Man killed in fall from mountaintop

A man in his 40s was confirmed to have been killed Wednesday evening after hiking up to the top of a mountain in the county of Møre og Romsdal, and then suffering a bad fall. The fatal accident occurred atop the mountain called Rørsethornet near Midsund west of Molde. “The man has probably fallen from the […]

Holiday traffic resulted in delays

Norway’s long pinse holiday weekend ended Monday afternoon with lots of major traffic back-ups on highways like the E18 and E6 around Oslo, and with several traffic accidents. News bureau NTB reported that the slowest routes were on the E18 from Kragerø towards Porsgrunn, as holidaymakers headed home from a sunny weekend on Norway’s southern […]

Search suspended for man overboard

A young crew member on board the Norwegian Coast Guard ship KV Nordkapp was reported missing over the weekend and is believed to have fallen or been swept overboard into the icy Barents Sea. A major search on Saturday and Sunday was eventually called off. “The missing person is a young male crew member who […]

Search continues for missing student in South Africa

Police and emergency services in the beach town of Sedgefield, South Africa have been searching for days for a young woman from Stavanger who’s a student at the prestigious Sciences Po Toulouse in France. Marie Sæther Østbø disappeared while on a trip with fellow students and police fear she’s drowned. The 20-year-old Østbø never returned […]

Family members killed in camper fire

The mother, father and one of their two children in a family from Sandnes were killed during the weekend, when the camping van in which they were sleeping at a park along the west coast reportedly exploded, and then caught fire. They left behind one teenaged daughter. “She’s being looked after by her grandparents and […]

Plane belly-flopped in Stavanger

A propeller plane came in from the north for landing at the airport in Stavanger Monday morning without its pilot being aware that the plane’s landing gear hadn’t come down. The plane thus made a hard landing on the belly of its fuselage, but it came to a stop and no one was injured. The […]

Avalanche accidents double

Nearly twice as many people have reported being involved in avalanches so far this winter compared to last year, just as the so-called topptur season of climbing up to mountaintops and skiing down them has begun. One skier has already been killed, in an avalanche at Lofoten last weekend, while 12 French tourists narrowly escaped […]

Avalanche kills man skiing in Lofoten

A Norwegian man in his 40s was killed when he was caught in an avalanche on the steep slopes near Kleppstad at Vågan in Lofoten Sunday afternoon. Warnings had been up all week for high avalanche danger all over the country. Another man out skiing with the victim had alerted police to the avalanche around […]

Bus fire closed E18 highway

A double-decker bus normally used for carrying tourists around Norway caught fire while driving from the southern island of Hvaler north towards Oslo on Wednesday morning. The fire closed the E18 highway in both directions. A spokesman for the company currently using the bus, in scheduled service for the bus line Timeekspresse, told state broadcaster NRK […]

Freezing weather keeps firefighters busy

There’s been a rash of fires in homes all over Norway in recent days, and firefighters are blaming the onset of bitterly cold temperatures. Several of the fires have started in the chimneys of homes. More than 20 chimney fires have been reported since Wednesday afternoon, most of them in the counties of Agder, Hordaland […]