Duck and cover! Donald hits Oslo

Calls for even more diversity at the international football tournament Norway Cup this week were at least fictionally met with the arrival of the world’s most famous ducks. A recent issue of Donald Duck & Co, a comic book more popular in Norway than almost anywhere else, features Donald Duck and his triplet nephews’ debut […]

National Gallery highlights a ‘pioneer’

With renewed political support and the largest exhibition ever of multi-talented, pioneering Norwegian artist Gerhard Munthe, Norway’s National Gallery in Oslo is poised for another busy summer season. Busloads of tourists were already pouring into the museum on Wednesday, even before the Munthe exhibition debuts this weekend. The official opening is set for Thursday evening. […]

Tono reports Tidal to the police

Songwriters are fuming and the organization charged with taking care of their rights has now gone to the police, filing a formal complaint over how music streaming platform Tidal has allegedly manipulated its numbers for listening sessions. Not only has that allegedly inflated sessions and payments for top artists linked to Tidal’s owner, hip-hop mogul […]

Tidal has some explaining to do

Static is rising around the music-streaming platform Tidal, after Oslo-based newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported in detail this week about how Tidal seems to have manipulated its listener statistics by several hundred million. Recording artists are stunned and Tono, which manages rights and royalties for Norwegian songwriters and composers, is demanding a full audit. “We […]

Artist Pushwagner laid to rest

A wide range of Norwegian artists laid their fellow artist Terje Brofos, better known as Pushwagner, to rest on Monday in the building they can all claim as their own. Kunstnernes Hus (The Artist’s House) in Oslo was packed as they gathered to pay tribute in a ceremony that ended with a long round of […]

Sigrid sang for 3 million Americans

A 21-year-old singer from Norway’s scenic coastal town of Aalesund, who simply calls herself “Sigrid,” scored a sanding ovation Tuesday night on the US’s popular Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It was a major breakthrough for the young Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, who hates makeup, favours blue jeans and just want to spread her music. Host Jimmy […]

Pushwagner leaves an artistic legacy

Terje Brofos, better known by his pseudonym Hariton Pushwagner, clearly left his mark on Oslo and internationally. The artist was even being compared to Norway’s Edvard Munch after he died during the night on Tuesday after a struggle with lung cancer. Pushwagner was being hailed as one of Norway’s most important contemporary artists whose life […]

Listhaug crucifixion painting resurrected

UPDATED: Controversial street art depicting Norway’s former justice minister Sylvi Listhaug hanging from a cross has undergone a reawakening. It had first been tagged, then painted over with black paint, but a group of students in Bergen managed to resurrect it, and it quickly attracted purchase offers. The painting was hanging on the wall of […]

Opposition to Melgaard can be personal

Bjarne Melgaard is widely viewed as Norway’s leading contemporary artist, but he’s attracted strong opposition to his major project that would combine his art with his residence and workplace. Melgaard suspects the opposition is aimed more at himself personally than his controversial “House to Die In.” He’s not alone. “Bjarne can gladly be viewed as […]

Melgaard mellows on disputed ‘House’

After years of heated conflict, Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard seems more keen to come to terms with potential neighbours of his controversial “House to Die In.” A public exhibition of new plans for the house in Oslo shows “adjustments” aimed at accommodating neighbours, while Melgaard even is open to building it at another location. “You […]