19-year-old denies terror plans

A 19-year-old Norwegian woman who’s being sought internationally by Norway’s police intelligence unit PST denies she has any plans to become a suicide bomber, as PST fears. She reportedly married recently and left Norway just before Christmas. PST reportedly believes she has joined the ranks of young Norwegian Muslims who have become radicalized and headed off […]

Norwegians thirst for ‘Heavy Water’

This winter's TV series about the battle over heavy water in Telemark during World War II has been a huge hit. Among the dramatic scenes are those filmed in the mountains after resistance fighters parachuted in with supplies from England and Scotland, to sabotage Norsk Hydro's plant in Vemork. PHOTO: Filmkameratene

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) set yet another record on Sunday evening, when 1.2 million viewers sat down in front of their televisions to watch the latest episode of a series entitled “Kampen om tungtvannet” (literally, “The Battle for Heavy Water.”) It’s the latest dramatization of one of the most heroic sabotage actions in Norway during World War II, […]

Krekar avoids banishment, for now

Muslim cleric Mullah Krekar won’t be sent to a small village in Trøndelag after all when he’s released from prison on Sunday. His defense lawyer turned in a 20-page appeal of the forced move to a court in Oslo on Friday, and the police decided to suspend Krekar’s relocation pending a court ruling. Oslo Police Chief Sverre […]

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Laureates decry attack on school

Just last week, Kailash Satyarthi was in Oslo to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize for his promotion of children's rights. On Tuesday he was among the many condemning a Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet/Marta B Haga

UPDATED: New Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi was among those decrying a murderous Taliban attack on a school in Pakistan on Tuesday, calling it “one of the darkest days of humanity.” He was joined by his Peace Prize co-winner Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, while Norwegian leaders also denounced the attacks and grieved for children slaughtered by Islamic […]

Police raided right-wing extremists

Police carried out a series of raids last week on a group of right-wing extremists in Stavanger, seizing illegal weapons, two kilos of hash, 30 grams of amphetamines and Nazi propaganda. The raid targeted members of Den Norske Motstandsbevegelsen, a neo-Nazi group in Norway that is inspired by Adolf Hitler and believed to be run […]

Hotel hostage-taker jailed

A 41-year-old Hungarian man charged with holding a hotel worker hostage earlier this week was ordered held in custody himself for at least another four weeks, while police continue their investigation.  The dramatic hostage situation at the Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania in downtown Oslo set off a major police response after the defendant took a male member […]

Hotel guest set off hostage drama

A 41-year-old guest at Oslo’s Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania near the city’s central train station took a hotel employee hostage on Monday and threatened to detonate a bomb unless he received a million euros in small bills. The demand set off a hostage drama that went on, quietly at first, for five hours. It began around 10am […]

Gaza doctor now barred from Israel

Dr Mads Gilbert

Israeli authorities now say they haven’t barred Dr Mads Gilbert from Gaza but from Israel itself. The Norwegian physician has treated injured Palestinians in Gaza for years, but was recently turned away at a border entry point into Gaza, allegedly for “security reasons.” Gilbert and Norway’s foreign ministry immediately protested and Gilbert vowed to return […]

Doctor vows to return to Gaza

Mads Gilbert

Norway’s foreign ministry and Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, who has treated wounded Gaza residents for more than 30 years, are both calling Israel’s sudden refusal to let him re-enter Gaza “completely unacceptable.” Norwegian officials have demanded an explanation from their Israeli counterparts, after Gilbert was denied entry into Gaza last month. “We have told them we […]