BASE jumper fatality sparks calls for a crackdown

The death last week of an American man who hurled himself off a steep mountain in a so-called BASE jump has set off new calls for the extreme sport to be banned. Neighbours who witnessed the accident don’t want any more. “We heard a terrible sound,” one witness told newspaper Bergens Tidende. “I saw him crash into […]

Ferry fire survivors disappointed again

One of the passengers who survived a fire onboard the car-and passenger ferry Scandinavian Star 27 years ago was among those disappointed again by the latest report on the blaze that killed 159 others. It concluded that there was no evidence of sabotage or arson that was economically motivated. The report by a commission appointed by […]

Yet another mountain threatens to fall

Norwegian geologists are constantly monitoring the stability of the country’s steep mountainsides, and now one in Northern Norway is creating concerns. It’s called Gamanjunni, located up a valley across the Kåfjord from Olderdalen in Troms County, and evacuations loom. A new report from state waterways agency NVE warns that if masses of rock and dirt loosen and crash […]

Gas leaked from brewery

Around five people were advised to get medical check-ups after a gas leak from the local Aass Brewery in Drammen early Sunday morning left them with respiratory irritation. They were outside the brewery when gas filtered out from the brewery’s ventilation system. Emergency crews from the local fire station had initially headed for the historic brewery on […]

Tunnel fire blocks key road in southern Oslo

Around 60 people were evacuated Friday morning from a tunnel being used in connection with construction of the new Follobane train line south of Oslo, after fire broke out in a tank truck inside the tunnel. The fire forced closure of Mosseveien, a main artery leading in and out of Oslo from the south. State broadcaster […]

Hong Kong media tycoon survived helicopter crash

More details of last week’s dramatic helicopter crash off Bergen emerged on Friday, with the state accident report revealing that among the three men on board was Hong Kong media tycoon Charles Chan Kwok-keung. The South China Morning Post reported Friday that Chan was rescued and, along with the British pilot, suffered only minor injuries. The third […]

Russian died after Svalbard snowmobile accident

A Russian man in his 30s who was rushed to hospital in Tromsø after a snowmobile accident on Svalbard in late April was reported to have died during the night from the injuries he sustained. He was one of four guides leading around 20 Russian tourists when the ice over the fjord under them broke […]

Investigation begins into helicopter crash

Norway’s state board that investigates accidents (Havarikommisjonen) has launched a probe into the crash Wednesday night of a helicopter that had attempted to land on a large yacht in the fjord outside Bergen. One man was seriously injured in the crash, while two others were hospitalized as well. Emergency crews were at the scene almost immediately because […]

Fire forces closure of the Oslofjordtunnel

Yet another tunnel fire broke out over the weekend, this one in the long and deep tunnel running under the Oslo Fjord between Drøbak and Hurum. The heat was so intense that it badly damaged the tunnel, resulting in a need for major repairs. The fire began once again in a heavy truck that was […]

New tunnel fire fuels safety concerns

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen was himself only a few kilometers away from the Fjærlands Tunnel in Western Norway Monday night when a maintenance truck that was cleaning its interior burst into flames. Solvik-Olsen admitted that the resulting fire inside the tunnel “reminds us how vulnerable we are,” but he insisted the government was taking tunnel […]