New security role for King’s Guards

The royals guards seem set to have more things to think about than standing outside the Royal Palace in Oslo. PHOTO: Views and News

Norway’s King’s Guards were set to become tin soldiers, guarding the palace and the royal residences in their decorative plumed bowler hats and appearing at special official events. Instead, the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011 have given them new and tougher roles. When the terrorist bomb exploded in 2011, 700 King’s Guards were called […]

More police on Norwegian streets

Norway’s police chief has promised to put 1,000 extra police officers on the streets over the next three years. The personnel boost is part of an overhaul of police operations, following the bombing and massacre on July 22, 2011. The extra officers are a sweetener following a package of reforms flagged earlier this year, which […]

Nobel concert hunts for new sponsors

The British singer Morrissey, known for being outspoken, was among the performers booked for this year's Nobel Concert Wednesday evening. PHOTO: Nobel Peace Prize Concert/Shirlaine Forrest

Wednesday night’s Nobel Peace Prize Concert, with outspoken British singer Morrissey among its cast of entertainers, was due to be shorter this year with a reduced line-up of performers. The loss of its major sponsor forced some cost-cutting in its 20th year, and now its organizers are searching for new sponsors. “We have worked constantly […]

Sailors finally win wartime salute


A series of novels about a fictional Norwegian seafarer during World War II is topping bestseller lists in Norway, and finally giving the country’s merchant marine sailors the attention they deserve. The book highlights the plight of wartime maritime heroes who later were largely ignored and forgotten, and never received the financial rewards they were […]

Ministry evacuated, streets blocked off

UPDATED: A government ministry and several blocks around it in downtown Oslo were evacuated and cordoned off at midday on Monday, after security guards found a suspicious suitcase sitting on a bus stop bench. A police bomb unit was called in to investigate, and found the suitcase empty. Thee suitcase had been left just outside […]

New Breivik book stirs up a storm


Author Marit Christensen and Norwegian publishing house Aschehoug were being both praised and harshly criticized on Thursday for not only going ahead with the release of a controversial new book about the mother of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, but for allegedly speeding it up. Lawyers had tried to halt its publication, while others agreed […]

Deported child makes plea to return

Twelve-year-old Neda Ibrahim and her family have made a final impassioned plea to be allowed to return to the country they called home for 10 years. The appeal to an Oslo city court by one of Norway’s most well-known asylbarn (refugee children) began this week after a delay based on an earlier judge’s alleged impartiality. […]

July 22 memorials drew 300 bidders

A total of 300 artists and architects in 46 countries have applied to design new national memorials to the victims of a right-wing terrorist’s attack on the Norwegian government on July 22, 2011. Eight have been selected to enter a second round of competition. Of the 300 contenders, 67 were Norwegian, reported news bureau NTB. […]

Oscarsborg, Høyblokken on preservation list

Norway’s state agency in charge of historic preservation (Riksantikvaren) has targeted the historic fortress of Oscarsborg, the area around it and, farther up the fjord in Oslo, the government high-rise known as Høyblokken. All deserve to be protected and restored, claims Jørn Holme, Norway’s director for cultural heritage. Holme wants the island where Oscarsborg sits […]

Library prepares for major move

Architect's image of the future Deichmanske Library, soon to be built at Bjørvika, next to Oslo's Opera House
ILLUSTRATION: Atelier Oslo og Lund Hagem Arkitekter

With Oslo’s brand-new main public library soon to be built near the Opera House at Bjørvika, the current library, which was damaged during the July 22 bombing in 2011, is already preparing for the move and shelving some of its book collection. Construction of the new Deichmanske Library, named for its original benefactor Carl Deichman in 1780, […]