Climate activists hail oil divestments

NEWS ANALYSIS: After years of trying to steer the Norwegian government away from more investment in its oil industry, because of the damage it can cause to the climate and environment, activists on both fronts are glad that at least their politicians will listen when money talks. Climate advocates are delighted that Norway’s central bank […]

End of an era on Norway’s Svalbard

The Arctic territory of Svalbard has long been administered by Norway, with coal mining as it major source of income. Now Norway’s government has formally decided against bailing out the Svalbard coal mining operations it owns once again, marking the end of one era and, hope most involved, the beginning of another that will continue […]

EU claims rights to Svalbard’s bounty

The European Union claims that vessels from member nations have a right to catch just as much of the crabs found on the seafloor around Svalbard as Norwegian vessels have. The claims set the stage for more drama in a conflict that goes far beyond crab, and may trap Norway itself over its claims to […]

Helicopter wreckage set to be retrieved

A remote-controlled submarine sent to Svalbard by the Norwegian military has located the wreckage of a Russian helicopter that crashed into the sea off Barentsburg in the Arctic island group last week. All eight on board the helicopter are presumed dead. Around 40 Russian search and rescue experts including 17 divers arrived in Barentsburg on […]

Search widened for missing helicopter

UPDATED: The search continued on Friday for a Russian MI-8 helicopter with eight people on board that crashed into the sea just off Svalbard’s Russian mining settlement of Barentsburg late Thursday afternoon. Norwegian authorities mounted a major search and rescue operation, but it’s believed the helicopter sank to the seafloor. The search was expanded Friday […]

Colourful opening of Sami Parliament

Two days after the new Norwegian Parliament opened amidst traditional pomp and circumstance in Oslo this week, the country’s Sami Parliament (Sametinget) opened in its own blaze of colour and with the monarch present. Both legislative bodies take their traditions seriously. King Harald V and Crown Prince Haakon were welcomed to Sametinget in Karasjok, Northern […]

Explosion risk shuts down ‘Goliat’ platform

Norwegian authorities have ordered another shutdown of the huge problem-plagued Goliat platform in the Barents Sea. Now they claim the electrical system on board the platform is so poorly secured that it could set off an explosion. Magazine Teknisk Ukeblad reported that the oil industry’s regulatory agency Petroleumtilsynet is dissatisfied with conditions on board Goliat. The electrical […]

Statoil set to keep drilling in the Arctic

Norwegian state oil company Statoil intends to drill just as many exploration wells in the Barents Sea next summer as it did this summer, even though its expensive and demanding attempts didn’t meet expectations.  Statoil’s summer exploration program in the Arctic was disappointing. Its latest effort on the Korpfjell field close to the new border Norway shares […]

High costs emerge in oil drilling debate

If Norway went along with calls from climate experts and its own Greens Party to halt all new oil exploration, the country would likely still be able to maintain its welfare state but at a “dramatically” higher cost to its citizens. That’s the conclusion of new research, presented just as protesters temporarily stopped some oil drilling in […]

Norway strikes new climate pact, with NASA

Last week Norway signed a climate pact with the state of California, to help it electrify driving. Now Norway has signed a new deal with the US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), to strengthen monitoring of climate change in the Arctic. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Tuesday that NASA and Norwegian mapping agency Kartverket will […]