‘Kollen’ shame hurts Olympic hopes

Norway’s biggest annual winter sports weekend ended with Norwegians winning most everything, but leaving them stunned and shamed by drunk- and disorderly conduct among spectators. Athletes’ hopes of another Winter Olympics (OL) in Norway were quickly put on ice, at least temporarily. The chaos that spoiled the Holmenkollen Ski Festival on Saturday was not reflected in […]

Crowd chaos at Holmenkollen

Enormous crowds and public drunkenness created what police described as “pure chaos” at the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo on Saturday. Intoxicated and aggressive members of the public started fights, tore down security fences and overwhelmed the public transport system, and at least eight people were injured. “We had looked forward to a fine […]

Holmenkollen drew Olympic stars

UPDATED: Winter sports stars gathered in Oslo over the weekend for the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival. One of them was attracting more attention, and not just because of his carefully waxed moustache. Ski jumper Robert Johansson won individual bronze medals and team gold at the Olympics in South Korea, and then came home to win […]

Norwegians still winning in winter

Two weeks after Norwegians dominated the Winter Olympics in South Korea they were back winning again at major winter sporting events over the weekend. Ski jumper Maren Lundby even made history. Lundby, who won gold at the Olympics, became the first Norwegian to win the overall World Cup in ski jumping for women. She claimed […]

Men disappointed in OL’s last days

While Norwegian sports fans were cheering their athletes’ record medal haul at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, not everyone performed up to expectations. Among them were skiers on the mens’ teams, including stars like Martin Johnsrud Sundby. He needed some time to himself after failing to win any medals in the men’s tough 50-kilometer […]

Olympic glory may prod ‘OL’ in Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norwegians were getting back to work on Monday after a Winter Olympics that surpassed even their high expectations. Skier Marit Bjørgen’s own historic gold rush and Norwegian athletes’ total haul of 39 medals put Norway at the top of winter sports once again, and raised questions about whether the country might arrange another […]

Klæbo headed home from a ‘golden OL’

Norway’s new wonderboy in skiing, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, was heading home before the Winter Olympics end this weekend. The 21-year-old sensation on skis decided not to race in the men’s tough 50-kilometer race on Saturday, admitting that his three Olympic gold medals had drained him of energy. “After I recovered from the race yesterday (the […]

Curling couple wins a medal after all

Norway was set to claim another medal at the Winter Olympics on Thursday, after the Russian winners of a bronze in curling lost it because of a doping violation. Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten were on their way back to South Korea to receive the bronze instead. The Norwegian couple had traveled home after initially […]

Norway wins gold in speed skating

“Thank you Sverre Lunde Pedersen! Thank you Håvard Bøkko! Thank you Simen Spieler Nilsen!” shrieked speed skating commentator Carl Andreas Wold after Norway’s men’s speed skating team won the Men’s Team Pursuit at the Winter Olympics on Wednesday. Not only that: They set a new Olympic record in the semi-final that knocked out the reigning […]

More OL thrills, even in bronze

Norwegian ski queen Marit Bjørgen made history yet again on Wednesday by claiming more medals than any Winter Olympian has before. Her latest was “only” bronze, after a thrilling sprint won by the US, but Norwegian men won gold and downhill racer Ragnhild Mowinckel won silver. Skiers Jessica Diggins and Kikkan Randall won the US […]