Ski resort to demand use of helmets

The Hovden Alpinsenter ski resort in the mountains of Southern Norway is set to become the first in the country to require use of helmets on its downhill slopes. Insurance companies are rejoicing and hope other alpine resport make helmets mandatory, too. “We’re doing this because we see that helmets are very important as a […]

Storm battered west and roof collapsed

Warnings had been posted and they proved well-founded: Another severe storm moved in from the North Sea this week and caused damage up and down the coast. Heavy snow farther east, meanwhile, is believed to have caused the roof of a dance hall in Lillehammer to collapse. Meteorologists said that the new storm in the […]

Second body found in Trondheim river

Police in Trondheim are investigating the deaths of two men after the bodies of both of them were found separately but within 12 hours of each other during the weekend. Both bodies were found at approximately the same spot along the river, Nidelva, that runs through the central Norwegian city. State broadcaster NRK first reported […]

Two killed in small plane crash

Two members of a flying club from Tromsø were killed when their small plane crashed into the sea off Northern Norway’s scenic Lofoten islands Sunday night. The airport at Svolvær remained closed early Monday morning but was due to reopen later in the day. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the weather was clear and there were […]

Complaints pile up over snow and ice

Southern Norway is in the midst of its snowiest winter in years, creating huge challenges for those responsible for clearing streets and sidewalks. Ice has also caused problems, with local emergency rooms in Oslo dealing with an average of 48 patients a day with broken bones after falling. Skiers are rejoicing, but state broadcaster NRK […]

Accidents soar on slippery roads

One of Norway’s major insurance companies, Gjensidige Forsikring, received fully 440 accident reports from its customers just between Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Most of them were blamed on suddenly icy roads that left vehicles skidding in all directions. “I was startled when I saw these numbers,” the company’s communications director Bjarne Rysstad told news bureau […]

Bus collides with truck on slick street

The driver of a large truck for Posten’s Bring delivery service was critically injured when his truck collided head-on with a city bus carrying 44 people i Oslo Thurday morning. Police reported that 14 passengers on the bus were also injured, two of them seriously. The collision occurred in an industrial area at Alfaset on […]

Fatal accident closes tunnel indefinitely

The long tunnel under the Oslo Fjord that connects Drøbak and Hurum was closed indefinitely this week after a large truck collided head-on with a car on Wednesday. The driver of the car, a woman, was killed instantly. Police remained unsure of the sequence of events, but said the car collided with the truck’s trailer. […]

Snowplow buried girl playing in its path

The unusually heavy snowfall that covered most of southeastern Norway this week almost cost the life of a nine-year-old girl. She was out playing in the snowdrifts along the street where she lived when a large snowplow rumbled by, trapping her in a snow cave she’d dug earlier. Her mother told local newspaper Varden in […]

Young driver killed a father of three

Crisis teams were called out New Year’s Eve after a 21-year-old man drove a car at high-speed in the wrong direction on the new E18 highway between Larvik and Porsgrunn. He collided head-on with a car carrying a family of five, killing the father who was driving and seriously injuring the mother and one of […]