Ex-con sentenced to death writes a book

Joshua French, the British-Norwegian soldier convicted first of murdering a taxi driver in the Democratic Republic of Congo and then for killing his partner Tjostolv Moland in prison, has emerged from seclusion after returning to Norway in May. Norwegian officials had persuaded the Congolese to release him for health reasons and now French says he’s […]

Joshua French out of the hospital

Former Norwegian convict Joshua French, released because of poor health from a military prison in Congo, has now been released from hospital home in Norway. Even though millions were spent on his defense and attempts to transfer him to a Norwegian prison, French won’t speak publicly yet and is believed to be working on a book about […]

Solberg defends expense of repatriating convict

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, faced with criticism over the state’s efforts to bring convicted murderer Joshua French home from Congo, defended the time and effort it took on humanitarian grounds. “This was all about a person who in fact could have died in prison there,” Solberg told newspaper VG. Norway’s foreign ministry even assigned some of its […]

Film being made of ex-soldiers’ ordeal in Congo

Just a day after ex-soldier and adventurer Joshua French finally arrived home in Norway, after serving eight years of a murder sentence in jail in the Democratic Republic of Congo, came the announcement that his ordeal will be the subject of new film. It’s been in the works “for many years,” according to its producers. […]

‘Norway didn’t pay for French’s release’

After eight years in custody under harsh jail conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, convicted Norwegian-British adventurer Joshua French arrived back in his home country of Norway on Wednesday, just as other Norwegians were celebrating Constitution Day on the 17th of May. Norwegian government ministers claimed the now-35-year-old French was released strictly on the basis […]

Convicted murderer pardoned in Congo

Joshua French, the former British-Norwegian soldier who’s been serving both death and life sentences for the murders of a Congolese taxi driver and his former business partner Tjostolv Moland, has been pardoned by the justice minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. French’s mother can claim a major share of the victory in getting her son released after nearly eight […]

Joshua French suffering from malaria in prison

Joshua French, the young Norwegian-British man who’s serving a life sentence in a jail in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has become seriously ill with what’s believed to be malaria. His mother reported that his condition worsened on Tuesday and he may be transferred to a military hospital. Kari Hilde French has been living in Kinshasa for […]

Protests rise over French’s plight

Joshua French, the young Norwegian man convicted of murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was back in the news this week. Around 300 demonstrators marched on his behalf in Oslo over the weekend, demanding he be brought back to Norway, while his lawyer is now objecting to how the foreign ministry has handled the […]

More trouble for French in Congo

Joshua French, the Norwegian-British man convicted of murder in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was in more trouble on Wednesday after being accused of trying to escape from custody. He was arrested on a street in Kinshasa after he’d secretly won permission to serve his prison term in a rented house. French was transferred to […]

Fears Joshua French will waste away

The family and lawyers of Joshua French, who was last month convicted of murdering his cell mate in a Congo prison, said the Norwegian-British man has stopped eating and they fear he will die before diplomats can get him extradited to Norway. Meanwhile, Norwegian Foreign Ministry (Utenriksdepartementet) workers claimed they had not been allowed to […]