‘Jens’ moves on to NATO in Brussels

This was the photo Jens Stoltenberg published on his own social media site on Monday when he gave his father, Thorvald Stoltenberg, a farewell hug before leaving for Brussels. The elder Stoltenberg is a former career diplomat, defense- and foreign minister himself, and encouraged his son to take the top job at NATO. PHOTO: Jens Stoltenberg/Facebook

NEWS ANALYSIS: After a poignant farewell with his newly widowed father in Oslo earlier this week, the man Norwegians know simply as “Jens” started work on Wednesday as the new secretary general of the powerful military alliance NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in Brussels. He doesn’t speak French and opposed NATO in his youth, but many other […]

Sanctions imposed against Norwegian charged with terrorism

A committee of the UN Security Council has, as expected, imposed sanctions against a group of Islamic extremists, among them the 35-year-old Norwegian man from Nesodden who’s suspected of having undergone training by terrorist organization Al-Qaida in Yemen. He was placed on the US list of terror suspects earlier this year and is still believed to be […]

Syrian opposition held talks in Oslo

Representatives of the Syrian opposition and several leaders of the Syrian military forces in opposition have met in Oslo during recent months, to talk about the way forward for the country ravaged by civil war. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Wednesday that Norway’s foreign ministry hosted the talks among participants who were invited by the US Brookings Institute. NRK reported […]

State prosecutes Islamic extremist

Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain led a demonstration by his small group Profetens Ummah outside the US Embassy in Oslo two years ago. Since then he's been convicted of making threats, been the target of a counter-demonstration of thousands of Muslims who claim he radically misrepresents Islam and now is back in court on charges of inciting terrorism. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix/Kyrre Lien

UPDATED: Norwegian state prosecutors launched a new case this week against Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain, claiming he has committed criminal acts by inciting terror and murder. Hussain was back in court on Tuesday, to answer for four provocative messages he posted on social media last year. Among the messages was one hailing the murders of 23 hostages when Islamic terrorists […]

Terrorists targeted Norwegian families

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) was reporting on Thursday that the terror threat against Norway last summer involved scenarios in which extremists would break into random Norwegian homes and execute the families living in them. The executions would be filmed and then published on the Internet. NRK reported that the goal, according to its sources, was to spread as […]

Breivik’s father takes on blame

Jens Breivik, a career diplomat and father of the man who killed 77 persons in Norway last summer, appearing on NRK's Brennpunkt program Wednesday night. PHOTO: NRK

Jens Breivik, the former Norwegian diplomat and father of convicted mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, admits in his new book that he “could have done more” for his troubled son. The book offers the elder Breivik’s version of the family’s troubled past that climaxed with his son killing 77 people on July 22, 2011. “This is […]

‘No choice’ but to back Obama on IS

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende was in Iraq recently and met with the new Iraqi prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Astrid Versto

Norway, which refused to back the US’ invasion of Iraq during the Bush Administration, will be supporting US President Barack Obama’s plan for fighting the Islamic extremist group IS in Iraq now. “We have no choice,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende. “We have to contribute to the fight against IS,” Brende said on Norwegian […]

Støre blames loss on July 22 attacks

New Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre was promoting his new book on Tuesday, entitled "I bevegelse" (literally, "In movement"). PHOTO: Cappelen Damm

New Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre released a new book on Tuesday in which he puts much of the blame for Labour’s loss of government power last year on the July 22 attacks carried out by a lone bomber and gunman in 2011. Instead of winning and retaining a sympathy vote, Støre thinks voters […]

Risk catches up with oil firm DNO

Oslo-based oil and gas firm DNO has three production facilities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, including this one at the Tawke field. PHOTO: DNO

Oslo-based oil and gas firm DNO, known for operating in high-risk areas of the Middle East and North Africa, was the first foreign company to start drilling for oil in Iraq after the US-led invasion ended in 2003. A decade later, it’s caught in concerns over the latest invasion of Iraq this summer by the extremist group now known as the Islamic State […]

Church leaders denounce Israeli offensive

Norwegian church leaders joined the latest demonstration in Oslo this week against Israel’s military attacks on Palestinians living in Gaza. They demanded that charges be brought against Israel at the UN’s international court in The Hague. Around 1,000 people, including several Norwegian pastors, marched through Oslo and gathered in front of the Parliament on Monday to […]