The biggest  confusion is over what will happen with plans to expand the E18 highway west of Oslo. PHOTO: Arbeiderpartiet

Fuel taxes spark new budget battle

Norway's minority government coalition is poised for yet another battle over the state budget in Parliament, also with its two support parties. This time the battle will be over fuel taxes and the costs of … [READ MORE...]

The Goliat platform, photographed on an unusually calm day in the Barents Sea. Environmental and climate activists don't want to see any more such projects in sensitive Arctic areas. PHOTO: Eni Norge/News On Request AS

Troubled ‘Goliat’ rig back in business

Improvements to an emergency generator were among the maintenance tasks that allowed Italian oil compani Eni to crank up production again this week on its long-troubled Goliat oil and gas platform in the … [READ MORE]

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has revealed how he plotted to overthrow his own Norwegian Labour Party's leader 15 years ago, so that he could take over as both party leader and prime minister candidate. He succeeded and later served as Norway's premier for eight years. PHOTO: NATO

NATO boss plotted own party coup

NATO's secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, has admitted to engaging in defiant and controversial tactics when he was still the Norwegian Labour Party's candidate for prime minister. In his new autobiography … [READ MORE]

‘Geo-blocking’ gouges online shoppers

Norwegian consumers are often blocked from being able to buy goods and services online at the lowest prices available, simply because they're clicking in from Norway. Two new European surveys found that fully … [READ MORE]

Norway's rail system has finally attracted substantial state investment and now faces major reorganization. PHOTO: Samferdselsdepartement/Olav Heggø/Fotovisjon

Strike-hit NSB also to cut 300 jobs

UPDATED: Around 170 train departures were cancelled Thursday morning after locomotive engineers went on strike against state railway NSB. More are expected in the coming days, while NSB also announced plans to … [READ MORE]

Oslo's stock exchange (Oslo Børs) reacted well to news of an OPEC production cut, but analysts were cautious about any long-term effects. PHOTO:

Oslo stocks rose with the oil price

Statoil's share price jumped more than 5 percent and the main index of the Oslo Stock Exchange was up nearly 2 percent on Thursday, after members of the OPEC oil cartel agreed to cut production in November. … [READ MORE]


Transit expansion will cost users

Oslo's new Labour-led government was unveiling its first city budget on Wednesday, highlighted by major improvements to the Norwegian capital's public transportation system. It will cost users, though, with … [READ MORE]



Former Oslo mayor fights off depression

Fabian Stang was one of Oslo's most high-profile and popular mayors ever. When … [READ MORE...]

PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Norway ‘shamed’ in Snowden case

UPDATED: Norway's failure to provide exiled whistle-blower Edward Snowden with a … [READ MORE...]

Sylvi Listhaug

Pregnancy won’t stop Listhaug

One of the most high-profile ministers in Norway's conservative coalition … [READ MORE...]

Robert Eriksson

Former minister kisses and tells

Robert Eriksson wasn't at all happy about being replaced as Norway's Minister of … [READ MORE...]


No more ‘X Games’ in Oslo

Oslo taxpayers won't be paying for another winter "X Games" this year, after city … [READ MORE...]

Oil service strike idles more drilling rigs

A strike in the oil service sector that started last week is steadily putting drilling … [READ MORE...]

Portions of new border fence may be torn down

A controversial fence being erected on either side of Norway's border crossing to Russia … [READ MORE...]

Neighbours mount new protest over Melgaard project

Neighbours and fellow artists of Norwegian Bjarne Melgaard keep trying to halt … [READ MORE...]

Bieber took a day off in the mountains

Pop-star Justin Bieber recovered from two days of holding concerts in Oslo by heading up … [READ MORE...]

State would need to approve sky-high tolls

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen from the anti-road-toll Progress Party would need to … [READ MORE...]


Hotel and restaurant workers exploited as job discrimination complaints rise

State labour officials have concluded that eight out of 10 companies in the restaurant and hotel industry violate Norwegian labour laws. Young employees and asylum seekers are among those most vulnerable to … [READ MORE]