Black Metal extremist reportedly arrested for planning a massacre

Kristian “Varg” Vikernes, the Norwegian Black Metal musician and right-wing extremist who’s been convicted of both murder and setting fire to churches, was reportedly arrested in France on Tuesday. French media outlets report that he’s charged with planning a massacre, just a week before the second anniversary of the massacre carried out by another right-wing [...]

Guests help pay for prince’s party

'Mette,' as she's simply referred to in the mails sent out to party guests recently, wanted to host an outdoor music festival for her husband, Crown Prince Haakon. Now party organizers are asking guests to help foot the bill for the performers. PHOTO:

Guests invited to celebrate Crown Prince Haakon’s 40th birthday this weekend are also being asked to help pay for his main gift – “awesome” musicians who will play at an outdoor rock festival on the grounds of the royal estate at Skaugum. At least one unidentified guest has already given NOK 500,000 (USD 82,000), according [...]

Ryanair passes authorities’ test

Ryanair continues to generate turbulence in the Norwegian market where it's been trying to expand. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Norwegian aviation authorities (Luftfartstilsynet) haven’t found any major violations at low fare carrier Ryanair, despite charges from former cabin personnel that the Irish airline subjected them to “slave contracts.”  The authorities have, however, asked for more information from Ryanair on several points. “We have asked the airline to clarify some points around the employees’ work [...]

Queen’s art sells well

Queen Sonja

Queen Sonja opened her first separate exhibition of her own art at a gallery in the southern coastal town of Kragerø over the weekend. By Monday, more than half of her graphics had been sold. “It’s like heading into an exam,” the queen told reporters assembled at Galleri Nicolines hus in Kragerø, where artists from [...]

Goal may send Norway to football quarter-finals

Solveig Gulbrandsen’s goal in Norway’s match against the Netherlands on Sunday at the women’s European football championships in Sweden may sweep the national team right into the quarter finals, commentators claimed on Monday. The goal left Norway with a 1-0 victory in their second match at Women’s Euro 2013, “very well-deserved,” reported newspaper Dagsavisen, after [...]

Tourists overrepresented in accident statistics

As thousands of foreign tourists stream into Norway for the summer season come warnings that they’re overrepresented in accident statistics. Germans out fishing are especially vulnerable, as are mountain hikers and extreme sports fans. “Everyone who comes to Norway should get an information pamphlet about the dangers of the sea along the Norwegian coast,” Hagen [...]

Wolf advocates fear poisoning

Activists trying to protect Norway’s fledgling wolf population have been patrolling Oslo’s eastern forest (Østmarka) with dogs specially trained to sniff out poisoned wolf bait. They fear those opposing the presence of a wolf pair in Østmarka will try to kill them off. The activists’ fears, reports newspaper Aftenposten, aren’t unfounded. Researchers say that more [...]

Profits fly at Norwegian

Profits are soaring at Norwegian Air, with full flights on its new long-distance routes as well as its domestic and European routes leading to a 25 percent jump in operating revenues during the second quarter. That, in turn, led to a second quarter profit of NOK 116.9 million, up from a loss in the same [...]

Demand grows for Internet in the Arctic

Increased oil and gas activity in the Arctic is pushing up demand for Internet access. The Norwegian Space Center and state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor are responding by studying satellite-based solutions. Internet coverage, though widespread in the northernmost areas of Norway, is poor north of  72 degrees latitude in the Barents and not available beyond 78-79 [...]

Museum aims to raise sunken ship

The 116-year-old  "Wyvern" in all her glory, before sinking in the Baltic on Thursday. PHOTO: Stavanger Maritime Museum/MUST

Officials at the Stavanger Maritime Museum are laying plans to raise their historic sailing vessel “Wyvern,” which sank in a storm in the Baltic Sea last week while taking part in the annual Tall Ships Races. A Dutch sailor drowned during attempts to save the vessel from sinking. Underwater video taken of the wreckage has [...]