Statoil finds more oil in Norwegian Sea

State oil company Statoil reported Monday that it had struck more oil during exploratory drilling in the Norwegian Sea. The new discovery at the Kayak well can yield between 25 million and 50 million barrels of oil, around 20 kilometers from the Johan Castberg field off Northern Norway. “We are very satisfied that we have […]

Cruiseships face fjord restrictions

The Norwegian government intends to impose stricter requirements on cruiseships entering the country’s famous fjords. After years of concerns about emissions that pollute both the air and the fjords themselves, nearly half of those now sailing in may be banned from 2019. “Our World Heritage fjords are an enormous resource,” Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen said […]

Brazilian leaders met by protests

Rainforest destruction in Brazil led to its environment minister and president being met by tough questions and protests after they arrived in Oslo for what was called “a working visit” on Friday. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those letting Brazilian President Michel Temer know that the Norwegians were not pleased. “I’m worried that deforestation in […]

Norway threatens to cut Brazil’s funds

Norway has sent nearly NOK 7.5 billion (around USD 1 billion) to Brazil over the past nine years to help the country preserve its rainforests. Frustrated that deforestation in the Amazon has picked up again, Norway is now threatening to cut its funding, just as Brazil’s embattled president was arriving in Oslo for an official visit. Newspaper […]

Paris pact ‘drowns’ in Norway’s oil

“This is crazy!” exclaimed the leader of Norway’s Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) environmental organization on Wednesday, after the Norwegian government forged ahead with plans to open up more of the Arctic than ever before to oil exploration and production. Of the 102 new exploration areas to be offered next spring, 93 lie in […]

Norway defends its oil with creativity

NEWS ANALYSIS: Some people may be surprised to learn that Norway’s Arctic is “different” from other Arctic areas, thus making oil drilling and production less risky. Or that Norwegian oil production is much “cleaner” and “safer” than it is elsewhere. That’s what increasingly creative government ministers are claiming, though, and they won some support on Monday from international experts. “We’re […]

Svalbard tackles ‘housing crisis’

Bulldozers rumbled onto the sites of abandoned housing in Norway’s Arctic city of Longyearbyen on Svalbard over the weekend. The homes were badly damaged in the latest avalanches to hit Longyearbyen last winter, adding to a housing shortage that some call a “crisis” in the booming outpost. “We have torn down six flats so far,” Frank […]

Norway’s oil can flow for many years

More than half of all the oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf remains under the seabed, and can keep Norway’s oil industry pumping for years to come. That’s the main conclusion in this year’s report on the country’s oil resources from the state oil directorate. The directorate estimates that Norway’s collective petroleum resources amount […]

Climate law passed as more oil urged

Despite all the concerns about the climate and carbon emissions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) urged Norway this week to keep expanding its offshore oil and gas exploration and production. Norway’s state-owned oil company Statoil, meanwhile, has cut carbon emissions by 80,000 tons, and Parliament agreed Friday to cut all emissions in Norway by 40 […]

Norway defies US’ climate withdrawal

Disappointment and no small portion of defiance were characterizing Norwegian officials’ reaction to US President Donald Trump’s confirmation that he was pulling the US out of the UN agreement aimed at halting climate change. Now Norway, which worked hard to help get the agreement ratified in Paris 18 months ago, will view the EU and China […]