Hurricane rages from south to north

Norway was battered by winds well over hurricane force on Monday, as yet another major storm system moved in over southern portions of the country and extended to its northenmost areas of Troms and Finnmark. … [READ MORE...]

Solberg expands her government

Prime Minister Erna Solberg could finally announce expansion of her Conservatives-led government coalition on Sunday afternoon. She confirmed its new platform with the non-socialist Liberal Party would be … [READ MORE]

Sex scandals hit government parties

Norway's government coalition was shaken Friday by sex scandals in both its Progress and Conservative parties, just as it appeared poised to expand with the addition of the Liberal Party. Evidence that the … [READ MORE]

Government talks resumed at Jeløy

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was back at a snow-covered former radio station-turned-hotel on an island south of Oslo late this week, to resume negotiations aimed at expanding the government coalition she leads. … [READ MORE]

Battle flares over control of SSB

Finance Minister Siv Jensen and the woman Jensen hired to run state statistics bureau SSB, Christine Meyer, squared off at a parliamentary hearing on Wednesday. Meyer claimed Jensen forced her out of SSB last … [READ MORE]

‘MeToo’ claims yet another politician

Colleagues in Norway's Conservative Party said they were surprised by the resignation this week of Kristian Tonning Riise as leader of the party's youth organization Unge Høyre. Riise, who will continue as an … [READ MORE]

‘Good meeting’ with a ‘normal’ Trump

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg was smiling before, during and after her meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday. Trump, who hailed the "determination and confidence" that … [READ MORE]


Labour mourns a former leader

Just as Labour Party politicians were wrestling with their latest and deepest … [READ MORE...]

Acclaimed journalist, author laid to rest

The chapel at Oslo's large Vestre Gravlund cemetery was packed on Monday for the … [READ MORE...]

Carlsen ‘positive’ to the Saudis

Magnus Carlsen, fresh from claiming another world championship title in Saudi … [READ MORE...]

‘Pragmatic’ Solberg welcomes change

Prime Minister Erna Solberg used her annual, nationally televised New Year's … [READ MORE...]


Husband charged with wife’s murder

The husband of Janne Jemtland, a 36-year-old mother of two in Brumunddal who's been … [READ MORE...]

Postal service to cut delivery once again

Norwegians stopped getting their mail delivered on Saturdays last fall. Now the Norwegian … [READ MORE...]

Norwegians tune out the radio

Both radio listening time and the numbers of Norwegians turning in to national radio … [READ MORE...]

Murder rate remains low

Not a single murder was reported in the Norwegian capital of Oslo until May of last year, … [READ MORE...]

Prisoner sentenced for killing fellow inmate

A 56-year-old Norwegian-Polish man faces life in prison after he was found fuilty of … [READ MORE...]

American disrupts deportation again

An American woman who failed to obtain the asylum she sought in Norway has once again … [READ MORE...]


Dual citizenship put up for hearing

The Norwegian government has moved forward with its proposal to do away with the country's long-standing principle of only allowing single citizenship. It sent its proposal to finally allow dual citizenship in … [READ MORE]