Carbon emissions rise once again

New figures released this week confirm that Norway’s carbon emissions have risen once again, and the country’s oil and gas industry is mostly to blame. For the first time, Norway’s emissions are higher than neighbouring Sweden’s, even though Sweden has a much larger population and a long industrial history. The figures from state statistics bureau […]

Statoil finally sells out of oil sands

Norwegian oil company Statoil finally did what climate activists, environmentalists and several top Norwegian politicians have been urging for years: Sell off the last of its highly controversial oil/tar sands assets in Canada. “This has been an absolutely catastrophic project for Statoil,” claimed one Greenpeace activist as others expressed profound relief. Statoil announced Wednesday night […]

Finance minister tackles high debt

Worried about both rising debt levels and sky-high housing prices, Finance Minister Siv Jensen has rolled out a package of measures to make it harder to qualify for mortgages, especially in the Oslo area. She’s especially cracking down on investors and speculators in the housing market who are accused of driving up prices. “High debt makes […]

No increase in interest rates

There’d been some speculation that the executive board of Norway’s central bank would raise interest rates at its last meeting of the year on Thursday, but board members kept their key policy rate unchanged at 0.5 percent. Now it looks even more likely it will stay there for the foreseeable future, or even decline. “Our current assessment […]

Technical trouble rams Norwegian Air at OSL

Problems with Norwegian Air’s automated check-in machines at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen were causing long lines and lengthy delays for passengers on Thursday morning. Everyone checking bags had to do it manually, and wait in line for up to an hour. “There are considerable queues when many passenger have to check in manually,” airport […]

Tesla settlement satisfied owners

Christmas came early to buyers of popular Tesla electric cars who didn’t think they had as much acceleration as promised. Instead of spending this week in court, after suing Tesla, they’ve settled the matter in return for cash payouts or a variety of other compensation packages. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) was the first to report that […]

Telenor bosses have called a ceasefire

Telenor’s embattled chief executive and the leader of its board put on a united front Wednesday, posing together after months of conflict and claiming they personally get along well. They deeply regretted, though, that the company was put through another round of turbulence and uncertainty while its divided leadership tried to “clean up” after a string of earlier […]

Brekke keeps his job at Telenor

Sigve Brekke has survived a reported attempt by the leader of Telenor’s board of directors to force his resignation as the company’s chief executive. Now speculation is swirling over whether she’ll survive months of top-level conflict and retain her post, after failing to win support from the rest of Telenor’s board. The troubled Oslo-based telecoms firm issued […]

More oil exploration sparks objections

Just a week after the Norwegian government finally secured what it calls “the greenest budget” in history, Oil Minister Tord Lien was moving forward with expansion of oil activity in the Arctic. Environmentalists were moving just as quickly to try to stop it, claiming that the oil industry seems to have won exemptions from the carbon emission […]

Media storm batters troubled Telenor

As reasons for a lack of confidence in Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke continued to leak out of the company this week, one of its major employee organizations tried to head off the media storm swirling around both Brekke and board leader Gunn Wærsted. It called on Telenor’s divided board of directors to retain Brekke as CEO as they huddled for the second of a […]