Summer weather sets new records

After a record wet June, most of Norway headed into one of the warmest and dryest months of July on record, especially in southern and southeastern Norway (Sørlandet and Østlandet). It’s been mighty warm up north, too, and the early August forecast called for more summery weather. The temperature in the far northern city of […]

Hot, dry weather sparks campfire ban

All it took was two weeks with no rain for the forests around Oslo to get so dry that local fire authorities decided to ban any sort of campfire in the Norwegian capital’s surrounding areas known as marka. Forest fire danger is also high all over southern Norway. On Wednesday it became illegal to build […]

Weather site takes on the world

The Norwegian website "" has become popular around the world. PHOTO: screen grab

A joint venture between Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) and Norway’s Meteorological Institute led to their creation of a website about weather that’s spreading across the globe. It’s become a favourite site to check local or international forecasts, even though officials behind claim they’ve never had any ambitions for such huge international growth. Last year, more than […]

Warmer winter weather turned fatal

After an extended period of bitterly cold temperatures, thermometers rose especially in southern Norway over the weekend. Fresh snow that turned to rain in some areas, however, led to slippery roads and extremely hazardous driving conditions from north to south. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported multiple accidents and traffic that could only be described as chaotic. […]

Winter weather disrupts airline travel

Several flights from Oslo to Frankfurt were cancelled on Monday because of bad weather in Europe, and other flights were delayed as airports around the continent had trouble coping with snow and sub-freezing temperatures.  Joachim Westher Andersen, spokesman for Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen, told Norwegian Broadcasting that both departing and incoming flights were either […]

Icy weather grips southern Norway

It's been bitterly cold in southern Norway recently including here at Frognerseteren in Oslo. In the distance, the Oslo Fjord, which is freezing over in several places. PHOTO: Pål Schage

Bitterly cold temperatures that have hit southern Norway lately are due to continue for at least another week. While parts of the north are enjoying warmer weather, the south is locked in an icy grip with temperatures down to minus 35 degrees Celsius, the coldest readings so far this winter. It’s so cold in the […]

Warmer weather due over weekend

Skiers were advised to get out and enjoy the trails while they can, because of forecasts for rain over the weekend. PHOTO:

Skiers and other winter sports fans in southeastern Norway were being advised to get outside and enjoy the snow while they can. A warmer weather front was moving in from the west, with meteorologists predicting rain over the weekend in the south, and another storm farther north. Norway’s holiday weather has been characterized by enormous […]

Winter weather snarls traffic

The first real onslaught of winter weather in and around the Oslo area led to a rash of car accidents, disruptions in public transport and serious delays at the main airport at Gardermoen on Monday morning. One towing service had already fielded more than 225 calls for help by 7am. State meteorologists had been warning that […]

Early winter weather hits the north

Stormy and wintry weather blew over northern Norway on Wednesday, resulting in several car accidents, closed runways at airports and cancelled voyages of the coastal shipping line Hurtigruten. More strong winds and snow were expected during the night on Wednesday and into Thursday. State meteorologists warned of a polar low-pressure system that can cause serious […]

Best weather found in the north

The weather can often be much nicer in the Arctic areas of Norway than in the southern parts of the country. This photo was taken just north of Alta earlier this month. PHOTO: Views and News

As summer makes its last attempt to redeem itself this year, Norwegians were being advised to head to the country’s northernmost county of Finnmark for the sunniest and warmest weather this week. And it may even get warmer over the coming weekend. Finnmark was set to enjoy the effects of a high-pressure system lying over […]