End of an era on Norway’s Svalbard

The Arctic territory of Svalbard has long been administered by Norway, with coal mining as it major source of income. Now Norway’s government has formally decided against bailing out the Svalbard coal mining operations it owns once again, marking the end of one era and, hope most involved, the beginning of another that will continue […]

Prime ministers make new history

Six of Norway’s prime ministers over the past 36 years are making history once again. Several were formerly bitter political foes, but now they share the experience of having run the country in good times and bad, and they’ve met over a friendly dinner to simply chat, reminisce and give each other both critical feedback and […]

Fall foliage lights up the autumn days

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway has been in the midst of another spectacular autumn characterized by fall foliage that literally seems to light up forests, countryside and urban landscapes. The sun came out briefly in Oslo on Monday, but it’s the fall colours that provide colour and light during some recently dreary days. Norway’s tourism industry hasn’t […]

Colourful opening of Sami Parliament

Two days after the new Norwegian Parliament opened amidst traditional pomp and circumstance in Oslo this week, the country’s Sami Parliament (Sametinget) opened in its own blaze of colour and with the monarch present. Both legislative bodies take their traditions seriously. King Harald V and Crown Prince Haakon were welcomed to Sametinget in Karasjok, Northern […]

Quarrels set aside as ‘Stortinget’ opens

PHOTO FEATURE: Helicopters buzzed overhead, flags lined the Norwegian capital’s main boulevard and military guards stood at attention as Norway’s monarch rode in his vintage Lincoln Continental with the top down from the Palace to the Parliament on Monday. The sun was shining brilliantly, and fanfare replaced political quarreling when King Harald V arrived to […]

Winners that lost, and losers that won

NEWS ANALYSIS: Amidst all the analyzing and agonizing that’s gone on since Norway’s parliamentary election results emerged, one thing is clear: Winners lost and losers won. As they gamely consoled themselves, top Norwegian politicians with seats in Parliament had best buckle their seatbelts for a bumpy ride ahead. The civility that still mostly characterizes Norwegian politics was evident […]

Challenges galore for Solberg & Co

Norwegians woke up to big headlines and numerous changes in the make-up of Parliament on Tuesday, but with Prime Minister Erna Solberg poised for a second term of leading Norway’s government. As she thanked voters for their confidence in her leadership, Solberg faces huge challenges in the areas of climate, the EU, defense, social differences and reform efforts, […]

Football drama plagues Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: Embattled Norwegian football bosses won a reprieve after the men’s national team finally won a match heading into the weekend. As they prepared to face Germany Monday night, though, the drama surrounding both men’s and women’s football continued to escalate, not least after the powerful men in charge were accused of being arrogant under fire from star player Ada […]

New Brexit anxiety as talks resumed

UPDATED: Speculation was running high this week over a third round of Brexit talks that got underway amidst concerns of a reported deadlock. Norwegian officials are following the process of Britain’s pending exit from the EU as closely as possible, not least because of what it will mean for Norway’s own relations with both the EU and […]

Oslo’s population growth flattens out

Norway’s capital city of Oslo has been among the fastest-growing in Europe for several years, but new figures show that’s not necessarily so any longer. More people are now moving out of Oslo than moving in, and only the city’s birth rate has prevented a population decline. There’s no question that Oslo has been booming […]