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Condolences as police re-arm

Police in Oslo were re-arming themselves on Tuesday in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels. King Harald was among those extending condolences to his royal counterpart in Belgium, while Foreign Minister Børge Brende urged Norwegians and Europeans to “stand together.” Police officials, who report to government officials in the Justice Ministry, issued a […]

Officials scramble after Brussels blasts

Officials at Norway’s foreign ministry were scrambling Tuesday morning to track its delegations and Norwegian citizens in Brussels, following explosions at both the Belgian capital’s international airport and a metro station downtown. Like so many other countries, Norway has a large presence at all times in what’s also viewed as the capital of Europe. The first explosions occurred around 8am […]

‘Narcissistic’ Breivik ‘mocked’ the court

As one of Norway’s more provocative court cases wrapped up on Friday, state attorneys claimed that plaintiff Anders Behring Breivik “is still the same attention-hungry narcissist” that he was four years ago. The mass murderer has “mocked” the court with his claims of inhumane prison conditions, claimed attorney Adele Mestad during closing arguments. Breivik’s own behaviour during the […]

Lawsuit looms over July 22 memorial

The Norwegian government finally decided on Wednesday to go ahead with construction of a July 22 memorial at Sørbråten in Hole Township, just across from the island of Utøya where 69 people were gunned down and killed by mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in 2011. The government chose the plan that won a design competition […]

Breivik testimony packs courtrooms

Norway’s home-grown right-wing terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was allowed three hours to testify on Wednesday as to why he thinks his prison conditions violate his human rights. In addition to attracting the media, his testimony was also drawing some survivors of his attacks nearly five years ago and parents of teenagers Breivik killed, while […]

Breivik’s complaint tests system again

NEWS ANALYSIS: Right-wing Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik entered his prison’s gymnasium in predictable fashion on Tuesday, dressed in a suit and tie and keen to pose for cameras with a Nazi salute. The gym, converted into a makeshift courtroom to handle his complaint over the terms of his confinement, is the venue for a trial over the […]

Brende condemns terrorist attacks

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende sent official condolences Sunday night to the people of Turkey and the Ivory Coast after attacks by gunmen and, in Ankara, by a suicide bomber. Brende condemned the attacks  that left scores dead and severely injured. First came news of the attack on tourist hotels in the Ivory Coast’s beachside city of […]

State denies violating Breivik’s rights

Norwegian authorities deny that the prison conditions under which the country’s most famous mass murderer serves deprive him of his human rights. Attorneys defending the state against a lawsuit filed by convicted killer Anders Behring Breivik claim he’s allowed, among other things, to get fresh air and exercise, wash his clothes and prepare his own food. The court […]

Turkey and Russia pose ‘complications’

Norway strives to be a peacemaker around the world, but has complicated relations of its own with such countries as China and neighbouring Russia. More “complicated” relations, according to an internal foreign ministry report, have emerged lately with Turkey but Foreign Minister Børge Brende claims they’re being addressed. “Turkey is at a crossroads,” Foreign Minister Børge […]

Russia ‘poses a considerable risk’

The chief of Norway’s military intelligence agency followed up on earlier claims by other Norwegian intelligence officials on Wednesday, reporting that while Russia poses no military threat to Norway today, it can become a “considerable risk” over time. Gen Lt Morten Haga Lunde, who recently took over as head of the intelligence agency known as E-tjenesten, […]