Coming soon: ‘Magnus,’ the movie

PHOTO: Altibox Norway Chess/Joachim Steinbru

Fresh from victory last week on home turf in the Norway Chess tournament, Magnus Carlsen can now start concentrating on defending his World Championship title this fall – and making his debut as a movie star. The film simply entitled Magnus will have its premiere in Norway on September 2. It already attracted broad interest […]

Chess champ bullish as tournament begins

Magnus Carlsen seemed more fired up and aggressive than nervous as the large Norway Chess tournament got underway in Stavanger on Tuesday. Many of the world’s best chess players are in the western Norwegian city for the tournament that runs through April 30. Carlsen made it clear he was keen to perform much better than he […]

Carlsen calls Karjakin’s withdrawal ‘cynical’

Magnus Carlsen

Norway’s Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen thinks his challenger for the title made a “cynical” and “unfortunate” choice in opting to drop out of the upcoming Norway Chess tournament. Carlsen himself will be playing in the tournament as part of his preparations for defending his title. “It was absolutely a cynical choice,” Carlsen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on […]

Chess player postpones wedding to replace Karjakin

PHOTO: Norway Chess/Dirk Jan ten Guezendam

Li Chao, China’s second-highest-rated chess player and 15th on the live rating list, has accepted an invitation to play in the Norway Chess tournament that starts next week in Stavanger. Li will replace Sergey Karjakin, the Ukrainian-Russia player who announced he was dropping out on Wednsday. Organizers of the major Norwegian tournament in Stavanger were […]

Norway Chess blasts Karjakin’s pull-out

PHOTO: Facebook

Organizers of the major Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger later this month are furious with Magnus Carlsen’s challenger Sergey Karjakin and the Russian apparatus around him after it was announced that Karjakin won’t be participating after all. They’re accusing Karjakin of contract violation and called his withdrawal “disrespectful” to the game itself. Karjakin reportedly feels he needs the time he […]

Carlsen keen to take on Karjakin

PHOTO: Woodgate

Norway’s world champion in chess, Magnus Carlsen, was quick to issue the message on Monday that he’s ready to take on Sergey Karjakin as his challenger for the title this fall. Carlsen gave a “thumbs up” to Karjakin’s selection, and indicated he was already flexing his muscles for a showdown. It will be a meeting of […]

Chess champ made debut as comedian


Magnus Carlsen, Norway’s undisputed chess champion, is taking a bit of a break this spring. While his chess rivals fight for the right to play against him in the next Chess World Championships, Carlsen was relaxing with completely other things in Oslo last week, like going on stage as a stand-up comedian. The setting was […]

Carlsen regrets being ‘an idiot’

Magnus Carlsen

His smiles earlier in the week turned to fury, but now a duly regretful Magnus Carlsen admits he acted like “an idiot.” He told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that he understands how his angry reaction to losing one of his three chess world championship titles on Wednesday evening “looked stupid.” Carlsen, usually a master of cool in addition to […]

Carlsen still the champ of chess


Norwegian chess ace Magnus Carlsen successfully defended his title as the world champion of rapid chess in the latest tournament that began in Berlin over the weekend. He already reigns as the World Champion of classic chess and now will also seek to defend his title as the champ of blitz chess as well. That part […]

Frustrated Carlsen logged shocking loss

Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen was clearly feeling like anything but a champion on Thursday, after losing yet another, and final, match at the Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger. He was so frustrated that he pushed away a reporter’s microphone from Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The incident occurred after he lost a match to fellow Norwegian […]