Confident Carlsen promotes chess


Fresh from another victorious tournament, and flush with success from his efforts to promote chess, Norwegian champion Magnus Carlsen was making headlines in Oslo before flying off to New York over the weekend. Carlsen was full of confidence, to the point that he admonished his adversaries. “Sometimes I think ‘now you guys need to sharpen up!”” Carlsen […]

Norway challenged its chess champ

The president of the Norwegian Parliament, Olemic Thommessen, was among those challenging Magnus Carlsen back home in Norway Sunday night. PHOTO: NRK

Magnus Carlsen spent his 24th birthday on Sunday playing chess against what state broadcaster NRK billed as “the Norwegian people.” Fresh from defending his world championship title in Sochi last week, Carlsen played eight chess games simultaneously on live nationwide TV, at least indirectly promoting his chess app at the same time. One of the teams consisted of […]

Putin hailed Norway’s champ

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen on Tuesday, as challenger Vishy Anand looked on at left. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix/Berit Roald

UPDATED: Russian President Vladimir Putin took time on Tuesday to not only congratulate the Chess World Champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, but also invite him to a tea party along with his challenger Vishy Anand of India. Carlsen’s meeting with the controversial Russian leader, however, couldn’t escape political overtones. Carlsen had resisted committing to play the championship tournament […]

‘King Carlsen’ secures his title

Magnus Carlsen of Norway was all smiles after successfully defending his title on Sunday as Chess World Champion. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix/Berit Roald

Norwegian Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen has managed to remain exactly that. After 11 matches at the World Chess Championships in Sochi, Russia, Carlsen won Sunday’s game against challenger Vishy Anand, and acquired the full point needed to retain his title. “I’m happy and relieved,” Carlsen said with a smile when it was all finally […]

Carlsen still ahead after new remis in Sochi

Friday’s match in the Chess World Championships ended in yet another remis (tie), leaving defending champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway relieved. Carlsen admitted he felt like he was under pressure during the latest battle with challenger Vishy Anand in Sochi, Russia. “It was exciting, perhaps more exciting than I had hoped,” Carlsen told Norwegian Broadcasting […]

Short match ended in another remis

It only took reigning chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway an hour to realize that he couldn’t win Thursday’s match against challenger Vishy Anand of India. The two agreed to another remis (tie) after just 20 moves. “It was shamefully short, but I didn’t see any good possibilities, so that’s the way it is,” […]

Carlsen ‘played his way’ to new remis

After spending more than six hours at the chess board on Monday, top chess rivals Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Vishy Anand of India only played for around two hours on Tuesday before calling it a draw. Commentators claimed Carlsen had “full control” before the two agreed on remis. Both were clearly tired after Tuesday’s marathon match, with Carlsen […]

Carlsen ahead after marathon match

Chess champ Magnus Carlsen headed into Monday’s latest championship match on the strength of victory over the weekend, followed by a day off. He and challenger Vishy Anand ended up having to endure a marathon day at work that finally “only” resulted in another draw. Both men appeared exhausted after Monday’s marathon, and must face each […]

Carlsen admits he lacked control

Magnus Carlsen (left) and Vishy Anand were once again in deep concentration on Friday, just like they were last year at this time. PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

Reigning chess world champion Magnus Carlsen admitted on Friday that he “didn’t have full control” when he once again had to face off against challenger Vishy Anand at the current world championships in Sochi. The match ended in another draw (remis). Norwegian commentators fussed that the match looked headed for a loss “and total crisis” […]

Revenge turned to remis for Magnus

Chess rivals Vishy Anand (left) and Magnus Carlsen chatted for quite a while after Wednesday's match ended in a draw, but the content of their conversation wasn't made known. PHOTO: NTB Scanpix/Berit Roald

He was keen on revenge Wednesday, but Norwegian chess champ Magnus Carlsen only managed to tame his challenger Vishy Anand into a draw (remis) at the Chess World Championships in Sochi. Meanwhile, officials at the international chess federation FIDE say they want to hold the next championship event in Norway. As newspaper Aftenposten reported, though, Carlsen first […]