Former ambassador dies at 98

Robert D Stuart, who served as US ambassador to Norway during the Reagan Administration, died of a heart attack while traveling home from France last week. He was 98 and married to a former top aide to Queen Sonja, Ingegjerd “Lillan” Løvenskiold Stuart. Stuart was a politically active Republican and heir to the Quaker Oats […]

Utøya memorial postponed

Utøya island is now being cleared. Volunteers are already planning to return to restore the Labour Youth centre. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

It was meant to heal and unify Norwegians, not divide them. Instead, the construction of a memorial to the victims of a massacre on the island of Utøya will now be postponed at least a year, to allow for more time to try to settle neighbours’ objections to it. Government officials still want the memorial […]

Breivik’s judge seeks High Court post

Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen

Oslo City Court Judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen, who won widespread praise for her handling of the lengthy and difficult lawsuit against mass murderer Ander Behring Breivik, has emerged as one of 12 applicants for a spot on Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett). Arntzen, age 54, presided over the trial that ran for several months in 2012. […]

Politicians retreat on abortion issue

Health Minister Bent Høie of the Conservatives could finally drop a proposed change to Norway's abortion law that was initiated by the Christian Democrats party but which neither of the two government parties really wanted. The proposal also set off massive public protests, with the Conservatives catching most of the blame. PHOTO: Heiko Junge / NTB Scanpix

Massive public protests over a controversial change to Norway’s abortion law, initiated by the small Christian Democrats party, were finally heard on Friday by the country’s Conservative-led government. Health Minister Bent Høie had gone along with the Christian Democrats’ demand that doctors be allowed to refuse to refer women for abortions, but the government could […]

Putin glad ‘Jens’ will lead NATO

Jens Stoltenberg

The recent selection of former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens  Stoltenberg as the next leader of NATO has won broad support, now also from Russian President Vladimir Putin. That may help ease the tensions that Putin himself has ignited with European and NATO leaders by annexing Crimea and continuing to intimidate Ukraine. Putin told the Russian television […]

Utøya victim fights for compensation

Fresh flowers, new flags and mementos are still being left at this site across from Utøya, where 69 persons were killed and hundreds more injured and traumatized last summer. PHOTO: Views and News

A man in his 20s who was shot several times during the July 22, 2011 terror attacks on Utøya has appealed a decision by the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation (Kontoret for voldsoffererstatning), after he was awarded one-fifth of the amount he applied for. The office has paid out more than NOK 263 million (USD […]

Military explosives found in a yard

Police cordoned off a property in Figgjo, Sandnes on Monday night and arrested a man in his 40s after a homeowner discovered dynamite and military explosives buried in his yard. Police kept guard over the property overnight, which neighbours a large kindergarten. The man arrested was the former owner of the property, reported Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Utøya families feel they’ve been heard

Swedish artist Johan Dahlberg's design for a memorial to the terrorist attacks on the island of Utøya symbolizes a permanent scar on the landscape. PHOTO: KORO

Families and neighbours who were affected by the July 22, 2011 terror attacks on the island of Utøya emerged happy from a meeting with authorities on Friday evening. The crisis meeting was called to deal with growing concerns and the threat of legal action over plans for a memorial on the island where 69 members […]

Crisis meeting on Utøya memorial

Swedish artist Johan Dahlberg's design for a memorial to the terrorist attacks on the island of Utøya symbolizes a permanent scar on the landscape. PHOTO: KORO

The Norwegian government called a crisis meeting on Thursday with  residents neighbouring the island of Utøya, where Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 69 people on July 22, 2011. The residents have threatened court action to block a memorial selected for the island, arguing its plan to remove a slice of land is too visible […]

Breivik claims isolation is torture

Ila Prison released this photo of the cell where Anders Behring Breivik can work. He's said to be writing a book. PHOTO: Ila fengsel og forvaringsanstalt/Glefs AS

Convicted Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik wants to petition the courts to have his ongoing isolation deemed unlawful, after 33 months in solitary confinement, reports newspaper Aftenposten. Lawyers for the man who killed 77 people in his July 22, 2011 attacks, along with some other legal experts, argue the isolation is an additional penalty on […]