Marcus & Martinus set another record

Two teenage twins from a small town in north-central Norway have been making and breaking records since they started singing and dancing as children. Everything Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen do seems to turn to gold, with even a documentary about them now pulling in record crowds. The scene outside Oslo’s large Colosseum cinema complex last weekend was […]

‘Hellbillies’ band sues concert organizer

The members of one of Norway’s most popular bands, Hellbillies, think they were short-changed of ticket revenues at a concert they held in Levanger last year. Now the band and the local civic organization Levanger Vel will face off in court in January. The band claims the organization violated the contract for the concert, which attracted […]

Bieber took a day off in the mountains

Pop-star Justin Bieber recovered from two days of holding concerts in Oslo by heading up to the mountains around Stryn. His local host said he swam in Oppstrynsvatnet, went boating and ATV-riding and sat by a campfire as the sun went down. “When Bieber woke up here and looked out the window, he was overwhelmed,” claimed John […]

Police were ‘prepared’ for new Bieber mania

Police in Oslo and Bærum claimed they were prepared to handle crowds and chaos when teen idol singer Justin Bieber held concerts once again in the area on Friday and Saturday. Bieber’s earlier appearances in Oslo set off pandemonium and controversy. Bieber’s avid fans, mostly teenage girls, were already forming long lines by 3pm in pouring […]

Probe begins into ceiling collapse at packed theater

Police and building technicians were investigating what caused portions of the ceiling at Oslo’s  popular Sentrum Scene concert hall and theater to collapse on Sunday. Preliminary results indicated that a motor used to raise heavy lighting equipment over the stage had collided with the ceiling. Portions of it began to fall down on college students gathered at Sentrum […]

Springsteen attracted another huge crowd

Norwegians proved once again that they’re big fans of US rock star Bruce Springsteen. After already performing before tens of thousands of fans in Oslo earlier this summer, and in other Norwegian cities, he returned to the capital on Thursday and drew tens of thousands more. All 37,000 tickets to Springsteen’s outdoor concert in the Frogner […]

Legendary Club 7 set for a revival

Oslo’s legendary Club 7, an entertainment spot that thrived for years in the cellar of the city’s Concert House in Vika, looks set to get a new lease on life. Local music and concert organizers including Jørgen Roll have been working to convert the venue into a cultural club once again. It won’t be called […]

Robbie Williams made surprise appearance

Norwegian businessman Christen Sveaas celebrated his 60th birthday over the weekend and had a big surprise for his guests at Oslo’s historic Theatercafeen on Saturday. Singer Robbie Williams suddenly appeared to provide some musical entertainment. When he turned 50, Sveaas flew his guests to St Petersburg for a party and private performance by Elton John. This time, reported newspaper […]

Norwegians filled Royal Albert Hall

Åge Aleksandersen, known as a pioneer of rock music from his home district of Trøndelag, is also big enough nationwide that he’s been portrayed on Norwegian stamps. Over the weekend he and more than 4,000 of his enthusiastic Norwegian fans took his music outside the nation, and clearly seemed to love every minute of a specially arranged […]

Man ruined ‘Karpe Diem’ concerts

In a bizarre event in Bergen over the weekend, a young man grabbed a fire extinguisher and emptied its contents at a concert by the Norwegian rap group Karpe Diem. Thousands of spectators had to be evacuated, several were injured and the band’s equipment was damaged, forcing Sunday’s concert in Sogndal to be cancelled as […]