Warmer weather due over weekend

Skiers were advised to get out and enjoy the trails while they can, because of forecasts for rain over the weekend. PHOTO: newsinenglish.no

Skiers and other winter sports fans in southeastern Norway were being advised to get outside and enjoy the snow while they can. A warmer weather front was moving in from the west, with meteorologists predicting rain over the weekend in the south, and another storm farther north. Norway’s holiday weather has been characterized by enormous […]

Winter weather snarls traffic

The first real onslaught of winter weather in and around the Oslo area led to a rash of car accidents, disruptions in public transport and serious delays at the main airport at Gardermoen on Monday morning. One towing service had already fielded more than 225 calls for help by 7am. State meteorologists had been warning that […]

Early winter weather hits the north

Stormy and wintry weather blew over northern Norway on Wednesday, resulting in several car accidents, closed runways at airports and cancelled voyages of the coastal shipping line Hurtigruten. More strong winds and snow were expected during the night on Wednesday and into Thursday. State meteorologists warned of a polar low-pressure system that can cause serious […]

Best weather found in the north

The weather can often be much nicer in the Arctic areas of Norway than in the southern parts of the country. This photo was taken just north of Alta earlier this month. PHOTO: Views and News

As summer makes its last attempt to redeem itself this year, Norwegians were being advised to head to the country’s northernmost county of Finnmark for the sunniest and warmest weather this week. And it may even get warmer over the coming weekend. Finnmark was set to enjoy the effects of a high-pressure system lying over […]

Weather sets new unwanted records

As residents over much of southern Norway woke up to another day of heavy leaden skies and forecasts of even more rain, came news that only three summers since 1951 have been as overcast as Oslo’s summer so far this year. Tempertures have also been lower than normal. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported how rain-weary Norwegians […]

Weekend drenched by rough weather

“Summer in Norway!” exclaimed a frustrated woman as she stormed into a roadside café at Sokna in Buskerud County on Sunday, soaking wet after a mere run in pouring rain from her car in the parking lot. Her discomfort was minor compared to those stuck for hours in Bergen’s famous funicular Fløibanen when it was […]

Birkebeiner skiers defy warm weather

The 54-kilometer Birkebeiner race began in the 1930s, commemorates an historic event and demands that all skiers carry a backpack with specific weight requirements. PHOTO: Birkebeinerrennet

More than 16,000 skiers registered to take part in this weekend’s annual Birkebeinerrennet, a traditional ski race that goes over the mountains between the valleys of Østerdalen and Gudbrandsdalen. Unseasonably warm temperatures, though, caused concern about the condition of the ski tracks. The race starts in Rena, just north of Elverum in eastern Norway, and […]

Weather delays expedition, again

The Norwegian Polar Institute's expedition to the South Pole is running behind schedule. PHOTO: Norsk Polar Institutt

A high-profile attempt by four well-known adventurers to reach the South Pole by December 14 is seriously delayed. Now it looks like the expedition led by the head of the Norwegian Polar Institute won’t reach the South Pole in time for 100th anniversary celebrations of Roald Amundsen’s legendary success, but another one that’s following a […]

Bad weather hits high hytte prices

Hytter come in many shapes and sizes but they generally all represent a sizeable investment. PHOTO: Tinde Hytter

Two unusually cold winters in a row, a late Easter this year and heavy rains this summer have put a damper on sales of holiday cabins and homes known as “hytter,” reports newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). The highest-priced hytter are also being hit by turbulence in the finance markets. “It’s terrible to say it, but […]

Weather scared off 4,000 cyclists

Cyclists braved rain, wind and mud to complete the tough 94.6-kilometer course from Rena to Lillehammer over the weekend. PHOTO: Birkebeinerrittet

State meteorologists’ predictions of more rain and mud prompted nearly 4,000 cyclists registered for the annual Birkebeinerrittet over the weekend to drop out, but nearly 14,000 still showed up at the start. Many claimed later that trail conditions were much better than expected. “The weather was fine for us who started early,” real estate specialist […]