Equinor poised for ‘extreme’ profits

Massive cost-cutting in recent years and rising oil prices can lead to “extreme profitability” for Equinor, Norway’s state-controlled oil and energy firm that recently changed its name from Statoil. One Oslo analyst thinks the company can earn more money during the next two years than it has in the last 17 together. “Equinor has spent […]

Tourist killed after ignoring warnings

A 38-year-old Austrian tourist was killed on Sunday afternoon after he allegedly ignored warnings and wandered beyond the chains that cordon off the Nigard Glacier in the mountains of central Norway. As many as nine others had done the same, but escaped injury when a massive ice block broke off the glacier and crashed into […]

Record heat fires up climate debate

As Norway braced for another day of record-breaking heat on Friday, new debate was sizzling over whether this summer’s hot and dry weather offers more evidence of climate change. Temperatures in some areas of Norway were expected to soar to as high as 35C (around 95F) heading into the weekend. State meteorologists posted their map […]

Huge investment planned for ‘Troll’

Norway’s newly renamed oil company Equinor and its partners announced more huge new investment in their large Troll oil and gas field in the North Sea on Tuesday. With oil prices rising, the plan calls for extending the field’s lifetime and tapping its value for all it’s worth. The Troll field, located around 65 kilometers […]

Melting ice makes drilling ‘immoral’

A Norwegian researcher’s findings that the Barents Sea may be ice-free by 2040 has unleashed new heated opposition to Norway’s granting of licenses for even more oil and gas exploration. Environmentalists claim the drilling will be “immoral” also after the ice is gone. Ocean researcher Sigrid Lind has concluded in her new doctoral thesis that […]

MPs hang on to free parking

Oslo city politicians have been ruthlessly cracking down on the use of private cars in the Norwegian capital by hiking tolls into town, removing parking spaces, raising the fees of what parking is left and closing entire streets to vehicular traffic. Members of Parliament, however, aren’t giving up their parking privileges in the underground garage […]

Solberg struggles to save the seas

NEWS ANALYSIS: Erna Solberg made history over the weekend by being the first Norwegian prime minister to be invited to a G7 meeting. Her goal of raising high-level consciousness about the state of the seas, however, was largely overshadowed by all the drama stirred up by US President Donald Trump both at and just after […]

Equinor defends drilling off Australia

Norway’s state oil company, the former Statoil that now calls itself Equinor, is facing opposition in Australia over its plans to drill for oil in The Great Australian Bight, off the country’s southern coast. Critics fear oil spills in a protected marine environment that’s also rich fishing grounds. Fully eight Australian municipalities don’t want Equinor […]

Clean-up efforts set new record

It’s official: The numbers are in from the recent national effort to clean up Norway’s beaches, and more than 90,000 people took part, including the prime minister and royalty. That set a new record for the annual event that was launched in 2011. “I found a lot of plastic from boat ropes, which can break […]

Oslo residents walking more

Many have done it for years, but new figures show that more Oslo residents are now walking to work, to the store and other destinations than ever before. Fewer and fewer are using their cars within the city. “They don’t have any organization and don’t make any noise, but walking is nonetheless the second-most-used mode […]