Chinese get to build new bridge

Norway’s state highway department, Statens vegvesen, has decided that a Chinese construction that submitted the lowest bid to build a bridge in Trøndelag will get the job. Local politicians initially had balked, preferring to award the contract to one of two European firms despite their higher prices. The Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (SRBG) was […]

Chinese firm wins new stab at bridge

Politicians in Trøndelag have opted to show some “decency” when interpreting their bidding policy. They’re now allowing the Chinese company Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (SRBG) to continue taking part in competition with two European companies to build a bridge, after the company publicly complained they were being excluded, and set off worries of new […]

Chinese firm fights bridge ‘boycott’

Just six months after top Norwegian politicians mended relations with China, some local ones in the county of Nord-Trøndelag have so angered a Chinese company that it’s threatening legal action. Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (SRBG) is also accusing the local Norwegian officials of boycotting the company, as fears rise that the conflict can hurt […]

Free trade talks resume with China

Negotiations finally started up again last week on a free trade agreement between Norway and China, but Norwegian salmon exporters are getting impatient. As of last week, there’d been little if any progress on getting China to open up its market. “We had expected that trade would be normalized during the summer,” Sigmund Bjørgo, chief […]

Nobel leader denied a visa to China

The leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee was denied a visa to China on Friday. Berit Reiss-Andersen wanted to take part in the funeral of Nobel Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo, who died on Thursday, but her visa application wasn’t even accepted. Reiss-Andersen, a prominent Norwegian attorney by profession and member of the Norwegian Labour Party, […]

Solberg under new attack over Liu

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was under attack again on Friday by human rights activists who think she has betrayed her own government’s human rights policy. The latest criticism comes after the death on Thursday of China’s jailed human rights promoter Liu Xiaobo, who didn’t get the support from Norway that many feel was warranted in his […]

Peace Prize winner dies in custody

UPDATED: Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who won the Nobel Peace Prize but was never allowed by angry Chinese authorities to receive it in Oslo, died at a hospital in Shenyang on Thursday. Human Rights Watch quickly claimed that Liu’s death exposes “the Chinese government’s ruthlessness towards peaceful proponents of human rights and democracy.” The Norwegian Nobel Committee […]

Chinese fuel most growth in tourism

Norway is in the midst of another booming tourism season this year, with visitors from China fueling the most growth. New statistics on hotel stays show a 78 percent increase in Chinese tourists so far this year, and merchants are catering to their new customers from the Far East. There was a time when Oslo went quiet during the […]

China critics slam the government

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her conservative government coalition remained under heavy criticism this week, for failing to support Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo’s desire to seek cancer treatment outside China. While they’re being accused of cowardice and hypocrisy for fear of provoking China, some Members of Parliament have formed a group to try to better understand […]

Ministers carefully respond to critics

After more than a week of self-imposed silence, both Prime Minister Erna Solberg and one of her government ministers have at least tried to explain why they won’t comment on the situation for Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo. Critics have claimed they’ve painted themselves into “an embarrassing corner,” that’s causing major […]