Alarms ring over rejected refugees

UPDATED: Never before has so much concern been expressed over the fate of mostly teenage boys who have fled Afghanistan, made their way to Norway and then seen their asylum applications rejected. Prime Minister Erna Solberg is under pressure to help them, and halt efforts to send them and others whose citizenship has been challenged […]

Police can’t win corruption case

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s landmark and lengthy police corruption case entered its second week behind closed doors on Monday, as testimony turned to names and details that, if made public, can make life dangerous for many involved. It’s one man’s word against another’s, as a veteran police officer fights for his career and reputation, while his already-convicted […]

MPs debate lessons from Afghanistan

The Norwegian government and Members of Parliament (MPs) finally took time in the New Year to study and debate Norway’s lengthy participation in the war in Afghanistan. Most agree, at least, on one conclusion from a critical report by experts last year: Norway proved itself to be a good and reliable ally of the US, which led the […]

Norway ‘rigged for an economic upturn’

Oil prices will rise, Norway’s krone will regain strength, unemployment will top out and housing prices will shoot up even higher. That’s the overall outlook for 2017 by 30 leading Norwegian economists, who think workers and employees can probably expect a better year ahead. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) published results on Tuesday of a survey in which the economists […]

Solberg hopes for a better New Year

Prime Minister Erna Solberg started off her annual  pre-holiday meeting with Norwegian reporters by lamenting all the horror and misery in Syria, before launching into the trials of the budget crisis and other challenges at home in Norway. In summary, she’s looking forward to a better New Year. Solberg, who discussed her government’s “demanding” autumn […]

‘Nobel Days’ in Oslo again

PHOTO FEATURE: The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize always creates a stir in the Norwegian capital, which was chosen by prize benefactor Alfred Nobel to host a prize for peace every year on the anniversary of his death, December 10. This year’s winner, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, had to brave rainy and gloomy weather but […]

Norway’s new reality sets in

NEWS ANALYSIS: As government leaders scurried from one state budget crisis meeting to another heading into the weekend, Norway’s oil- and oil-related companies have been dealing with crises that are much more direct, and painful. One of Norway’s top political commentators helped put things in perspective just ahead of the government’s D-Day over the budget on […]

Pipeline protests reach Parliament

SEE THE VIDEO: Protests in Norway against construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in the US have not subsided. Scores of protesters gathered in front of the Norwegian Parliament Thursday evening, shortly after Greenpeace Norway presented a demand backed by 420 organizations in 50 countries that Norway’s biggest bank and many others immediately suspend funding for the […]

Skiers still Norway’s best-loved athletes

Despite months of controversy over doping and sponsorship conflicts, biathlon and cross-country skiers are still Norway’s most cherished athletes. A recent survey placed them on top of all other athletes in Norway, and it didn’t hurt that season openers over the weekend left the Norwegians still dominating the sport. The skiers’ administrators, like other officials in Norway’s […]

Facebook stunt backfires on everyone

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, established Norwegian media outlets, local actor Kristoffer Joner, the asylum advocacy organization NOAS and around 30,000 donors to NOAS all found themselves caught up this week in a Facebook stunt that was backed, it turns out, by a Norwegian advertising agency working for NOAS. Joner and NOAS were aware that the ad […]