Weather scared off 4,000 cyclists

Cyclists braved rain, wind and mud to complete the tough 94.6-kilometer course from Rena to Lillehammer over the weekend. PHOTO: Birkebeinerrittet

State meteorologists’ predictions of more rain and mud prompted nearly 4,000 cyclists registered for the annual Birkebeinerrittet over the weekend to drop out, but nearly 14,000 still showed up at the start. Many claimed later that trail conditions were much better than expected. “The weather was fine for us who started early,” real estate specialist […]

Snakes flourish in warm weather

Hikers and cyclists may start seeing a lot more of Norway’s only poisonous snake, the huggorm, this spring and summer. The relatively small snakes reportedly are thriving in the unusually warm spring, and likely to reproduce rapidy. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Thursday that the recent spate of warm weather in southern Norway is setting off a […]

Warm weather sets spring record

Flowers have bloomed earlier this year because of the better-than-average weather. PHOTO: Views and News

Norway’s record cold winter seems to be giving way to a record warm spring, according to new statistics from the state meteorological institute. Norway hasn’t had such a warm April since 1959, and the late Easter meant that it set warmth records, too. The highest temperature of the year so far was recorded at Åfjord […]

Worrisome weather for Ski-VM 2011

Ski-VM organizers have been working hard to prepare for the Nordic World Ski Championships, and hope warm, wet weather won't spoil the trails and keep the public away. PHOTO: Sven Goll

Light snowfall, rising temperatures and worrisome winds from the south were in the forecast Wednesday morning, just hours before the opening ceremonies of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships (Ski-VM 2011) in Oslo. Organizers were hoping a change in the weather wouldn’t spoil all their plans. After a long spell of sub-freezing temperatures with lots […]

Warmer weather waiting in the wings

This winter's lengthy period of cold weather may be over for this season. Here, the view towards the mountains from Ringkollen, west of Oslo. PHOTO: Views and News

Winter’s here to stay for a few more months, but meteorologists predict temperatures will rise higher than seasonal averages from February to April, especially in northern Norway. The double-digit cold that’s lingered since November may finally be over. Thermometers already have risen dramatically over most of the country and not least in western Norway, where […]

Slightly milder weather sets in

Oslo is among many Norwegian cities that have been held in a freezing grip since mid-November. Here, a view over the capital from the hills at Holmenkollen on Christmas Day. PHOTO: Views and News

After several weeks of double-digit degrees below freezing, temperatures in Oslo rose on Monday to a relatively balmy minus-4C. More mild weather was in the forecast, after a bitterly cold Christmas weekend over most of Norway. The eastern township of Tynset, south of Røros, set a new, dubious record on Christmas Day when thermometers plunged […]

Colder weather due next week

This sunset was snapped over the lake known as "Sognsvann" on Oslo's northside, at around 2:30pm on a recent wintry afternoon. PHOTO: Views and News/Morten Most

The low winter sunlight in central and southern Norway can offer long and beautiful sunsets, but not much warmth, and now weather forecasters say a new deep freeze is on the way. Expect double-digit sub-zero temperatures next week. Norwegians are shivering through one of the earliest and longest cold snaps on record, with several weeks […]

Wild weather predicted all autumn

Last week’s torrential rains continued through the weekend, broken up by a few periods of brilliant sunshine but also hail, snow and even something resembling a tornado. State meteorologists say the wild weather will continue throughout the autumn. It’s still only August, but it was hard to convince hikers visiting the mountains of Jotunheim of […]

Stormy weather on the way

State meteorologists were forecasting a major storm set to move in over much of southern Norway on Tuesday, bringing with it gale force winds, torrential rainfall and high seas. Boat owners were cautioned against heading out on the Oslo Fjord. “Now folks should refrain from heading out to sea,” meteorologist Øyvind Johnsen told Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Unstable weather steals the summer

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Skies clouded over once again on Monday, as many Norwegians headed back to work after traditional summer holidays. Unstable weather has characterized much of a season that always seems too short, and forecasters say it will continue through August. July is the main summer holiday month in Norway, when the days are long and the […]