Animal cruelty cases on the rise

Moss locals organised a memorial service for Lucas the dog, to be held on Wednesday evening. A man confessed to killing the dog after a social media witch hunt. Animal welfare group NOAH said there had been an alarming increase in the number of animal cruelty cases reported so far this year. PHOTO: for hunden Lucas

Norwegian animal welfare organization NOAH expressed concern on Tuesday over the record number of animal cruelty notifications it has received so far this year. Recent cases that have attracted media attention included seagull shootings and a cat drowned in its carrier, while on Tuesday a person confessed to killing a dog which had been found […]

‘Too many roses, not enough anger’

Erna Solberg, July 22 memorial

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s taken three years, but Norwegians are finally beginning to publicly display pent-up anger over a home-grown right-wing extremist’s murderous attacks on July 22, 2011. As the grieving process reached its third anniversary on Tuesday, it became more clear that all the roses and early attempts at reconciliation weren’t enough to heal all the wounds. Norwegians gathered […]

Center Party: Let Israel into NATO?

Ola Borten Moe serves as Norway's Oil & Energy Minister, but took the liberty of commenting on the future of fur farming last week, and that's upset government colleagues. PHOTO: Senterpartiet

Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) deputy Ola Borten Moe proposed a radical new suggestion to deal with the ongoing Middle East conflict on Tuesday – inviting Israel to join NATO. He said rather than boycott Israeli goods, Norway should build stronger relationships with Israel, and help integrate the country into safe and economically stable European communities. […]

‘Grief is as heavy for many today’

Clean-up efforts are well underway at the government complex hit by a right-wing extremist's bomb on Friday. Now a commission will examine the attacks and the emergency response to them, a project likely to take as long as a year. PHOTO: Views and News

Norwegians were gathering on Tuesday to mark the third anniversary of the July 22, 2011 terror attacks that killed 77 people in and around Oslo. Labour youth party (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking, AUF) leader and Utøya survivor Eskil Pedersen said that while those left behind were returning to normal life, the pain was still raw. The day’s official memorial […]

Norwegian politicians condemn Israel

Pro-Palestinian and former Conservative (Høyre) prime minister Kåre Willoch joined the chorus of condemnation on Friday against Israel’s ongoing attacks and blockade of the Gaza Strip. Foreign Minister Børge Brende, who was forced to shelter from Hamas rockets during a Middle East visit this week, also sharply criticized Israel for escalating its attacks. “What we […]

Calls to expel Israeli ambassador

Palestinian supporters at a rally in May. On Tuesday pro-Palestinian groups urged Norway to expel the Israeli ambassador and implement sanctions against Israel. Foreign Minister Børge Brende dismissed the calls as non-constructive. PHOTO: Fellesutvalget for Palestina (FuP)

UPDATED: Pro-Palestinian groups urged the Norwegian government to expel Israel’s ambassador and implement sanctions against the country, after Israel resumed attacks against the Gaza strip on Tuesday afternoon despite agreeing to a ceasefire earlier that day. Foreign Minister Børge Brende dismissed the calls, saying they were neither serious nor constructive, shortly before he was forced […]

Norwegian placed on US terror list

UPDATED: The US government announced on Tuesday that a 35-year-old Norwegian man who’s suspected of terrorist activities in Yemen had been added to its terrorist list. The man was legally declared a “Specifically Designated Global Terrorist,” meaning he was believed to pose a significant risk. The man first caught the attention of Norwegian, US, British […]

Brende heads to Middle East talks

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende, left, during a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in May this year. Brende went to the Middle East on Tuesday to help broker a lasting ceasefire and peace agreement between Israel and Hamas. PHOTO: Frode Overland Andersen/Utenriksdepartementet

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende announced he’d travel to Israel and Palestine on Tuesday as part of efforts to secure a ceasefire and peace plan between warring Israel and Hamas. Israel finally agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt shortly before eight o’clock on Tuesday morning, but Hamas claimed on Monday night they had not […]

Støre: ‘Norway too easy on Israel’

Jonas Gahr Støre grabbed headlines and airtime over the weekend when he criticized the conservative government for not being tough enough on Israel. The government quickly defended itself. PHOTO: Arbeiderpartiet

New Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre was Norway’s foreign minister for seven years and knows how frustrating it is to deal with Israel and the Palestinians. He nonetheless lashed out as his successor Børge Brende of the Conservatives over the weekend, claiming that the new government isn’t criticizing Israel nearly enough over its attacks on Gaza. […]

Labour youth open AUF summer camp

Former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg addressing young Labour Party members at the AUF summer camp last year. PHOTO: AUF

Around 800 young members of Norway’s Labour Party are reconvening this week for their annual summer camp that was the target of a lone terrorist three years ago. They’re gathering again at Gulsrud on the Tyrifjord, not far from the island of Utøya where the terrorist unleashed his massacre, with a program aimed at both moving forward and […]