Telenor poised to ‘rebuild’ Burma

Telenor CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas can already claim lots of experience in building up mobile phone networks and operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Now Myanmar is the next great frontier, and it borders on Thailand where Telenor maintains its regional hub in Asia. PHOTO:

Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor is ready to play a major role in helping Burma catch up with the rest of the world. Telenor chief executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas says the company wants t0 engage in nothing less than “nasjonsbygging” (nation-building), after it won a green light from authorities in the long-isolated country to develop its [...]

Weddings become big business

Norwegian artists Adolph Tidemand and Hans Gude captured the nationally romantic image of a wedding with their classic painting "Brudeferden i Hardanger" (Bridal party in Hardanger) from 1848. The painting, showing the bride wearing a golden crown while being rowed from the church, hangs in the National Gallery in Oslo. PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

This past weekend,  known as Midsummer in Norway, was one of the most popular weekends of the year to get married, at a time when weddings have become a billion-kroner industry. It’s a far cry from the days of simpler country weddings, as romanticized in a classic Norwegian painting.   The trend towards more lavish, professional [...]

More Europeans apply for welfare in Norway

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV is reporting a sharp increase in the numbers of unemployed Europeans who are applying for welfare benefits in Norway. Through an apparent loophole in the law, they’re eligible, if they registered a company or managed to find a job in Norway but then lost it. Norway is part of the [...]

State cancels contract with bankrupt construction firm

Norway’s state highway department (Statens Vegvesen) has cancelled all three contracts it had with bankrupt Austrian construction firm Alpine Bau, after the firm’s bankruptcy estate failed to respond to inquiries about its future operations. Both the highway department and the state railroad (Jernbaneverket) feared lengthy delays on three major construction projects for which Alpine Bau [...]

More economic warnings, ‘no crisis’

The sudden decline in the value of Norway’s currency, lower oil prices and a rise in bankruptcies were all prompting another round of warnings from economists and politicians this week, but few see any new signs of crisis. There is cause, they say, for caution. “As a Norwegian, I fear the situation in China more [...]

Researchers eye cod breakthrough

Researcher Tale Marie Karlsson Drangsholt of food research institute Nofima has been collecting some promising results on finding cod that could be better suited for fish-farming. PHOTO: Nofima

Scientists and fish breeders believe they have discovered a calmer, more robust species of cod that can better handle stress and disturbance. The discovery could have major implications for the fish-farming industry in Norway. Cod farming has been going on for more than 20 years in Norway, but without great success. This is partly because wild cod is abundant in the [...]

Investor blasts state ‘meddling’ over bid for Cermaq

High-profile investor and former top broker Anders Onarheim lashed out at state officials and, in particular, Trade Minister Trond Giske, on Monday over their involvement in the recent drama around salmon- and fish-feed producer Cermaq. The state-controlled company’s stock dove after Cermaq’s initial suitor, Marine Harvest, withdrew its bid citing a lack of interest in [...]

Bankruptcy halts major projects

The bankruptcy last week of an Austrian construction firm is causing problems for some major road projects in Norway. Work stopped on the expansion of the E6 highway near Minnesund, for example, and on an E6 bridge near the northern city of Alta. The disruption of projects from the far north to the southern part [...]

Telenor connects with Thailand

Thailand, Telenor

It’s been 16 years since Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor first started expanding into Asia via Thailand. Today, Telenor’s chief executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas can confirm that its regional headquarters in Bangkok is an Asian hub and gateway of sorts, with word due soon on whether Telenor also can start operating in Thailand’s neighbouring Myanmar. With [...]

Telenor supports new law against online threats, hatred

The head of Telenor Norge AS, the domestic division of huge Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, is hoping for a summer free of online bullying and threats after a new law took effect that makes such digital activity a crime. Berit Svendsen, managing director of Telenor Norge, wrote in a commentary in newspaper Aftenposten on Saturday [...]