Crash grounds Airbus’ fleet

It was an Airbus helicopter like this one that crashed near Bergen on Friday, carrying 11 offshore workers and two crew members on their way back from Statoil's Gullfaks B oil field in the North Sea. All were killed. PHOTO: Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters, which produced the H225 model that crashed near Bergen on Friday, has halted all passenger flights on similar models worldwide until the cause of the crash has been determined. The doomed helicopter returning from Statoil’s Gullfaks B oil field lost its rotary blades before plunging into the sea. The Airbus Airbus H225 helicopter is said to be […]

Commission warns of 65% tax rates

Norway’s economic party of the past decade is over, declares a government-appointed commission charged with finding ways to boost productivity. Without a more efficient public sector and economic reorganization, warns the leader of the commission itself, tax rates may need to be boosted to 65 percent of income, to preserve the country’s social welfare state. […]

Hurricane warnings posted along coast

Yet another extreme weather system, this one called ‘Tor,’ was moving in on Norway just before the weekend, with the worst weather expected to crash into the west coast from Bergen north towards Trondheim. Waves as high as 20 meters (more than 60 feet) were feared to roll in from Friday evening. “People must absolutely […]

South Africa recalls Oslo diplomat

A diplomat at South Africa’s embassy in Oslo has been called home after he crashed an embassy car while, according to police, he was driving under the influence of alcohol. He had been suspected of drunk driving on an earlier occasion as well. “We can confirm that we now have received a response (from the South […]

New massive assault case unfolds

Yet another massive case of sexual assaults against children began unfolding in a courtroom Gjøvik this week. It’s the latest in a string of shocking violence against young victims, carried out by middle-aged Norwegian men. This time it’s a 49-year-old former music teacher and band leader who’s charged with 225 counts of criminal assaults on […]

‘Godt nyttår’ wishes from Oslo

Blue winter weather

It’s been a rather blue year in Norway, with the refugee crisis and an economic slowdown sparking concern from north to south. And there wasn’t even much if any snow during this year’s Christmas and New Year holiday season. There was some good news though … … and prospects for 2016 aren’t all that bad. More […]

New storm warnings up for southwest

State meteorologists were once again sending out warnings on Saturday for “full storm” during the night, with the southern coasts of Rogaland and the Agder counties told to brace for the worst. The latest batch of bad weather comes just as Norwegians were poised to wrap up the long Christmas holiday weekend, and the storm may […]

Simultaneous stabbings set off alarms

Police in Oslo were mounting a massive response Wednesday morning after two people were reported stabbed at separate locations within a half-hour. Both victims, one a man and the other a woman, died of their wounds. The first report came in at 7:38am, that a woman had been stabbed outside the garage area of a […]

Warnings up for storms, high tides

Norwegian meteorlogists were once again warning of storms and possible flooding caused by a combination of the bad weather and unusually high tides. The seas may literally sweep over some coastal areas, with water levels as much as three-and-a-half meters higher than normal. Northern Norway was told to brace for the worst of the high […]

Asylum centers can breed unrest

Immigration officials have scrambled to set up emergency shelters for arriving refugees, but the asylum centers are already packed and can breed frustration and unrest. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet

The tens of thousands of asylum seekers arriving in Norway create not only huge challenges for officials scrambling to house them but also for those trying to maintain order, security and, eventually, help integrate new arrivals into Norwegian society. Most asylum seekers now face long delays in getting their asylum applications processed as well, raising concerns about boredom, frustration […]

Uproar over private school funding

Students feel cheated, the state auditor general is upset, the Parliament has called a disciplinary hearing and Norway’s education minister, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, is now fighting for his political life. Reaction has been swift after newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) broke the news last week that two brothers from one of Norway’s most prominent families had enriched themselves and […]

Tears, fury abound after Bieber fiasco

It all started out well: Canadian teen-age idol Justin Bieber landed in Oslo for a promotional appearance and then proceeded to show up at a suburban skate park, thrill girls when he wandered into their classroom, and later tape a local TV talk show. But then things went very wrong. At a relatively small, “exclusive” concert in a […]

Rain from ‘Petra’ drenches south

Rain was also pouring down in Oslo, but not as heavily as in counties farther to the south. PHOTO:

The latest extreme weather to roll over Norway was, as predicted, drenching most southern and eastern counties Thursday morning. Flooding from the powerfully wet weather system called “Petra” was worst in Telemark and Aust-Agder, with portions of the coastal city of Skien under water. Officials in Kongsberg were also struggling to deal with the enormous masses […]

Flood warnings raised to ‘red-alert’

So much water is roaring through rivers in Telemark and Buskerud counties that authorities have posted red-alert warnings in scores of communities. Meanwhile, a new extreme weather system dubbed ‘Petra’ was bearing down on southeastern Norway and expected to dump even more rain on Thursday. Another round of torrential rain is the last thing authorities need right now, as […]

Storm warnings posted for Tuesday

After more than a week of brilliant, if late, summer weather, state meteorologists were warning residents of southern Norway to brace for a major downpour on Tuesday. Flood warnings were posted in nine counties. Clear sunny skies were already clouding over on Monday and the weather was forecast to get much worse during the night. Strong […]

Man escaped prison on a surfboard

Norwegian police think a young inmate at Norway’s Bastøy Prison, located on an island off Horten south of Oslo, escaped during the night by paddling a surfboard with a spade over to the mainland. The convict, a 23-year-old man serving time for rape and narcotics violations, was last seen Tuesday evening and was missing early […]

Employers prefer Norwegian speakers

Foreigners applying for jobs in Norway are often overlooked, no matter how qualified or highly educated they may be, if they can’t communicate in Norwegian. Recruiters report that many employers simply think it’s easier to hire a Norwegian, even when a foreign candidate is more experienced or has the special skills needed. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) […]

Tunisia travel cancelled after attack

The Norwegian division of travel company Detur has cancelled all of its package tours to Tunisia following Friday’s deadly attack on tourists at a Tunisian beach resort. Dozens were killed in the attack against several hotels in the city of Sousse. Around 159 Norwegians were among the tourists on holiday in Tunisia, which was forced to […]

Union protest set to halt all trains

The Airport Express Train serving Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen (Flytoget) is more popular than ever, but capacity is strained because of strong airport passenger growth. PHOTO:

Train passengers and cargo customers in Norway were being warned that the country’s entire railroad system would grind to a halt on Monday. Train employees were set to walk off the job for three hours in the middle of the day, to protest the government’s proposed railroad reform. State train operator NSB, the state-owned company in charge […]

Flags fly high on the 17th of May


“Gratulerer med dagen!” That’s the phrase millions of Norwegians would be greeting each other with on Sunday as they once again celebrate their national day on the 17th of May. The holiday is always enormously festive, but this year, Norwegians will also be celebrating 70 years of hard-won freedom after the country’s occupation during World War II. […]

The day when peace came to Hatlehol

Norwegians love to wave their flag, another indication, perhaps, of the nation's happiness as ranked by the Legatum Institute's Prosperity Index. PHOTO: NRK

SPECIAL FEATURE: Norway is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its liberation after World War II this month. Among those remembering the day the war actually ended in Norway is Solveig Torvik, a Norwegian-American journalist whose family was living in the hamlet of Hatlehol at the time, near the west coast city of Ålesund. Torvik described that […]

More snow rolling in from the south

Winter is not over yet in southeastern Norway, despite recent spring-like weather and sunny skies. It was snowing again in Oslo Wednesday morning and state meteorologists warned that as many as 30 centimeters of fresh snow may fall on Thursday. “The snowy weather will be quite intense,” Espen Biseth Granan of the state meteorologic institute […]

Consumers seek grocery store revenge

Norwegian consumers seem to be waking up to years of high prices and relatively poor selection at their local grocery stores. A story about how a small local candy maker was kept off the shelves of Norway’s powerful grocery chains has sparked public indignation, and would-be customers are now clamouring to buy his sweets. “This is incredible,” […]

Sun shines again on Holmenkollen

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump has had a rough time since it was rebuilt five years ago, with heavy losses and declining attendance at its annual ski festival. Things were looking up this year as events were getting underway on Friday. ILLUSTRATION: Oslo kommune

Organizers of this year’s annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival were counting on sunny skies, appearances by victorious skiing celebrities and some new events to boost attendance this weekend. At least the weather forecast was good. Ticket sales were also showing a solid increase over the past few years, when the public all but abandoned what used to […]

Unions urge sympathy strikes for pilots

A pilots’ strike against Norwegian Air was set to escalate further, after the Nordic transport workers’ federations urged their 48 unions to in turn call their members out on sympathy strikes. A coordinated action in the other Nordic countries could ground Norwegian Air entirely. It was the latest move in a bitter labour conflict that seemed more […]

New offer after arbitration failed

Norwegian Air officials are trying to keep the airline for heading off into the sunset. They claim the future of the entire company is at stake. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

UPDATED: Pilots at Norwegian Air were handed a new offer late Monday night, aimed at ending their 10-day strike. The offer came after Norwegian Air characterized efforts to end the strike as deadlocked on Monday, and announced plans to file for voluntary arbitration. That would have put a settlement in the hands of an independent commission, but the pilots […]

New talks aim to end pilots strike

Norwegian Air officials are trying to keep the airline for heading off into the sunset. They claim the future of the entire company is at stake. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

Weary negotiators for Norwegian Air and its striking pilots were back in contact on Monday, in an effort to finally end the bitter conflict. The strike, meanwhile, was delaying and cancelling far more flights to European destinations, and nearly all Norwegian’s Scandinavian flights remained grounded. The airline claimed that another 25,000 passengers would be affected by the pilots’ strike […]

Pilots suspend strike talks

Most Norwegian Air aircraft in Scandinavia remained parked on Sunday, as a strike by pilots entered its second week. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

UPDATED: Marathon talks between Norwegian Air and the airline’s pilots’ union “took a break” Sunday night, according to the pilots, with no settlement reached. The pilots insisted negotiations would continue, while the airline warned that more airline employees will be laid off from Monday, and more flights cancelled. Another 20,000 Norwegian Air passengers faced being stranded […]

Talks broke down, pilot strike goes on

UPDATED: Norwegian Air CEO Bjørn Kjos and the leader of the airline’s pilots’ union were blaming each other on Saturday for an early-morning collapse of negotiations to end a bitter pilots’ strike. More talks loomed later in the afternoon, as the strike continued and another 20,000 passengers were stranded. The collapse came after 16 hours of […]

Talks to end pilot strike ‘complicated’

UPDATED: The state mediator guiding renewed talks between Norwegian Air and their striking pilots said late Friday that negotiations were “complicated.” After 10 hours of going through the issues, no settlement was in sight by midnight. Mediator Nils Dalseide told reporters at around 11pm Friday that the “mood was good” and both sides were “working […]

Hurricane pounded north and south

Insurance companies were reporting a wave of damage claims on Monday after the extreme weather system dubbed Ole slammed into central and northern Norway over the weekend. The storm, packing hurricane-force winds, left at least 10 people homeless and as many as 70,ooo were without electricity but there were few injuries. Lofoten and Vesterålen were, as predicted […]

Hurricane warnings spur evacuations

UPDATED: Police evacuated residents of some outlying islands off the coast of Northern Norway, after state meteorologists warned that more extreme weather was moving in from the west and was expected to hit hard this weekend. Winds were due to reach hurricane force. The new storm system called “Ole” is the latest in a string of severe and […]

Circumcision to be offered nationwide

Despite widespread opposition to circumcising baby boys without a medical reason, Norwegian hospitals will all soon start offering the surgical procedure nationwide. A new law that took effect January 1 orders them to do so. Doctors and professional organizations that warned against the new law have capitulated, reported newspaper Dagsavisen. All four of Norway’s regional state health agencies […]

Debate rages over asylum children

The children of rejected asylum seekers in Norway continue to pose tough dilemmas for state officials and stir debate. At issue is whether the children, and thus their parents, should be allowed to stay in the country even though the parents didn’t qualify for asylum and, in many cases, violated immigration law and residence rules. The issue rose again this […]

Government may lose a supporter

Anders Anundsen and his state secretaries have come under fire by the government's two important support parties. One of them, the Christian Democrats, is threatening to withdraw from its support agreement with the minority government. PHOTO: Justisdepartementet

The Christian Democrats party, angry with Justice Minister Anders Anundsen, is threatening to withdraw its support for Norway’s minority conservative government. Party leaders, upset over how Anundsen has handled children of rejected refugees, will discuss formally ending its agreement to support the government when they meet later this week. Several county leaders of the Christian Democrats have told newspaper […]

Krekar avoids banishment, for now

Muslim cleric Mullah Krekar won’t be sent to a small village in Trøndelag after all when he’s released from prison on Sunday. His defense lawyer turned in a 20-page appeal of the forced move to a court in Oslo on Friday, and the police decided to suspend Krekar’s relocation pending a court ruling. Oslo Police Chief Sverre […]

Doctors defy new circumcision law

Since January 1st, all of Norway’s state-run hospitals have become legally obliged to offer circumcision of newborn baby boys. A majority of doctors all over the country, however, have been refusing to perform the operation that’s often part of religious rituals, claiming it’s an unnecessary surgical procedure on otherwise healthy infants. Only one hospital in all of southeastern […]

New storm bears down on the south

State meteorologists were once again warning on Friday that a powerful new storm was expected to hit southern Norway and much of the rest of the country during the weekend. They’re warning of hurricane conditions along the west coast. A storm center that was moving over Ireland on Thursday started heading towards Norway, due to reach […]

‘Godt nyttår,’ Happy New Year to all our readers

Aker Brygge sunset, New Year's Eve 2014

As the sun set not only on Oslo’s Aker Brygge on New Year’s Eve but also on 2014, we’d like to wish our readers “godt nyttår” from our base here in Norway’s capital, and share a few more holiday photos. This photo was taken just after 3pm on New Year’s Eve, as a surprising number of folks […]

Skeptics question aid to Myanmar

Foreign Minister Børge Brende (left) with Myanmar's minister in charge of peace talks with ethnic groups, U Aung Min, while meeting representatives of various armed ethnic groups taking part in the peace process. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Frode Overland Andersen

Norway’s ongoing financial support for democracy and reform in Myanmar (Burma) has come into question, as a royal entourage from Oslo visited the country this week. Humanitarian organizations worry that Norwegian officials aren’t being tough enough in fighting Myanmar’s child labour, corruption, human rights abuses, religious discrimination and ethnic conflict. On Monday, Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor […]

Ebola patient out of high-risk unit

Oslo University Hospital Ullevål released this photo earlier this month of the special high isolation ward where the ebola patient was being treated. PHOTO: Oslo Universitetssykehus/Anders Bayer

The Norwegian woman who was infected with the deadly ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone early this month has improved so much that doctors at Oslo University Hospital were releasing her from the hospital’s high-isolation ward on Monday.  The hospital confirmed a report  on Monday afternoon that the woman was now out of its […]

Norway braced for big autumn storm

Even though some weather forecasts were still showing sunny skies over much of southern Norway during the weekend, state meteorologists were warning that the first major autumn storm of the season was set to ram much of the country Friday night. Strong winds and rain, especially along the west coast, were already being felt in the […]

Teachers’ strike dragged into weekend

State politicians including Prime Minister Erna Solberg were worried on Friday that an ongoing teachers strike could drag on for a long time, after talks broke down again Thursday night. The state mediator agreed there were no grounds to continue the talks when the two sides were so far apart. The teachers’ unions had resumed […]

Storm warnings up through weekend

Norwegian meteorologists posted what they called “extreme storm warnings” on Saturday, especially for the country’s western and southern coasts, as a powerful weather system dubbed “Lena” moved in over the North Sea. The storm was expected to bring more torrential rain and winds up to hurricane force. The storm was brewing Saturday afternoon and expected to […]

Norwegian-Americans lead protests against ambassador’s nomination

Opposition is growing to US President Barack Obama’s nomination of George James Tsunis as the next US ambassador to Norway. Some leaders of the large Norwegian-American population in the US are now calling Tsunis “damaged goods,” and a petition is circulating that also calls for the US Senate to reject his nomination if Obama fails […]

Language demand needs reality check

COMMENTARY: Some high-profile Norwegian politicians are trying to force the use of the local language in immigrant homes. A reality check seems in order: One question is whether Carl I Hagen of the Progress Party, who put forth new demands for Norwegian language expertise this week, would really drop his own Norwegian if he ever […]

Fatal bus accidents under investigation

It  was a “terrible” weekend for public bus transport in Oslo, conceded a spokesperson for regional transit authority Ruter. Three people were killed and several more injured, some seriously, in two separate bus accidents late Saturday night and Sunday evening. Bus company workers were gathering for a memorial on Monday, while police and state accident […]

A message to our readers

Nearly five years after we started up this website, we’ve taken a big step in the ongoing development of We’ve started offering subscriptions that will allow readers full, ongoing access to all our stories and provide a far more systematic means of keeping the site itself strong. We’ve been fortunate over the years to enjoy […]

A half-point away from victory

Magnus Carlsen of Norway won again on Thursday and only needs another half-point to claim the World Chess Championship. PHOTO: Paul Truong

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen was only a half-point away from victory in the World Chess Championship on Thursday, after defeating defending champ Vishy Anand at the end of a long and difficult game. That means Anand must win on Friday to keep the tournament going. “There were some very difficult positions, and I was uncertain,” Carlsen […]

Bomb threats roll in nationwide

Norwegian authorities were sounding a national alarm on Tuesday after a series of bomb threats hit locations from Tromsø in the far north to a firm near the country’s biggest refinery complex in the south. The state police bomb unit in Oslo was summoned to  Mongstad in Nordhordland and military forces were mobilized as well. […]

Negotiations drag on at Norwegian

Norwegian's pilots have won a pensions dispute with their employer. PHOTO: Norwegian Air/Hans Olav Nyborg

UPDATED: Sunday’s midnight strike deadline came and went in the ongoing conflict between Norwegian Air and 603 of its pilots in Scandinavia. By Monday morning negotiations were running many hours into overtime, and were set to continue until 9:30am, as uncertainty remained over whether the pilots would walk off the job. A strike would ground […]

Norwegian tries to ward off strike

Norway's low-fare carrier Norwegian has been experiencing much darker days this year, and now faces a pilots' strike on Monday. PHOTO: Norwegian

As mandatory mediation got underway on Friday between pilots and management at troubled Norwegian Air, the leader of the airline’s negotiating team said he expected a settlement. If none is agreed by midnight on Sunday, around 600 pilots will walk out of their cockpits. “We have an open mind,” Thore Halvorsen of Norwegian told state […]

Norway ponders UN request to help destroy Syria’s chemical weapons

Both outgoing and incoming government officials in Norway are evaluating a request by the US and Russia, via the UN, to help with the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons. International weapons experts, meanwhile, already started destroying some of Syria’s chemical weapons and their production facilities over the weekend. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Saturday that both […]

Parties due to clarify new government

UPDATED: After two weeks of talks and a final get-together on Monday, Norway’s four non-socialist parties formally ended their first round of talks on forming a new government. They then moved on to meetings with their own party fellows Monday afternoon, with a decision expected soon on whether they’ll all move forward with forming a […]

Looking beyond the destruction


PHOTO FEATURE: Two years after a bomber attacked Norway’s government complex in Oslo, Norwegians could finally see for themselves how the buildings held up. State officials hosted an unusual “open house” that resulted in a weekend of reflection for many over the events of July 22, 2011, and over options for rebuilding. Hover your mouse […]

Norway ‘tempting goal’ for espionage

The Norwegian National Security Authority (Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet, NSM) plans to visit seven Norwegian cities next month to strengthen their computer security. Norway, the authorities claim, is “a tempting goal for data- and industrial espionage,” and computer systems, they fear, are still too vulnerable. “Many Norwegian operations are targets of hacking attempts every day,” NSM wrote […]

Winning leaders tackle the issues

This rare joint press conference of the four non-socialist party leaders, held to criticize the now-defeated left-center government's handling of hospital reforms, marked the first time they mounted a common front. Now they're getting together again, in the hopes of hammering out a coalition government platform after collectively winning a majority in last week's election. From left: Trine Skei Grande of the Liberal Party (Venstre), Siv Jensen of the Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet, Frp), Erna Solberg of the Conservative Party (Høyre) and Knut Arild Hareide of the Christian Democrats (Kristelige Folkeparti, KrF). PHOTO: Reynir Johannesson/Frp

HERE’S WHAT’S UP FOR NEGOTIATION: The leaders of the four non-socialist Norwegian parties that collectively won last week’s parliamentary election were sitting down to demanding talks at a hotel in Oslo on Monday, to decide how they might govern the country. They need to agree on a common platform if they hope to form a coalition government, […]

The importance of being Erna

Erna Solberg, head of Norway's Conservative Party, will start meeting soon with the other four non-socialist parties to negotiate a platform a new government that she will head as prime minister. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Erna Solberg, leader of Norway’s Conservative Party, could finally announce on Monday night that she will finally and formally start the process of taking over as prime minister and forming a new government, after voters handed the non-socialist parties a solid majority in Monday’s parliamentary elections. She called her own party’s victory both “historic” and […]

Here are the campaign issues

No, it's not a large Kraftverk concert, rather all the leaders of Norway's seven largest political parties gathered for their first major debate of the election campaign on Monday night. Their constant maneuvering for government power has all but clouded the actual issues at hand, and voters can't be sure which parties will eventually form a government. PHOTO: screen grab

NEWS ANALYSIS: As Norway’s parliamentary election campaign clicks into high gear, much of the local media attention has been on how the parties stand in the polls and how they might cooperate to form a government. That’s overshadowed many of the actual issues at stake, so it’s time, perhaps, to offer a rundown of how […]

Helicopter crash kills oil rig workers

Norwegian oil company Statoil reported Friday evening that all 13 people on board a helicopter returning from work on Statoil’s Gulfaks B oil field were killed, after the helicopter crashed at Turøy outside Bergen. The cause of the crash has not been determined. “We’ve been hit by a terrible tragedy today,” Arne Sigve Nylund, head of […]

Surprise snowfall tangled traffic

Winter returned with a vengeance to wide areas of southern Norway this week, with as many as 30 centimeters of snow falling in some spots around Oslo. Since almost all motorists have followed the rules and switched from winter to summer tires, driving was hazardous and police reported a string of accidents. Some of the most […]

Telenor admits to weak management

Telenor's new CEO seems eager to clean up the mess created by Telenor's investment in VimpelCom, and VimpelCom's expansion into Uzbekistan, which has prompted a major corruption investigation. PHOTO: Telenor

Large Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor was back in the media glare on Friday, after an internal investigation into its handling of possible corruption revealed some serious management “weaknesses.” Telenor has shared its findings with government officials and state economic crime unit Økokrim, and two top executives who were suspended last fall have been terminated. Telenor announced Friday morning […]

Tax crunch time as deadline looms

Finance Minister Siv Jensen (left) and state Tax Director Hans Christian Holte look over the new electronic Business Tax Return with Grethe Holterhuset, who helped launch the latest attempt at tax simplification in Norway. PHOTO: Thomas Brun/NTB

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians are likely to be devoting at least part of this weekend to the annual ritual of filing their income tax forms by midnight April 30. It’s become so electronically easy, though, that tax officials worry too many taxpayers aren’t bothering to check their returns at all. Tax forms in Norway have become increasingly automated in […]

Hotel strike still upsetting visitors

PHOTO: Berglund

As a nationwide strike by hotel and restaurant workers headed into its fifth day on Thursday, visitors planning to travel to Norway for some major events this weekend were both uncertain and upset. In the historic mining town of Røros, which draws thousands of visitors every year, officials were opting for some creative solutions. They have perhaps […]

Football bosses to reveal travel bills

Kjetil Siem, one of Norway's top football bureaucrats, has defended the way NFF has handled its many problems of late, not least the replacement of head coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen. Siem, shown here being interviewed by state broadcaster NRK, has also made it clear that he dislikes the criticism NFF has been getting. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

After months of defiance, top officials within Norway’s national football federation have given in to demands to make public what they spend on travel. Football boss Kjetil Siem claimed he wanted to stop feeling like he was under constant suspicion. “Now everyone can see where the trips have gone, who has been traveling, their receipts for […]

Unemployment rate steady at 4.6 percent

Norways’s state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) announced a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate on Thursday of 4.6 percent for February. SSB’s numbers showed that around 130,000 people are now wholly without work, roughly the same as in November of last year. State broadcaster NRK reported that the unemployment rate thus appears to have stabilized, after a […]

Ex-students ponder Westerdals offer

Clouds had been building up over the private Westerdals communications school for years, with the storm of complaints and charges breaking open last fall after a series of articles in newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). PHOTO:

Students who paid excessive tuition fees while attending the private and now troubled Westerdals communications school are evaluating whether they’ll accept a compensation offer from new school officials. The officials claim the offer amounts to 60 percent of what the students are owed, while the students think it’s worth just 40 percent. The new leaders of Westerdals said this […]

DNB’s board still under scrutiny


The much-criticized board of Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, survived at least one shareholder’s attempt that it be all but overthrown this week. Both board leader Anne Carine Tanum and four other members were re-elected, but only pending the results of investigations into whether the board has shirked its responsibilities. At issue is DNB’s highly controversial operations […]