of murdering a taxi driver in … [READ MORE...]

Sakharov Freedom Award goes to Russian organizations

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, which champions human rights, will be awarding its … [READ MORE...]

Nazi party halted in Trondheim

Trondheim's venerable student union (Studentersamfundet) was embarrassed and angry after a … [READ MORE...]

Warm-water fish show up in Norway

For the second time in a week, fish that thrive best in warm waters have been found … [READ MORE...]


End of an era on Norway’s Svalbard

The Arctic territory of Svalbard has long been administered by Norway, with coal mining as it major source of income. Now Norway's government has formally decided against bailing out the Svalbard coal mining … [READ MORE]