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This year’s ‘russ’ the ‘worst ever’

This year’s spring “russ” season in Norway, when graduating high school students party with abandon, is shaping up as the “worst ever,” according to police, school officials and even the president of all russ in the West Coast county of Hordaland. A sharp rise in drug use, sexual assaults and other violent acts reported in recent weeks […]

State appeals verdict on how Norway’s prison system treats a mass-murderer

UPDATED: Norway’s Justice Ministry has decided to appeal a judge’s verdict that mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s prison conditions violate his human rights. Breivik’s attorney said he wasn’t surprised, and that his client may now appeal the portion of his complaint that he lose as well. The prison where Breivik is being held, meanwhile, hasn’t made […]

Alarms ring over palace security

Five years after a lone right-wing terrorist drove a bomb-laden van right up to the entrance of Norway’s government headquarters, with devastating results, the Royal Palace in Oslo remains vulnerable to such an attack. Security experts are sounding alarms over an alleged lack of security at the historic home of King Harald and Queen Sonja in the heart […]

Breivik wins after ‘degrading’ treatment

UPDATED: An Oslo City Court has ruled at least partially in favour of mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, declaring on Wednesday that the high-security conditions under which he’s serving his prison term have amounted at times to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” The verdict upholds Breivik’s complaint that the terms of his confinement violated the European Convention of […]

‘Hush-hush’ radar raises concerns

As the US sends more defense resources into the Norwegian Arctic, some projects are raising concerns. Many Norwegians in Northern Norway don’t want to provoke Russia, while a new radar system in Vardø that’s been shrouded in secrecy is making some local residents nervous. “Vardø residents are worried about the danger of radiation, and that it (the planned radar […]

Man jailed for threatening royal family, prime minister and the government

A 22-year-old man was finally ordered held in custody this week, after allegedly making repeated threats against Norway’s royal family, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and other members of her government. The young man had avoided jail earlier and then fled to Argentina. Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Friday that the young man is charged with sending threatening […]

‘Police need more covert authority’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg thinks Norwegian police must be granted broader authority to use more covert methods in their efforts to track down terrorists. She conceded that it’s “always a dilemma” to also heighten security measures that could undermine Norway’s open society, but suggested they may also need to be evaluated. Solberg has called Tuesday’s […]

Condolences as police re-arm

Police in Oslo were re-arming themselves on Tuesday in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels. King Harald was among those extending condolences to his royal counterpart in Belgium, while Foreign Minister Børge Brende urged Norwegians and Europeans to “stand together.” Police officials, who report to government officials in the Justice Ministry, issued a […]

Officials scramble after Brussels blasts

Officials at Norway’s foreign ministry were scrambling Tuesday morning to track its delegations and Norwegian citizens in Brussels, following explosions at both the Belgian capital’s international airport and a metro station downtown. Like so many other countries, Norway has a large presence at all times in what’s also viewed as the capital of Europe. The first explosions occurred around 8am […]

‘Narcissistic’ Breivik ‘mocked’ the court

As one of Norway’s more provocative court cases wrapped up on Friday, state attorneys claimed that plaintiff Anders Behring Breivik “is still the same attention-hungry narcissist” that he was four years ago. The mass murderer has “mocked” the court with his claims of inhumane prison conditions, claimed attorney Adele Mestad during closing arguments. Breivik’s own behaviour during the […]