Kangaroo on Karmøy injured, put to death

A kangaroo that escaped from a zoo on the Norwegian island of Karmøy last week ended up being put to death over the weekend. Veterinarians claimed the kangaroo suffered a foot injury while on the run that couldn’t be mended. The female kangaroo, which literally hopped out of the Haugaland Zoo during feeing time last […]

Fugitive kangaroo caught on Karmøy

Residents of Karmøy on Norway’s west coast were startled to see a kangaroo hopping about their island this week. The kangaroo had escaped from the Haugaland Zoo but was back in captivity on Thursday and resting at a local animal clinic. “We got her in the end,” the zoo’s general manager Bernt Kai Velde told state […]

Solberg joins wolf hunt

Prime Minister Erna Solberg headed up to Hadeland, north of Oslo, on Thursday to express support for those trying to hunt down a wolf suspected of attacking more than 110 sheep during the past week. Lambs face more threats much farther north in Nordland, after crows and ravens attacked them and hacked out their eyes. “It […]

Norwegians can now have reptiles as pets

After being illegal for 40 years, state authorities announced on Thursday that reptiles including 19 types of snakes, lizards and turtles can now be held as pets in Norway. It seems the authorities gave up trying to stop the smuggling that’s gone on during the decades with the ban. Norway and Iceland have been the only […]

Wolves’ saviour faces ouster

UPDATED: Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen from the Conservative Party faces a lack of confidence vote in Parliament, after he halted a wolf hunt approved last year by the Parliament because the justice ministry deemed it was illegal. Now the anti-wolf movement led by the opposition Center Party plans to order Helgesen to change current regulations to allow shooting […]

Wolf sightings soar not far from Oslo

Residents of Akershus and Østfold counties have been reporting numerous wolf sightings during the past week. Most describe the wolf they’ve seen as “big and beautiful,” and one wildlife expert thinks it may be the same young wolf out exploring on his own. “It’s at this time of year that young wolves wander out of […]

Animal tragedy unfolds near Bodø

Hundreds of pigs were feared to have been burned alive early Tuesday after a blaze engulfed the barn where they were housed at Fenes, not far from Bodø in Northern Norway. Veterinarians needed to determine whether an estimated 300 pigs that survived would also need to be slaughtered because of smoke inhalation and stress. State broadcaster NRK described […]

Minister clears the way for mass reindeer slaughter

After receiving what’s been called “brutal and unambiguous” advice from veterinary experts, Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale told Norway’s food safety and animal welfare authorities this week to prepare for the country’s largest mass slaughter ever. An entire herd of wild reindeer must be eliminated, they claim, to prevent the further spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD). […]

Wild reindeer face a mass slaughter

Wildlife authorities fear that two large herds of wild reindeer that roam Norway’s central mountain plateau called Hardangervidda have been infected with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). They also fear that the only way to halt the spread of the disease is through a mass slaughter of as many as 13,000 of the majestic animals. “This […]

Wolves stable in numbers, attack fewer sheep

New statistics from Rovdata, which tracks Norway’s wolf population, indicate there are now between 84 and 91 wolves in the country and roaming back and forth over the Norwegian-Swedish border. Nearly 40 are registered as roaming only in Norway, and they seem to be attacking fewer free-grazing sheep. “Our field work has given us a […]