Carlsen outdrew ski-season opener

Magnus Carlsen has triumphed in the World Chess Championships in Chennai, India. PHOTO: Paul Truong

It says a lot in Norway when national broadcaster NRK opts to broadcast live coverage of a chess game from India over the opening event of the cross-country skiing season at home. It wasn’t just any game, of course, and its winner, new World Champion Magnus Carlsen, has surpassed Norway’s sports stars to become the […]

Carlsen’s victory ‘historic, huge’

Norwegian World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen allowed himself a big grin after confirming his status as the best chess player in the world n Friday. PHOTO: Erlend Aas / NTB Scanpix

Norwegian chess star Magnus Carlsen, who claimed the World Chess Championship at the age of 22 on Friday, was being hailed for putting on what even the country’s Olympic gold medalists were calling the greatest competitive performance by a Norwegian ever. Carlsen, calm and controlled as always, merely allowed himself a few big grins and […]

A half-point away from victory

Magnus Carlsen of Norway won again on Thursday and only needs another half-point to claim the World Chess Championship. PHOTO: Paul Truong

Norway’s Magnus Carlsen was only a half-point away from victory in the World Chess Championship on Thursday, after defeating defending champ Vishy Anand at the end of a long and difficult game. That means Anand must win on Friday to keep the tournament going. “There were some very difficult positions, and I was uncertain,” Carlsen […]

Carlsen closes in on championship

A highly self-confident Magnus Carlsen thinks he’s another big step closer to winning the World Chess Championship in Chennai, India, after Tuesday’s game ended in remis (a draw) after just an hour and 15 minutes. The draw leaves Carlsen with five points and defending world champion Vishy Anand with three, after a weekend in which […]

Magnus more than halfway home

Magnus Carlsen of Norway (left) and Vishy Anand of India are now more than halfway through their world championship tournament in Chennai, India. Expert commentator Jonathan Tisdall writes that Carlsen is now poised to win. PHOTO: Paul Truong

NEWS COMMENTARY: The halfway point of the World Chess Championship  passed over the weekend, and the favorite, 22-year-old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, is poised for victory. After a slow and hesitant start – a deadlock of four drawn games and split points – Carlsen won two in a row and then forced defending champion Vishwanathan ‘Vishy’ Anand […]

Trap tactic secures second Carlsen win

Magnus Carlsen, playing black, won again in the Chennai world championship on Saturday.  PHOTO: Paul Truong

Chess star Magnus Carlsen says he’s “obviously” in a good mood, having secured his second straight win over defending world chess champion Vishy Anand on Saturday.  Carlsen, playing black this time,  surprised spectators and chess experts by being unexpectedly aggressive. For a long time Saturday’s game looked like it was heading for yet another remis […]

Congratulations roll in for Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen has scored the first victory in the World Chess Championships so far, after he and defending champion Vishy Anand ended the first four games in remis (a draw). PHOTO: Paul Truong

Sports stars and government leaders in Norway were all hailing Magnus Carlsen after he won his first game against defending world chess champion Vishy Anand on Friday. The victory was important, following four draws since the championships began. Carlsen himself was grinning from ear to ear and called his victory “veldig deilig,” a Norwegian expression […]

Carlsen still smiling after fourth draw

Magnus Carlsen (left) was smiling after Wednesday's battle over the chessboard against Vishy Anand. PHOTO: Paul Truong

Wednesday’s fourth chess game in the World Chess Championships ended in yet another draw, but Norwegian challenger Magnus Carlsen was still smiling and neither he nor defender Vishy Anand were giving up.  “It’s a free day tomorrow (Thursday) and we’re fighting for the World Champion title, so I think absolutely we’ll fight to the end,” […]

Ratings high for ‘slow chess TV’

PHOTO: NRK screen grab/

As Norway’s chess hero Magnus Carlsen played his way to yet another remis (draw) on Tuesday, lots of Norwegians remained glued to their televisions. State broadcaster NRK’s decision to televise all the world championship matches live has led to ratings almost as impressive as Carlsen’s own. Fully 700,000 viewers tuned in when NRK started up […]

Chess fever grips star’s homeland

Norwegian chess star Magnus Carlsen will get the first move on Saturday, when the World Chess Championship finally gets underway. PHOTO: Berglund

Norwegian newspapers and broadcast outlets suddenly have their own chess experts, front pages are plastered with news from the World Chess Championship in Chennai, India and constant updates top local websites. Chess fever is gripping the country, as home-grown chess star Magnus Carlsen started the tournament of his life this weekend. The hype has been […]