Vinmonopolet’s Easter sales soared

Norway’s state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet registered brisk business when it opened for the first time during the long Easter holidays this year. New figures show that it sold 1,077 liters a minute on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Vinomonopolet has always been closed on that day, wedged into the five-day Easter […]

Airport plagued by drunk passengers

Hard-drinking passengers are causing problems at the Torp Airport in Sandefjord, which offers the most routes from Norway to destinations in Eastern Europe. Police are regularly called upon to help airport officials and airlines handle unruly and drunk travelers. “We face a different drinking culture and attitudes towards what’s okay and what’s not,” Torp’s marketing chief Tine Kleive-Mathisen told […]

‘Polet’ re-opens but under threat

Norway could mark its first long Easter holiday this weekend when its state monopoly of wine and liquor stores, Vinmonopolet, didn’t stay closed all five days, from Thursday through Monday. The stores were to re-open on Saturday, known as påskeaften, because of a liberalization in the law, but that may not be enough to ward off what Health Minister Bent […]

Oslo plans to extend outdoor café hours

Oslo’s nighthawks can soon drink alcohol at outdoor cafés in the midnight sun, and until 3am indoors, if the Labour Party-led city government gets its way. Those living near bars and cafés may not like the noise, but city officials think it’s a good thing. “Folks want a diverse nightlife, and we don’t want everyone to only […]

Elderly drown their sorrows in drinks

As Norway enters what many refer to as its traditional stille uke (quiet week) tied to the Easter holidays, the week can be dangerously quiet for the country’s elderly. Efforts to contain nursing home expenses mean many now live alone at home well into their 80s, with limited assistance, and loneliness is a growing problem that’s […]

Oil Fund urged to cut stakes in alcoholic beverage production

Calls are going out for Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund, known as the Oil Fund, to cut its investment holdings in companies selling alcoholic beverages. The calls intensified on reports that Dutch brewery giant Heineken has engaged in questionable operations in Africa. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the Oil Fund has invested NOK 62 billion in […]

Hindus upset over Norwegian beer label

Hindus around the world are urging Norwegian brewery Berentsens, located in the coastal town of Egersund, to remove the image of an elephant that they claim is their Lord Ganesha from bottles of the brewery’s Bombay India Pale Ale. They call it “highly inappropriate” to use Hindu deities, concepts or symbols for commercial means. Rajan Zed, president of […]

Norwegians back alcohol restrictions

An overwhelming majority of Norwegians still support the country’s strict alcohol regulations and Vinmonopolet, Norway’s state-controlled liquor retailer. Now there may also be a majority in Parliament in favour of turning tax-free sales at Norwegian airports over to Vinmonopolet. Newspaper Dagbladet reported during the weekend that several parties including the Christian Democrats, SV and the Center Party want […]

Finance minister saves tax-free sales

Norway’s conservative government has resisted calls from the left-center opposition in Parliament to re-evaluate or even end the current tax-free sales of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cosmetics and other items at Norwegian airports and on board international ferries. Finance Minister Siv Jensen of the Progress Party made it clear when presenting her new state budget proposal for […]

Police nab foreign drunk drivers

Motorists from a total of 59 countries have been stopped and arrested so far this year for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Norwegian roads. Drivers from Poland, Lithuania and Sweden topped the statistics. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the vast majority of the 4,855 offenders were, naturally enough, Norwegian drivers. They accounted for 3,928 […]