Norwegians tune out the radio

Both radio listening time and the numbers of Norwegians turning in to national radio station fell in 2017. A double-digit dive in listening came after Norway became the first country in the world to switch off its national FM radio transmission last year and convert to DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). The move forced everyone in Norway […]

Murder rate remains low

Not a single murder was reported in the Norwegian capital of Oslo until May of last year, and the year ended with a total of seven homicide investigations. That’s considered low in a city of around 600,000 residents, even though it was two more than in 2016. Police reported a total of 27 homicide investigations […]

Prisoner sentenced for killing fellow inmate

A 56-year-old Norwegian-Polish man faces life in prison after he was found fuilty of planning and carrying out the murder of a fellow inmate while already serving a 17-year sentence for murder. A court in Ringerike has now sentenced the man to Norway’s most severe sentence of 21 years with forvaring, which means it can […]

American disrupts deportation again

An American woman who failed to obtain the asylum she sought in Norway has once again delayed her deportation after causing a fuss on her outbound flight before takeoff last week. The pilot refused to fly with her onboard. It’s the second time in less than a month that Norwegian authorities have been foiled in […]

Skiers and jumpers had a big week

Norwegian skier Heidi Weng won her second Tour de Ski in a row on Sunday, after a tough week of races that left two other Norwegians placing second in both the men’s and women’s competition. Now Weng just needs to concentrate on staying healthy for races in the upcoming Winter Olympics. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg had […]

More ‘extreme’ weather battered central Norway

Warnings of “extreme” weather have become common in recent months, and left residents of Nordland, Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal pounded by strong winds, fierce seas and both heavy rain and snow during the weekend. The weather system dubbed “Cora” forced road closures, cancelled flights and ferries and left thousands of households and businesses without […]

Police search for missing mother of two

Police in the small Norwegian town of Brumundal in Hedmark County got assistance from civil defense forces and state investigators during the weekend, as they searched for a 36-year-old mother of two who’s been missing since a holiday party on the night of December 28. The woman, Janne Jemtland, disappeared from her family’s home after […]

Seafood sales set another record

Consumers around the world seem to have an insatiable appetite for Norwegian salmon and other seafood. Producers all along the coast exported NOK 94 billion (USD 12 billion) worth of seafood in 2017, setting another record after years of stunning growth. “It was the year of all years,” claimed Norway’s national seafood council. Its numbers […]

New car sales shift into high gear

A total of 158,650 new cars were registered in Norway last year, making 2017 an historic year for sales. Only twice before have more cars been sold, in the boom years of 1985 and 1986. The increase amounted to 2.6 percent over 2016 and indicates the resurgence of the Norwegian economy after the oil price […]

American asylum seeker foiled deportation

As the numbers of asylum seekers in Norway decline, one case involving a former American diplomat has presented special challenges for Norwegian authorities, and for all the other passengers on an SAS flight that was supposed to fly her back to the US just before Christmas. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday on the latest developments […]