SAS’ Swedish strike over, after more disruption

UPDATED: Swedish pilots for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) finally accepted a sweetened pay offer and called off their strike Tuesday evening. Flights weren’t expected to be completely back on schedule until Thursday. Another 18 flights operated by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) between Norway and Sweden were cancelled on Tuesday, as the strike by SAS’ short-haul Swedish pilots […]

Lund launches new ventures

0060379 - Helge Lund - Oseberg Field Center - Photo Harald Pettersen - Statoil

UPDATED: Statoil’s former chief executive, Helge Lund, has found something else to do after his new job at BG Group evaporated when the company was taken over by Shell. Lund emerged in early June as a new board member of Schlumberger, the huge supplier of various services to the oil and gas industry. He’s also starting […]

Southeast seeks crisis help after airport closes

The city of Moss and surrounding municipalities south of Oslo are lobbying for the same kind of funding from the state that Western Norway is getting, to tackle rising unemployment. Top politicians say the extension of any “crisis package” is unlikely. The pending closure of Moss’ Rygge Airport this fall poses the loss of hundreds […]

Parliament bows to EU finance rules

More than 75 percent of Norway's Members of Parlliament agreed to tie Norway's financial authority to the EU's. PHOTO: Stortinget

Opponents were calling it the greatest relinquishment of Norwegian sovereignty since the country struck its market pact with the EU in 1994: An overwhelming majority in Parliament agreed on Monday to tie Norwegian regulation of banking, insurance, pensions and securities to the EU’s rules, and thus subject itself to more EU regulation. The measure needed approval from at […]

Swedish strike hit Oslo flights

Long-troubled SAS could report its second profitable quarter in a row. PHOTO: SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) confirmed Monday morning that its negotiations with its Swedish pilots’ union had stranded, meaning that their strike continued to ground and disrupt flights. Among them were a dozen flights on Sunday between Oslo and Stockholm and more on Monday and Tuesday. (EDITOR’s NOTE: The strike ended Tuesday evening.) “We are deeply worried […]

Birds put Vardø back on the radar

Vardø can become known for more than its radar installations, perched on a hill overlooking the town. PHOTO: Berglund

VARDØ: Known for its radar installations, this small Norwegian town spread over an island in the country’s Arctic northeast was being thrust onto the radar itself this month when Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) started rolling the cameras of its latest “slow TV” project. Local residents think it may provide a breakthrough for tourism aimed at birdlovers, which could become a magnet like the […]

SAS’ Swedish pilots go on strike

Just a day after their Norwegian colleagues settled their differences with management at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), 400 of SAS’ pilots in Sweden did not. They went out on strike Friday, resulting in the cancellation of three flights Friday evening from Oslo to Stockholm. “More than 300 passengers are affected in Oslo this evening because of […]

Røkke ‘proud’ over Aker-BP merger

BP Norge's Valhall oil field complex consists of eight platforms, which were threatened on Thursday by a barge that was cast adrift in a storm. PHOTO: BP Norge

Norwegian industrialist Kjell Inge Røkke said Friday he was “very proud” that the Norwegian division of British oil giant BP “had chosen” to merge with Norwegian oil company Det norske, which Røkke has controlled through his Aker concern. The deal represents the latest consolidation in an industry hit by the dive in oil prices. Røkke said the […]

SAS avoids strike, another averted

At SAS it's suddenly a feeling of "up, up and away," after a tough period of historic turbulence. Norwegians seem more than ready to fly. PHOTO: SAS

UPDATED: After marathon negotiations that extended into more than 17 hours of overtime, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and the union representing 435 of its pilots came to terms late Thursday afternoon. Their agreement headed off a disruptive strike among the airline’s short-haul pilots in Norway, and another that could have closed Oslo’s main airport on Friday was later averted […]

Airlines struggle to charge for new tax

Norwegian Air has had to drop plans to charge customers' credit cards for the cost of the new airline seat tax. PHOTO:

UPDATED: Both Norwegian Air and Ryanair warned this week that they planned to charge another 80 or 88 kroner to the credit cards customers had used to buy airline tickets before June 1, to cover the costs of the state’s new airline seat tax that took effect on June 1. “Not allowed,” ruled Norway’s Consumer Ombudsman, so […]