Fall foliage lights up the autumn days

PHOTO FEATURE: Norway has been in the midst of another spectacular autumn characterized by fall foliage that literally seems to light up forests, countryside and urban landscapes. The sun came out briefly in Oslo on Monday, but it’s the fall colours that provide colour and light during some recently dreary days. Norway’s tourism industry hasn’t […]

New storm warnings posted over ‘Karl’

Residents of Western Norway were being warned on Monday to batten down the hatches once again over the next few days. The remains of the tropical storm called “Karl” were expected to bring strong winds and lots of rain, according to state meteorologists. “We’re expecting  winds to rise on Tuesday, and that we’ll get between […]

Stavanger breaks new warmth record

It has never been warmer in Stavanger in September than it was on Tuesday. Folks flocked to the beaches along the North Sea when thermometers rose to more than 27C (around 80F). After a summer of rain and cool temperatures, Stavanger was positively basking in the unusual warmth this week. And it may get even […]

Stormy weather all week long

After several weeks of unusually dry weather, state meteorologists were warning Monday that “waves of wind and water” would roll in over Norway all week long. Autumn storms have arrived. Residents along the west coast will get hit the hardest, meteorologist Vibeke Thyness told website yr.no, but no one will completely escape the stormy weather that’s […]

Gorgeous weather brought out hikers

The weather in southern Norway was so sunny and brilliant over the weekend that police in Telemark had to battle chaotic traffic and parking conditions at the base of the county’s highest peak, Gaustatoppen. So many people wanted to climb to the top of the distinctive 1,883-meter (6,213-foot) peak, which offers views over much of southern […]

Spectacular start to autumn holidays

PHOTO FEATURE: Norwegians all over the country are off this week on the annual autumn holidays known as “høstferie,” when many schools close and parents take time off, too. After lots of bad weather and heavy rain, the skies cleared over much of southern Norway and the holidays got off to a spectacular start, also in […]

More warnings posted for heavy rain

State meteorologists sent out yet another warning for extremely heavy rain for many areas along Norway’s southern coast over the next few days, and then they upgraded it. As much as 85 millimeters of rain may pour down on parts of Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark counties as two back-to-back low pressure systems move in from […]

‘Nordlys’ lights up the southern skies

For the second time in a week, the Northern Lights (nordlyset) have been seen by residents of many places in southern Norway as well. State meteorologists say the phenomenon spotted Monday night may well repeat itself during Tuesday night. “We can’t rule out that the Northern Lights will be visible again tonight,” John Smits of the state […]

Storm warnings posted again

Summer was abruptly called off and autumn ushered in by state meteorologists when they issued new storm warnings this week in eight counties. Rain, wind, frost and snow at higher elevations were all in the forecast as September got underway. The storm warnings were posted for Tuesday and Wednesday in the counties of East and West Agder, Telemark, […]

Money ran out for mushroom control, over protests

There’s a long tradition in Norway for heading into the forests at the end of the summer and early autumn to “sanke sopp,” or pick mushrooms. Some of them can be dangerous or even fatal, though, and now there won’t be any stands staffed by mushroom experts who can tell the pickers what’s safe and what’s […]