Thousands ready to race uphill

It may not look so steep from this angle, but runners will climb 407 meters (1,340 feet) as fast they can. PHOTO: Oslos Bratteste

Just a week after the annual Oslo Marathon, more than 4,000 eager runners were ready to take part in a more unusual race on Saturday: Oslos Bratteste (Oslo’s Steepest), up the downhill ski slope called Wyllerløypa. It’s become popular for Norwegians to run uphill and Wyllerløypa is where downhill skiing events were held during Oslo’s […]

Autumn arrives in all its colorful glory

PHOTO: Marie Peyre

PHOTO FEATURE: After one of the warmest summers on record, autumn is arriving around the country in spectacular fashion. Fall colors are breaking out all over, just in time for thousands of school children and their families to head off for mountain hikes during their one-week annual høstferie (autumn holidays). Journalist and photographer Marie Peyre just went […]

Calls go out for more mushroom control

Thousands of Norwegians are likely to head out this weekend to “sanke sopp” (pick mushrooms), and biologists and health care personnel wish there were more checkpoints where pickers’ harvests could be controlled. A recent spate of serious illnesses caused by poisonous mushrooms has them worried. “We’ve never had so many cases (of people falling ill after inadvertently […]

A touch of Miami in the heart of Oslo

PHOTO: Berglund

PHOTO FEATURE: As Oslo sweltered through yet another uncharacteristically hot day on Tuesday, the newly developed area along the fjord at Tjuvholmen took on distinctly un-Norwegian characteristics of its own. Bikinis have replaced bunads this summer as overheated locals throw themselves into the water, while huge cruiseships and lots of pleasure boats loom in the background. […]

EuroPride 2014 photo special


Music, smiles and all the colours of the rainbow highlighted this year’s gay pride parade through downtown Oslo. See how tens of thousands of people made a point of being proud of who they are, while others cheered them on.   ALL PHOTOS: Click here to read our news report from EuroPride

Eurovision singer happy to end 8th

Carl Espen's performance at Eurovision also featured special effects with lights, "smoke" on the stage and back-up musicians but it was tame compared to several of the other Eurovision entries. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Norwegian singer Carl Espen claimed he was “kjempefornøyd” (extremely satisfied) with his 8th-place finish in Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest. Now he looks forward to some time off, “completely alone,” at his family’s vacation cottage before trying to continue a singing career. The quiet, stoic soldier-turned glass seller-turned singer from just outside Bergen braved all the […]

Salesman storms into Eurovision

Carl Espen belted out the ballad written by his cousin, and won Norway's prelude to the Eurovision Song Contest in May. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

A tattooed glass salesman from Bergen with no show business experience but a powerful voice won Norway’s prelude to the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday night. Carl Espen Thorbjørnsen’s song “Silent Storm” swept into first place with the help of heavy voting from his home district on the west coast. The song was written by his […]

Dog-sledding added to university curriculum

Norway’s Arctic University of Tromsø is introducing a course in dog-sledding, which will be the first of its type in Europe. The course, to be taught at the university’s campus in Alta, will be obligatory for all students majoring in the  university’s three-year Arctic outdoors program. The dog-sledding course will also be offered from 2015 […]

New light shines on historic fortress

Oslo's historic Akershus Fortress & Castle is now basking in new light. PHOTO: Forsvarsdepartementet/Erik Selmer

At the darkest time of the year in Norway, the country’s defense establishment has finally been able to shine some new light on the historic Akershus Fortress and Castle in Oslo. After a major renovation project, the fortress perched above the capital’s inner harbour is now literally in the spotlight. Norway’s new defense minister, Ine […]

Electric cars now king of the roads

Electric cars drivers in Norway are kings of the road, beating the traffic queues by driving freely in the bus lanes. Pictured is the electric car model Nissan LEAF, which has now become the second best selling car in Norway.
PHOTO: The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association/

Norway has emerged as a world leader in the introduction of electric vehicles, and Oslo seems to have become the electric car capital of the world. Their growing numbers on the roads, however, are troubling the city’s bus drivers who say they’re slowing down public transport. The number of electric cars (elbiler in Norwegian) on the roads into […]