Melgaard’s ‘death house’ delayed

Artist Bjarne Melgaard faces more frustration in his efforts to build his controversial “House to Die In” near and even on parts of the former homesite of another Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch. Now Melgaard, who’s been working on the project with Oslo architecture firm Snøhetta, has been ordered to supply more information about it before Norway’s national Directorate for […]

Customs officials cleared to release Melgaard’s art

Finance Minister Siv Jensen stepped in for a second time on Tuesday to settle a conflict over what constitutes art, and whether Norway’s VAT should be slapped on a series of paintings created by Norwegian contemporary artist Bjarne Melgaard. Jensen determined that the tax should not apply, and that Melgaard’s art should be released by customs immediately. “Melgaard […]

Munch painting fetches millions

Another painting by famed Norwegian artist Edvard Munch has been sold for a dizzying amount of money at auction in New York. After being appraised at around USD 50 million, it actually sold Monday night for USD 54,487,500. The painting is one of 12 known versions of Pikene på broen (The girls on the bridge), painted […]

Melgaard scoffs at neighbour protests

Controversial Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard has finally commented on the protests lodged by fellow artists who don’t want his House to Die In as their new neighbour. Melgaard summarily dismissed them all as a “a gang of losers” who should mind their own business. That’s exactly what they contend they’re doing, as they rally to […]

Ministry to liberate Melgaard’s art

UPDATED: Norway’s finance minister was promising late Friday to free 16 paintings by one of the country’s most prominent artists from the clutches of customs officers at Norway’s gateway airport (OSL Gardermoen).  They held up the arrival of the paintings by contemporary artist Bjarne Melgaard, claiming they didn’t qualify as artwork and that Melgaard would have to pay NOK 1.3 […]

Neighbours mount new protest over Melgaard project

Neighbours and fellow artists of Norwegian Bjarne Melgaard keep trying to halt construction of his controversial studio and residential property at Ekely in Oslo. Now they’re filing protests with Norway’s national historic preservation agency, Riksantikvaren, to protect their area from Melgaard’s encroachment. The protests began not long after Melgaard unveiled his project, called A House […]

A-ha musician helps transform Fornebu

PHOTO FEATURE: Fornebu, the former site of Oslo’s main airport just west of the city, has been undergoing a major transformation since the airport closed and a new one opened at Gardermoen in 1998. It’s taken time for Fornebu’s redevelopment to take shape, but now the former runways are parks, new residential and commercial projects have opened and […]

Historic landscapes impress the critics

This year’s summer exhibit at the art center founded by legendary Norwegian ice skater Sonja Henie has won rave reviews and drawn an enthusiastic public. It’s also part of an ongoing effort in Norway to cooperate with other museums outside the country, and introduce some of Norway’s most cherished artists to an international audience. The Munch […]

Photographer convicted of economic crimes

Morten Krogvold, one of Norway’s most prominent photographers, was sentenced late last week to a 60-day suspended jail term, fined and ordered to engage professional financial assistance after he failed to file accounts for his business for four years. Krogvold also failed to file his tax returns. “It’s all my fault, I was responsible,” Krogvold […]

Artist Nerdrum begs state’s pardon

Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian figurative artist who got into serious tax trouble with the state, is reportedly seeking an official pardon from the Justice Ministry. He was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to jail, but apparently feels he cannot serve his sentence for health reasons. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Nerdrum, now age […]