More trouble for ‘Goliat’ platform

Norwegian petroleum authorities have signaled another security inspection of the long-troubled Goliat platform in the Barents Sea, around 90 kilometers northwest of Hammerfest. It was shut down again this week, for the fifth time since it was put in place just last year. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported this week that more trouble was discovered […]

World War II land mines found on West Coast beach

Police have cordoned off a beach at Jæren, Rogaland County, after a man out walking found 21 old land mines stemming from World War II. The mines were spread over an area estimated to be around 300 square meters in size. Johan Ølberg, who often strolls along Sele Beach neary Hellestø in Jæren, spotted some of […]

Statoil admits to safety flaws

Norway’s biggest company, the Stavanger-based oil and energy firm Statoil, has concluded that its safety routines were lacking in at least two alarming incidents this past autumn. It also has decided to bring responsibility for security-related computer systems back home to Norway, reversing a controversial outsourcing to India. Experts believe it may be the beginning of […]

Search for slide victims suspended

After more than a month of hazardous searching through unstable mud and clay, police in Sørum have suspended efforts to find the two remaining victims of a landslide on November 10. The body of a third victim was found in the masses of earth that also buried a tractor they were working with. “We have finished searching […]

Police find body of slide victim

The body of one of three men from Lithuania who were killed in a landslide in Sørum last month was found on Tuesday by crews who have continued to search through the rubble. A tractor the men were using has been found as well. The men were first listed as missing and then presumed dead after enormous amounts of […]

Gondola drama left skiers hanging

Around 40 skiers at the Hafjell Alpine Center north of Lillehammer had to be rescued from the gondolas they were riding in on Sunday. One of them hung up in what was described as a “derailment” that may have been caused by strong winds in the area. The entire gondola system ground to a halt, leaving […]

Fire on drilling rig forced evacuations

A fire in the machine room on board the drilling rig Scarabeo 5 was under control Tueday night, but officials warned temperatures on the rig remained high. The fire prompted the evacuation of a third of those working on board. The rig is on charter to Statoil, which reported that 33 of the 106 workers […]

Investigation begins into fatal landslide

Police in Sørum, northeast of Oslo, have begun an investigation into what may have set off a landslide where six men from Lithuania were clearing a forest last week. Three of them escaped from the masses of mud and clay but three others disappeared and are presumed dead. After five days of fruitless searching for the […]

Still no sign of men missing in landslide

The grim work continued on Monday to search for the bodies of three men from Lithuania who were clearing a forest at Sørum, northeast of Oslo, when the land slid out from under them on Thursday. The local mayor and as many as 70 mourners took part in a memorial at the site on Sunday. The missing […]

Three workers feared dead in mudslide

UPDATED: Emergency crews were resuming their search efforts on Friday for three men who disappeared under hundreds of meters of mud and clay that slid down a hillside in Sørum, northeast of Oslo, late Thursday afternoon. Those missing were working on an excavation project tied to forestry work, and one of their tractors was missing as well. […]