Avalanche fences didn’t help in Hammerfest

Three boys out playing were caught in an avalanche that crashed down on their playground in the center of Hammerfest on Sunday. Special snow fences set up along the steep hillside behind the playground didn’t  prevent the slide as expected, reported state broadcaster NRK on Monday. Initial reports from the scene were alarming, with the […]

Avalanche danger hits new heights

Recent sudden changes in temperatures, compounded by strong winds and storms, have raised the danger of avalanches all over Norway. Several crashed down mountainsides on Sunday, and avalanche experts urge skiers and others to be especially careful. “There are very frightening avalanche conditions out there right now,” Espen Nordahl, project leader for an avalanche competence […]

Child’s death deepens avalanche grief

The small resident community on Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard was mourning the death on Monday of the child who was critically injured in Saturday’s avalanche in Longyearbyen. The death toll thus rose to two, but shocked residents were told some may be able to return to their evacuated homes later in the day. The […]

More avalanches threaten Svalbard

Another avalanche thundered down a mountainside in Norway’s northernmost archipelago of Svalvard during the weekend. It followed the first of several avalanches around Svalbard’s main island of Spitsbergen, which destroyed 10 homes, left one man dead and two children critically injured. The latest avalanche, caused by shifting temperatures and hurricane-strength winds, crashed through a hytte […]

Avalanche hurled skier to his death

UPDATED: Search and rescue crews found a body on Tuesday in a mountainous area of southern Norway where they were looking for a missing skier. He’d failed to return as agreed from a trek in the mountains near Vågå in Oppland County, and officials later confirmed he’d been killed by a dramatic fall caused by […]

Avalanche drama in the mountains

Four cars carrying a total of 11 people had to be dug out of an avalanche that crashed down on the E39 highway in Romarheimsdalen on Sunday, and avalanche danger remained high on Monday. Snow-clearing crews, police and ambulance personnel had to flee an area along Highway 13 as more tons of snow and ice threatened […]

Three survive avalanche

Another avalanche thundered down the steep slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps around the town of Sykkylven on Friday, but three persons caught in it managed to dig themselves out. Avalanche danger remains extremely high in the mountains of southern Norway, also in the eastern hills and mountains around Trysil. Officials had already warned of high […]

Tragic end for experienced skiers

Rescue crews found the bodies of four experienced ski tourers missing since Monday afternoon after a large avalanche in the Sunndalsfjella mountains in Møre og Romsdal. The crews found three of the men soon after the search resumed on Wednesday morning, and were relieved to find the fourth man a short time later before the […]

One of the deadliest winters in years

The tragic discovery of four bodies on Wednesday morning took the avalanche death toll to nine this winter. The 2013/14 winter has been one of the deadliest in 30 years, and experts said the avalanche danger remained high throughout Norway heading into the Easter break.  The four men were killed in a huge avalanche in […]

Avalanche isolates hundreds in Senja

More than 350 residents of Senja in Troms County, Northern Norway, were isolated for the third day in a row over the weekend because of avalanche danger on the only road leading into their communities. On Saturday, tons of snow and rock did indeed crash down on County Road 232, and again on Sunday. The […]