Breivik claims isolation is torture

Ila Prison released this photo of the cell where Anders Behring Breivik can work. He's said to be writing a book. PHOTO: Ila fengsel og forvaringsanstalt/Glefs AS

Convicted Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik wants to petition the courts to have his ongoing isolation deemed unlawful, after 33 months in solitary confinement, reports newspaper Aftenposten. Lawyers for the man who killed 77 people in his July 22, 2011 attacks, along with some other legal experts, argue the isolation is an additional penalty on […]

Support grows for ‘høyblokken’

This design by Transborder Studio is among the proposals for a newly rebuilt government complex in downtown Oslo. It retains the high-rise but not the lower adjacent building known as Y-blokken, with six new ministry buildings placed behind the high-rise. ILLUSTRATION: Transborder Studio

While protests rage over plans for a national memorial to the victims of the July 22 terrorist attacks in 2011, consensus seems to be growing over preservation of the high-rise government buildings that were bombed. A majority of architects and professional builders think the building known as høyblokken should remain standing, and new designs are being […]

Opera suffers high costs, discolouration

High pension costs for employees who are forced to retire at an early age are striking sour notes at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Its landmark Opera House on Oslo’s eastern waterfront, meanwhile, is also suffering another round of discolouration of its iconic white marble. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Monday that the pension […]

Artist just wants to help Norway grieve

Jonas Dahlberg's winning proposal for a July 22 memorial on the terror-hit island of Utøya calls for excavating part of the island and transporting the hallowed ground for use in another memorial in Oslo, at the site of the terrorist's bombing. ILLUSTRATION: Jonas Dahlberg/KORO

NEWS ANALYSIS: Tapped to memorialize the greatest trauma of Norway’s recent history, Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg has a big job ahead of him. His winning proposal for memorials to the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011, which involves a “cut” through the terror-hit island of Utøya that will bring parts of the land back to central […]

Svindal wrote off World Cup hopes


Norwegian downhill ski star Aksel Lund Svindal all but threw away his lead at the World Cup finals in Lenzerheide in Switzerland on Thursday. He garnered no points at all for his 16th place finish in the super-G, his worst placing in three years. “I was not good enough,” Svindal told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “I made […]

Memorials chosen for July 22 attacks

Swedish artist Johan Dahlberg's design for a memorial to the terrorist attacks on the island of Utøya symbolizes a permanent scar on the landscape. PHOTO: KORO

The Norwegian jury evaluating proposals for memorials to the terrorist attacks in Norway on July 22, 2011 has chosen a Swedish artist’s concept for both the island of Utøya, where 69 people were gunned down, and downtown Oslo, where the government’s headquarters was bombed. The design chosen for Utøya is meant to symbolize an eternal […]

Norway condemns violence in Kiev


Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende called for an end to the violence in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Wednesday, and urged President Viktor Janukovitsj to go to an election. The President had given his first public speech on Tuesday night since the conflict escalated, and put the blame squarely on the opposition parties. In the […]

Debate over government complex enters new phase

A report on how Norway’s bombed-out government headquarters could  be rebuilt has passed a quality-control check and been redelivered to the ministry in charge of such projects, now under new political leadership after the last election. It remains unclear whether the main high-rise will be torn down or re-used as the anchor of a rebuilt […]

Sunday’s golden start went downhill

Norwegian sports fans had a golden start to the day on Sunday, when Kjetil Jansrud from Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen skied what many called a “perfect” race to win the Super-G at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but then things went downhill indeed. By the end of the day, Norwegian sports commentators and athletes were decidedly […]

Swedish rivals triumph in relay

Sweden's Charlotte Kalla made up a 25 second gap to win gold in the women's cross country relay on Saturday. It was Sweden's first gold medal at the Sochi Olympics. The Norwegian women were favourites going into the 20 kilometre battle, and say poor ski waxing was partly to blame for their disappointing fifth place finish. PHOTO: Sochi Media Centre

The Norwegian women’s cross country team couldn’t shake off its losing streak on Saturday morning, finishing a disappointing fifth place in the 20 kilometre relay. Adding to the Norwegian’s heartbreak was the fact rivals Sweden took home the gold medal, its first of the Sochi Olympics, after Charlotte Kalla closed an intimidating 25 second gap […]