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Polar bears return to an Arctic island

A man from Stavanger who’s working at a remote meteorology station on an island east of Svalbard encountered no less than 14 polar bears in the course of just one day. Experts think the sightings may indicate better ice conditions in the area. Bjørn Naustevik Myklebust, age 30, told local newspaper Svalbardposten that his overnight […]

Center Party also ‘polarizes’ rural areas

Not everyone living in rural areas is an ardent supporter of the Center Party, which is now posing a threat to the re-election of Norway’s conservative government coalition. One resident of  Telemark has claimed the party is also pitting rural communities against each other, while others complain about the disproportionate power of Norway’s small political parties in […]

Polar bears trap family in their cabin

Two polar bears, apparently a mother and her cub, spent the weekend circling a family’s cabin on Svalbard, while the family was inside. Plans for an outdoor barbecue on Saturday evening had to be cancelled. “When they were closest, they were right under our window,” Helene Renate Hvedding, who has lived on Svalbard for 16 years, […]

Skiers shot polar bear on Svalbard

Four tourists from Finland who were out skiing on Svalbard over the weekend felt forced to shoot one of the archipelago’s protected polar bears, when they feared it was about to attack. They only wounded the bear, though, and it later had to be put to death by local authorities. Polar bears are an endangered species and under […]

Polar bears make a surprise comeback

Researchers from the Norwegian Polar Institute had some good news to report just in time for the Christmas holidays: Polar bears seem to be making a comeback on the Arctic islands of Svalbard and elsewhere in areas of the Barents Sea under Norway’s control. Despite dramatic changes in ice conditions, and warmer temperatures that are […]

Hungry polar bear made desperate dive

A visibly emaciated polar bear spotted on the ice around Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard was recently recorded making a record-breaking dive in an attempt to surprise and attack some nearby seals. The bear managed to spend three minutes and 10 seconds underwater in his desperate attempt to secure food. Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Friday about […]

Polar bear attacks tourists on Svalbard

A group of six tourists out camping on Norway’s northern archipelago of Svalbard was attacked by a polar bear near Fredheim, the local sheriff confirmed on Thursday. They escaped fatal injury, but not the bear, which was shot. Vidar Arnesen of the local sheriff’s office told newspaper Svalbardposten that one person suffered facial and arm injuries and […]

Paper clips secured polar bear wire

An independent report into a British schoolboy’s death on Svalbard in 2011, when he was mauled to death by a polar bear, found critical faults in the alarm system set up to protect his group. The report was released this week to coincide with an inquest being held into the tragedy that killed  17-year-old Horatio Chapple. […]

Polar bear center plans raise growls

A Norwegian billionaire’s plans to create a polar bear center in his native valley of Hallingdal in southern Norway has stirred growls of protests from animal rights group NOAH. Its leader claims that polar bears should remain in their natural habitat, not held in captivity to be put on display for profit. “Polar bears that […]

Skiers shot polar bear on Svalbard

Two skiers with dogs said they felt forced to shoot a polar bear on Svalbard Thursday evening when it ran towards them while they were out trekking over a wide-open stretch of snow and ice. They viewed it as an attack, and shot the bear at close range. The shooting occurred at Isbukta, on the […]