More reindeer meet tragic fate

Sami reindeer herders and not least their animals suffered yet another tragedy during the weekend, when a passenger train run by railway NSB plowed once again into a herd of around 80 reindeer grazing on the tracks. Around 20 had to be killed because they were so badly injured. It’s the latest in a string […]

More reindeer run over by cargo train

Another 17 reindeer were run over and killed by a train on Wednesday, after they’d wandered onto open railroad tracks while grazing in north central Norway. The latest in a string of animal tragedies occurred just as state authorities sat in a meeting with state railroad Bane Nor in an effort to prevent them. Norwegian […]

Errant trains slaughter reindeer herds

State railroad agency Bane NOR had been alerted to grazing reindeer along a stretch of its Nordlandsbanen line through Helgeland over the weekend, but Bane NOR officials never managed to pass on the warning to those operating the trains themselves. Three of them thus crashed right into the herds, killing 106 reindeer over the past […]

Fur farmers face more restrictions

After repeated cases of animal abuse at Norwegian fur farms, state officials are now imposing more restrictions and tougher regulations. Animal rights activists wish the farms had been shut down all together. The state agricultural ministry, responding to all the findings of negligence and poor conditions in animals’ cages, is now prohibiting keeping mink, for […]

Concerns for animals rise again

Never before have state animal protection authorities received so many complaints about the owners of both pets and livestock in Norway. Many more of those responsible for animals also were fined, reported to police or legally denied the right to own animals. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that the state agency responsible for animal welfare, […]

Wolf shot while out stalking more sheep

Hunters authorized to shoot a wolf that’s believed to have killed more than 100 free-grazing sheep this summer think they succeeded during the night. They claim they shot a large female wolf in Østre Toten, just as she was stalking more sheep. “It’s hopefully the one that’s been ravaging flocks all summer,” Kjell Bakken, leader of the […]

Østmarka wolves have a new litter

New film from special cameras set up in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka has captured new wolf pups, believed to be the offspring of a wolf pair that settled in the area last winter. Two of the young wolves were photographed in mid-July. Wildlife enthusiasts are pleased while local farmers are likely to be unhappy because […]

Center Party now targeting eagles

Norway’s farmer-friendly Center Party, which has long wanted to shoot more wolves, is moving forward with plans to target eagles as well. It claims there are now so many kongeørn (golden eagles) in Norway that they’re threatening grazing livestock. “The golden eagles are a problem for grazing animals, especially along the coast,” Marit Arnstad, the Center Party’s […]

Tourists accused of stealing goats’ bells

Farmer Reidar Stenberg, who’s raising around 200 goats on his mountain property at the foot of Hallingskarvet, is fed up with tourists who steal the bells that hang around the necks of some of his free-grazing animals. Such theft is “totally disrespectful,” claims the farmers’ national organization Norges Bondelaget. Stenberg operates the Presthold Geitestøl in the […]

Police probe cattle injuries

A cattle owner in Valdres has reported injuries suffered by 10 of his free-grazing cattle to police after the animals were found bloody and with deep cuts earlier this week. One cow had to have her tail amputated and it’s feared someone has intentionally abused the small herd. Farmer Embrik Før of Vestre Slidre found his herd injured and […]