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‘Our values are our best defense’

Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s former prime minister who’s now the secretary general of NATO, was back in Oslo on Friday to take part in a series of memorials marking the terrorist attacks against his Labour Party government five years ago. Now he’s working to fend off terror on a much larger scale, after being so personally affected by it […]

Norway remembers the 22nd of July

UPDATED: Determined efforts were once again being made on Friday to be sure that Norwegians never forget the 22nd of July in 2011, when 77 people were killed and hundreds scarred for life in a right-wing terrorist’s attacks. Friday’s fifth anniversary of the attacks were being observed all over the country, but memorials will then be toned down […]

France attacked as Oslo recalls its own

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has expressed shock and deep sympathy for “all the people of France” following the attack in Nice by a lone terrorist who’d been living in the city. The attack occurred, Solberg noted, just as Norway is about to remember one of its own resident’s attacks on Oslo and the island of Utøya, […]

Police raid routs illegal occupants

After years of conflict, Oslo police raided a downtown building and camp set up on the “eco-culturally” zoned city block known as Hausmannskvartal, to forcibly remove around a dozen illegal occupants. The police were met with barricades, booby traps and occupants who’d chained themselves together to resist more urban gentrification in the Norwegian capital. The dramatic early-morning raid on Wednesday […]

Neighbours sue state over Utøya memorial

Norwegians living near the island of Utøya where 69 people were shot to death by a lone gunman five years ago have gone ahead with plans to try to block construction of a memorial in their neighbourhood. They want to get on with their lives, and claim the memorial will remind them of the tragedy every single […]

Film to recreate Utøya massacre

A planned film documentary will recreate the massacre on the Norwegian island of Utøya that killed 69 mostly young Labour Party summer campers in 2011. Several survivors of the massacre are taking part in the documentary, which has secured a nod from the national survivors’ support organization. It’s been nearly five years since the horrors of a cold and […]

Workers OK after postal powder scare

All 44 workers at a postal terminal in the small town of Stokke have been released from hospital after being exposed to a mysterious white powder Thursday night that leaked from a damaged brevpakke (padded envelope). Officials have determined the powder contained nothing biologically infectious and it later turned out to be flour. Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Kirkenes still eager to shout ‘hurra’

KIRKENES: Few cities in Norway have faced as many challenges over the past year as this far northern enclave close to the Russian border. Just months after suddenly needing to shelter thousands of refugees streaming over that border, and after suffering the bankruptcy of a major employer and other economic calamity, the citizens of Kirkenes and Sør-Varanger […]

Heroes hailed on Liberation Day

PHOTO FEATURE: Norwegians could celebrate both Liberation- and Veterans Day in mostly brilliant spring weather from Finnmark in the north to Oslo in the south, and many places in between on Sunday. Flags flew and canons were fired from fortresses around the country, as heroes from World War II to the war in Afghanistan were […]

This year’s ‘russ’ the ‘worst ever’

This year’s spring “russ” season in Norway, when graduating high school students party with abandon, is shaping up as the “worst ever,” according to police, school officials and even the president of all russ in the West Coast county of Hordaland. A sharp rise in drug use, sexual assaults and other violent acts reported in recent weeks […]