Surprise discoveries halt restoration

The manor house in Eidsvoll has a rich history, and is being restored in time for bicentennial festivities in 2012. PHOTO: Oslo Museum / Eyvind Botolfsen /

Restoration work on the historic manor house in Eidsvoll where Norway’s constitution was developed and signed in 1814 has come to a halt, following unexpected archaeological discoveries in the building’s cellar. The discoveries are said to be of great cultural and historic value. The stately old home known as Eidsvollsbygningen has been undergoing restoration in [...]

Revised constitution to boost equality

Norway's parliament (Storting) has begun the process of ensuring human rights in the country's constitution, which will celebrate its bicentennial in 2014. PHOTO: Views and News

Norway is in the process of revising its constitution (grunnlov) in advance of its bicentennial in 2014. The goal is to strengthen constitutional provisions for human rights, but at least one local politician sees the revision as an opportunity to tackle racism, anti-semitism and discrimination in Norwegian society. Heikki Holmås of the Socialist Left party [...]