Hindus upset over Norwegian beer label

Hindus around the world are urging Norwegian brewery Berentsens, located in the coastal town of Egersund, to remove the image of an elephant that they claim is their Lord Ganesha from bottles of the brewery’s Bombay India Pale Ale. They call it “highly inappropriate” to use Hindu deities, concepts or symbols for commercial means. Rajan Zed, president of […]

Norwegians back alcohol restrictions

An overwhelming majority of Norwegians still support the country’s strict alcohol regulations and Vinmonopolet, Norway’s state-controlled liquor retailer. Now there may also be a majority in Parliament in favour of turning tax-free sales at Norwegian airports over to Vinmonopolet. Newspaper Dagbladet reported during the weekend that several parties including the Christian Democrats, SV and the Center Party want […]

Finance minister saves tax-free sales

Norway’s conservative government has resisted calls from the left-center opposition in Parliament to re-evaluate or even end the current tax-free sales of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cosmetics and other items at Norwegian airports and on board international ferries. Finance Minister Siv Jensen of the Progress Party made it clear when presenting her new state budget proposal for […]

Police nab foreign drunk drivers

Motorists from a total of 59 countries have been stopped and arrested so far this year for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Norwegian roads. Drivers from Poland, Lithuania and Sweden topped the statistics. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the vast majority of the 4,855 offenders were, naturally enough, Norwegian drivers. They accounted for 3,928 […]

Farms now able to sell their cider

After years of trying, farms producing alcoholic beverages from, for example, apples and pears can now sell them on location instead of having to distribute them through the state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet. Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale was the first customer at the farm Egge Gård in Lier. “The change in the alcohol law […]

Sales fizzle at the liquor monopoly

Revenues have declined once again at Norway’s state liquor and wine monopoly, Vinmonopolet, even during the usually busy pre-Christmas season. Sales were also down at Vinmonopolet’s biggest rival, the tax-free stores at Norwegian airports, indicating that Norwegians are now spending less on alcoholic beverages in the midst of the country’s economic downturn. The fate of both institutions, […]

Police crack down on ‘julebord’ prostitution

More Norwegian men are likely to buy sex during the annual julebord (Christmas party) season than otherwise during the year, according to Oslo police working to combat human trafficking. Police are confronting men and asking them to realize that the vast majority of prostitutes in Oslo are not in the business voluntarily. “It’s quite common […]

Drunks threaten border control

Border police and security personnel on board ferries between Norway and Denmark are facing problems trying to carry out Norway’s tough new border control procedures. Many of the passengers are too drunk to find their identification and travel documents, or answer border patrol officers’ questions. It’s holiday party season in both Norway and Denmark, and the ferries […]

‘Julebord’ season keeps police busy

The often wild Christmas party season in Norway, known as julebordsesongen, kept police extra busy during the weekend. Instead of celebrating peace on earth, many partying Norwegians seemed intent on disturbing it. “We had quite a lot of calls tied to lack of order and disturbances of the peace,” Gjermund Stokkli, operations leader for the Oslo […]

Air Baltic pilot faces at least eight more weeks in prison

The pilot of an Air Baltic flight from Oslo, whose crew tested positive for alcohol consumption while boarding the flight in Oslo last summer, has been ordered held in custody for at least another eight weeks. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison but has appealed. The pilot’s first appeal, to the Eidsivating lagmannsrett, was rejected but […]