Polar bear attacks tourists on Svalbard

A group of six tourists out camping on Norway’s northern archipelago of Svalbard was attacked by a polar bear near Fredheim, the local sheriff confirmed on Thursday. They escaped fatal injury, but not the bear, which was shot. Vidar Arnesen of the local sheriff’s office told newspaper Svalbardposten that one person suffered facial and arm injuries and […]

Paper clips secured polar bear wire

Polar bear attack Svalbard base camp

An independent report into a British schoolboy’s death on Svalbard in 2011, when he was mauled to death by a polar bear, found critical faults in the alarm system set up to protect his group. The report was released this week to coincide with an inquest being held into the tragedy that killed  17-year-old Horatio Chapple. […]

Polar bear center plans raise growls

Animal rights advocates are protesting plans to create a new polar bear center in Hallingdal, arguing that they do not do well in captivity and are best left in their natural habitat, like here on Svalbard. PHOTO: Norsk Polarinstitutt

A Norwegian billionaire’s plans to create a polar bear center in his native valley of Hallingdal in southern Norway has stirred growls of protests from animal rights group NOAH. Its leader claims that polar bears should remain in their natural habitat, not held in captivity to be put on display for profit. “Polar bears that […]

Skiers shot polar bear on Svalbard

Two skiers claim they felt forced to shoot this polar bear Thursday evening as it ran towards them and appeared to be on the attack. PHOTO: Sysselmannen på Svalbard/Arild Lyssand, Police Chief Inspector

Two skiers with dogs said they felt forced to shoot a polar bear on Svalbard Thursday evening when it ran towards them while they were out trekking over a wide-open stretch of snow and ice. They viewed it as an attack, and shot the bear at close range. The shooting occurred at Isbukta, on the […]

Polar bear shot during break-in

A six-year-old, marked polar bear was shot and killed after trying to break into this hytte on Svalbard. PHOTO: Sysselmannen på Svalbard

An overly curious and determined polar bear made the mistake of his life when he tried to break into a hytte (cabin) on Svalbard over the weekend. Attempts by the couple inside to scare off the bear failed, and they felt they had no choice but to shoot to kill. “They tried throwing lighted candles […]

Norway helps save polar cabins

Norway and New Zealand are sharing the cost of restoring historic buildings in Antarctica that were used by polar explorers and researchers including Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Carsten Borchgrevink. The latter was a Norwegian polar researcher born in 1864 who made his first trip to Antarctica in 1894 with a Norwegian whale-hunting expedition. Borchgrevink […]

Polar expedition finally underway

Bad weather held them back, but now a new Norwegian expedition to the South Pole is finally underway, featuring some polar experts and a former skiing star. Vegard Ulvang, an Olympic and world champion cross country skier, is among the group of four that finally could leave Punta Arenas in Chile on Friday evening after […]

Polar expedition delayed

Four Norwegians keen on skiing to the South Pole have instead been stuck in Punta Arenas in southern Chile, forced to wait until bad weather improves enough so that they can get to their starting point. The Norwegians are among those keen on reaching the South Pole in connection with the 100th anniversary of Roald […]

Deadly polar bear had a toothache

A polar bear that attacked a group of British campers on Svalbard earlier this month may have been especially aggressive because of a toothache, according to a state veterinarian who has examined the bear’s head. Bjørnar Ytrehus of Norway’s Veterinary Institute told news bureau NTB that the nerves were exposed on several of the bear’s […]

Polar bear attack investigated

The polar bear responsible for the attack was being examined by authorities. PHOTO: Lars Erik Alfheim / Sysselmannen på Svalbard (Governor of Svalbard)

The polar bear attack on a group of British tourists on the Svalbard archipelago last Friday – which left one dead and four moderately or severely wounded – is still being investigated by local authorities, as the majority of survivors of the attack returned home over the weekend. The attack took place at a tourist […]