Norway defends its oil with creativity

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some people may be surprised to learn that Norway’s Arctic is “different” from other Arctic areas, thus making oil drilling and production less risky. Or that Norwegian oil production is much “cleaner” and “safer” than it is elsewhere. That’s what increasingly creative government ministers are claiming, though, and they won some support on Monday from international experts. “We’re […]

Embassy ribbon cut as US ties upheld

US and Norwegian officials cut a red, white and blue ribbon to ceremoniously open the new US Embassy in Oslo on Thursday, while their speeches all stressed the importance of US-Norwegian ties that bind. At a time of uncertainty created by the new US president, they clearly felt a need to reinforce the strong relations between […]

Personalized plates make their debut

UPDATED: After years of debate and objections over what some call “vanity plates,” Norwegians can finally start ordering personalized license plates for the cars. Applications began being accepted on Thursday, and car owners face a hefty fee, but demand was described as “enormous.” State highway officials administrating the new program received more than 5,500 applications for plates […]

Farmers to get millions after all

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s farmers are set to get another NOK 215 million on top of the initial NOK 410 million offered by the government after this year’s rounds of subsidy negotiations. Some critical voices have been rising, though, and speaking out against Norway’s agricultural policy traditions. It wasn’t just the country’s conservative government coalition that wanted […]

Immigration ‘can make Norway great’

EXPATRIATE MUSINGS: As Norway continues to grapple with its newfound diversity, and settle thousands of refugees, a visiting American thinks that “what made America great, can make Norway great, too.” Anisa Abeytia, a Stanford graduate from California working on a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe, has spent quite a bit of time in Norway, and […]

New plans unveiled for the capital’s hub

SEE THE ILLUSTRATIONS: Norway’s complex of government ministries in downtown Oslo, known as Regjeringskvartalet, was heavily damaged and partially destroyed by a right-wing terrorist’s bomb in 2011. Plans have been underway ever since to recreate the capital’s hub for state government, with the latest proposals now going on public display. A jury will choose two of the following seven projects put […]

Sweden hails Norway in rare broadcast

Relations between Norway and Sweden are officially excellent, but privately many Swedes and Norwegians have badgered and belittled each other for years. Most of the incessant ridicule is based on rivalry and even envy, but now Sweden’s national broadcaster SVT has sent some rare, genuine compliments and congratulations that have caught Norwegians by surprise. The occasion was Norway’s national day on […]

Tourism booms in Norway’s Arctic

SVALBARD: Strong growth within Norway’s tourism industry is also extending well into the Arctic. On Svalbard, tourism is undergoing a boom that’s now being fueled by major new investment, while also raising safety and climate concerns. Svalbard, the remote Arctic archipelago that’s been administered by Norway for nearly 100 years, has gone through waves of economic activity, from […]

More Norwegians favour immigration

As Norwegians gear up to celebrate their national day on the 17th of May, a new survey shows that a majority of them now think immigration has been good for the country. There’s been a sharp rise in the number favouring immigration just since last year. The survey, conducted by research firm Ipsos/MMI in cooperation […]

Knausgård offers a new look at Munch

One of Norway’s most internationally prominent authors, Karl Ove Knausgård, has put together an exhibit of works by the country’s most famous artist, Edvard Munch, in a creative effort by Oslo’s Munch Museum to offer “a different, new and fresh look” at Munch’s artistry. The result is likely to at least delight all those who’ve complained for years […]