Carlsen ‘furious’ after new loss

UPDATED: Norway’s chess ace Magnus Carlsen was an angry young man on Friday afternoon, after losing his chance to win back the championship title in blitz chess in Qatar.  He’s still the World Chess Champion, but he also lost his stab at hanging on to the rapid chess championship he held earlier in the week. Carlsen chalked […]

Carlsen loses his rapid chess title

Norway’s World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen didn’t manage to hang on to the championship title in rapid chess that he’s also held. After letting out an angry scream of frustration over an opening loss on Wednesday, though, Carlsen regained his composure and even managed a smile over his new bronze medal. “In general I’m satisfied with the bronze,” said […]

Carlsen created more suspense

Norwegian chess superstar Magnus Carlsen was back in the headlines during the Christmas holiday week, less than a month after winning his third World Chess Championship in New York. Now he was battling to defend and regain championship titles in rapid- and blitz chess in Qatar as well, and he got off to a rocky start that’s keeping spectators in […]

Norwegian cities keen to host next chess championship

Norway’s national chess federation (Norges Sjakkforbund) was meeting on Thursday with top city officials in Oslo, to discuss a bid for hosting the next World Chess Championships in 2018. Stavanger is also interested in hosting the event. “We think we can create a fantastic folkefest (celebration) in Oslo and in Norway, Geir Nesheim, secretary general […]

764,000 followed Carlsen’s championship victory

Fully a fifth of Norway’s population stayed up well past midnight on Wednesday to watch their Norwegian chess hero win his third World Chess Championship in a row. Ratings numbers released for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK’s) live coverage alone showed that a total of 764,000 viewers watched the championship action from start to finish. “That’s a […]

Champion Carlsen thanks his father

There were lots of people and organizations that Norwegian chess superstar Magnus Carlsen needed and wanted to thank after becoming World Chess Champion for the third time in a row on Wednesday night. His most touching tribute, though, went to his father Henrik, a mild-mannered engineer who recognized his son’s talent at an early age and has stayed by […]

Chess championship goes into overtime

Chess stars Magnus Carlsen of Norway and Sergey Karjakin of Russia defied all the expert commentators’ expectations once again on Monday, by not engaging in another marathon game. Instead of the long night predicted, they quickly reached remis (a draw) in the 12th game, and that means they’ll have to undertake a series of tie-breakers […]

Chess fever rolls over Norway

More than 150,000 Norwegians sat up in the middle of the night over the weekend to watch the 11th game of the World Chess Championship on state broadcaster NRK. As Norway’s own Magnus Carlsen battled to retain his World Champion title, the popularity of his game has reached fever-pitch. NRK released ratings figures on Monday […]

Carlsen finally smiling again

Some of his followers said they’d never seen Norwegian chess champ Magnus Carlsen so happy. “I am really exhausted but I’m frightfully relieved and frightfully glad,” Carlsen told Norwegian reporters, using the Norwegian word “fryktelig” after finally winning his first game at the World Chess Championship in New York. Carlsen had all but frightened his fans, his […]

Carlsen can win on chess drama

As Norwegian chess commentators worried this week about “what’s wrong” with chess star Magnus Carlsen, others contend he’s doing just fine. He may be playing with fire, as he seems to under-perform at the World Chess Championship in New York, but a Dutch chess expert finds no cause for concern. “I think you can rely […]