Disputed au pair program to continue

The Norwegian government has secured a majority in Parliament for its intention to maintain the country’s disputed au pair program. The program has resulted in many young women from the Philippines working as low-paid domestic servants in Norway, instead of functioning as the cultural exchange it was intended to be, and that’s made it a target of strong criticism. Despite […]

Labour joins calls for ‘au pair’ reform

Several of Norway’s political parties are keen to scrap or dramatically alter the country’s current au pair system, following its repeated abuse. Now the deputy leader of Norway’s largest party, Labour, describes how it’s geared to go along with their calls, and that may create a majority in Parliament. Hadia Tajik, who once served as a minister […]

Au pair scandal yields jail terms

The Oslo City Court has sentenced a wealthy Norwegian investor and his wife to five months in prison each, in a case that has highlighted abuse of Norway’s au pair program. It’s supposed to serve as a cultural exchange for young people from abroad but the couple, aided by two neighbours, was found guilty of fraudulently and illegally using two young women from the Philippines […]

Families probed for exploiting au pair

Norway’s state immigration agency UDI (Utlendingsdirektoratet) is evaluating whether as many as 45 Norwegian families should be prohibited from having the mostly young foreign women called au pair in their homes, because of the families’ alleged violations of the au pair program. State officials believe the families take on au pair as a source of cheap domestic labour instead […]

LO leader: ‘Scrap au pair system’

The leader of Norway’s largest trade union confederation, LO, wants to do away with the country’s “au pair” system that’s intended to be a cultural exchange program. Most au pair, however, are young women from abroad, and LO’s Gerd Kristiansen claims the system allows for their exploitation by host families who expect them to work in […]

Platou millionaire faces charges over au pair contracts

A wealthy Norwegian businessman who reportedly has a fortune of at least NOK 148 million (around USD 20 million) has been charged by police for supplying authorities with incorrect information regarding contracts for two au pairs from the Philippines who were working in his home. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported they were paid the equivalent of NOK 41 (USD […]

Man sent to jail for raping two au pair

An appeals court in Stavanger sentenced a 46-year-old Norwegian man to seven-and-a-half years in prison on Wednesday, for engaging in human trafficking and the sexual assault of two women from the Philippines who were brought to Norway as au pair. He continues to deny guilt. His sentence is in line with that demanded by prosecutors […]

Man convicted of human trafficking in au pair rape case

A court in Stavanger has convicted a 45-year-old Norwegian man of human trafficking, after declaring that the lives of two 22-year-old au pairs from the Philippines could be compared to those of a sex slave. They lived and worked in his family’s home, where he subjected them to rape and other forms of sexual abuse. […]

Couple cleared of exploiting au pairs

A court in Oslo has acquitted a couple charged with exploiting two au pairs from the Philippines and forcing them to work up to 96 hours a week in their home and at a grocery store they ran. News bureau NTB reported that the court found there was no evidence that the au pairs were […]

Au pair exploitation goes on trial

Two trials currently underway in  Oslo point up the serious exploitation faced by many au pairs and other labour migrants who travel to Norway, many of them from the Philippines. Officials at the Au Pair Center, a support organization in Oslo, hope some tough convictions will get other host families to treat their au pairs and […]